PlayStation 3 Anthem

Some of you may be familiar with Asa The Comic or this might be the first time you’re hearing about him, regardless, the dude is funny. If you have a YouTube account, you should subscribe to his channel. Asa has created what he calls, the PlayStation 3 Anthem. It’s pretty funny and despite having some slight errors like referring to LittleBigPlanet as “LittleBigWorld,” I’ll still give him a thumbs up for the effort put forth.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Nice fucking socks… lame video.

  2. @Ryan: agreed lol

    this video was pretty lame indeed. id rather not have one than let this be it -_-

  3. this video is great… how is it lame? It’s not as good as his other spoofs though.

  4. @Yusuf: well thats our opinion lol. and out of all the songs to choose from….they chose THIS song 🙁

  5. lmao this video is tight.

  6. @Yusuf lol I agree with you man, those two need to obtain a sense of humor xD.

  7. @Dice: sense of humor we do have, but ummmm different taste? yes, perhaps so

    Night at the Roxbury? now THAT ish is funny.

  8. Couldn’t understand most of what he was saying.

    For me, the PS3 anthem will always be Saliva’s ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, as used in the old US TV commercials. The lyrics are spot on.

  9. The fact he said that Metal Gear Solid Online sucks makes it that much better

  10. That was so incredibly lame, I am in disbelief.

  11. winne the pooh April 17, 2010 @ 18:32

    i agree a bit sad if him to spend all that time making it but i enjoyed listening to it

  12. People do crazy shit when they have nothing better to do or really high, but yes it is an insult to 360. like i care

  13. Moocows111111 April 17, 2010 @ 23:10

    Did he just say Metal Gear Online sucks? Da Hell? I love Metal Gear Online, Thumbs down.
    LOl this video is really cheesy and lame, but props to the dude though, he made it sound pro lol

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