Pach Attack!: I don’t think they’re giving up on PSP

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As per usual Michael Pachter is once again talking about Sony on his latest episode of the Pach Attack! Last week, Pachter discussed how developers would be foolish not to develop for Sony’s PlayStation 3, but this week, he’s diving into what he considers a problematic division for Sony — PlayStation Portable.

Pachter does give credit to Sony for going after the adult market with their games division, though he ultimately comes to the conclusion that Sony is fighting a hard fought losing battle to Nintendo and perhaps even Apple’s iPod.

“What they did with the PSP, which I thought was brilliant at the time, was they positioned it older,” he said.

“They said the DS has a bunch of cartoony games, Pokemon and Yoshi, games that are skewed a little bit younger, ‘we’re gonna have the PSP and we’re gonna have Grand Theft Auto, we’re gonna have really cool, edgy Monster Hunter kind of games and we’re gonna capture that older audience’ and it didn’t work.”

However, Pachter doesn’t expect Sony to just throw in the towel and give up. He imagines the company will continue to fight with more Portable revisions and could be successful given that Sony provide the device with a more reasonable pricing point. Why Pachter always reaches into the price cut situation, I have no clue, but it goes without saying that obviously any cheaper device is going to sell better than a more expensive one. It’s just simple economics.

“I think Sony is kinda running into a brick wall, trying to compete in that [multimedia device] sector. With that said, I don’t think they’re giving up, I think we’re going to have a PSP-4000, 5000 and 6000. I’m hopeful they come down in price, I’m hopeful games come down in cost for the consumer and they can be competitive. But right now, I’d say they’re probably kind of destined to be in second place to Nintendo on the pure game front, and overall in third place [on the entertainment front] with the iPod thrown in.”

How do you guys feel about the situation? Do you even include the iPod in the same category as the DS and PSP? Let us know below.

Readers Comments (5)

  1. VofEscaflowne March 29, 2010 @ 09:37

    Well I own a DS, PSP (go) and iPod… no way would I classify the iPod as the same type of gaming system as a PSP but I’m sure plenty of people have made the decision to purchase an iPod instead. It probably does everything better than the PSP except games and the PSP purely wins on this one for having actual buttons. Not many games lend themselves well to a touch only device.

    I’m curious to see if they’ll release a PSP 2 anytime soon now that the 3DS has been semi-announced to try and steal away from Nintendo’s thunder. Simply having a PSP-4000 5000 6000 or whatever won’t cut it.

  2. I hope Sony stays in the handheld market. They need to actually make a good handheld before they quit.

  3. i think the problem with the psp is that i always found it expensive and a big price cut would bring a lot more buyers and would start to compete agianst the DS better. sony will stick with it as its is making alright sales, just needs a big push to become succesful.

  4. Love my psp. The problem is piracy because they sell a lot of psp consoles but not so many games.

    But believe me, make another God of War or Final Fantasy and those games will sell like hotcakes. That should deliver a message to developers too. . . . .

  5. as i do love my PSP…i think the PSP2 is coming next year….if not the the year afterwards….

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