PODCAST! PS Uni Underground Radio 001: To Be Continued…?

PlayStation University editors Joe Garcia, Malcolm Spinedi, and Tyler Lee get together for the first time and discuss their favorite games of 2011. Also, we say “PSU Review” because we didn’t know what we were going to call the show yet. Oops.

The name Underground Radio was suggested by Travis Foster (@_TravFoster) of PTFGN.com as a callback to the old PlayStation Underground, and also invokes a college radio vibe — we dig it, so thanks to him!

We don’t have an RSS or iTunes feed set up just yet, but feel free to stream or download the show below! Leave any and all feedback either in the comments below, or in the podcast discussion thread in the forums.

Right-click to download episode

Running time: 1:30:59

Hosts: Joe Garcia (@Wons23), Malcolm Spinedi (@NotintheMiddle), Tyler Lee (@_SamuraiZero_)

Music: The Next Best Thing by George & Jonathan | Buy “Beautiful Lifestyle” on Bandcamp

Readers Comments (4)

  1. Been hoping for something like this. Will check it out soon. One tip off the bat: rename the files properly. I download several podcasts a week and listen on my drives to and from work. I don’t want a random stream of numbers and letters and have to guess whose is what or which episode it is.

    If still taking name suggestions, how about Syllabus, in keeping with the whole university theme.

    • I’ll let Malcolm know about the file names, as he’s the one that edits the show. Hope you like it!

      • Well, the file names said one thing when I downloaded them…but when I went to play them, my phone’s music player displayed a proper name instead of a random string of letters and numbers. Maybe it was just an issue with me downloading the files via phone.

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