PS All-Stars Character Spotlight – Evil Cole vs. Fat Princess

In the character spotlight series, I will display the bios for each of the fighters in the rivalry, as well as a video showing their cutscene and rivalry fight. In this edition we have Evil Cole McGrath vs. Fat Princess. This matchup makes the least amount of sense in the entire game, so if you have some theory about how these characters are supposed to be related or why you think they chose them to face-off against one another, please let us know in the comments below. With that being said, Evil Cole is extremely similar to Good Cole, with a bit more up-close and personal fighting style in the game. Fat Princess is from a game with the same name and utilizes her servants/protectors to fight for her (for the most part.) Check out the bios and video below, along with some analysis afterwards.


Evil Cole McGrath Character Analysis:

Evil Cole has a lot of the same moves as Good Cole, with a few variations. For starters, instead of placing an electric ball into the air that can be launched at enemies, he instead is very effective at juggling targets. Many his attacks focus on upward launching, which include explosions of electricity/fire as well as an electric fence/rope. Evil Cole also has the ability to quickly shoot across the screen in his fire-eagle esque attack for closing distances as well as decent knockback. Evil Cole still excels from a ranged standpoint, as he possesses basic ranged attacks and the electric grenade (which erupts into a smaller grenade afterwards for Evil Cole.) However, I find the most success with him by quickly zipping in close and going for a combo/juggle maneuver to maximize the AP output.

Level One Super: Cole shows an electricity field around him and launches enemies horizontally across levels.

Level Two Super: Create a large draining aura that kills anyone that enters the field.

Level Three Super: Cole essentially goes into beast-mode and easily dominates anyone he can touch.

Fat Princess Character Analysis:

Fat Princess, just like in her game, does not really do a whole lot of attacking on her own. Instead, she has her minions/subjects do a lot of the attacking for her. She can summon a wizard to shoot fireballs and a knight to dash out at an enemy. She also has a wand that she uses for basic combos and other types of attacks. She is one of the simplest characters you can play, but with enough practice can easily be an efficient fighter.

Level One Super: Fat Princess lays out a series of hearts with a piece of cake at the end and gobbles them all up. Anyone in the line of fire is dead.

Level Two Super: She rides a giant chocobo…erm, chicken…and kills anyone she attacks.

Level Three Super: Fat Princess causes it to rain down minions and fireballs and overall destruction. If anyone is hit, they’re dead.

Let us know what you think of these two characters in the game and who you want to see for our next character spotlights. We will do features on each rivalry in the game!

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