PS All-Stars Character Spotlight – Good Cole vs. Raiden

In the character spotlight series, I will display the bios for each of the fighters in the rivalry, as well as a video showing their cutscene and rivalry fight. In this edition we have Good Cole McGrath vs. Raiden. Cole gained his fame (or infamy) from the inFAMOUS series of games on the PlayStation 3 which consist of inFAMOUS 1 and 2 as well as a standalone downloadable offering named inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. Raiden originates from the Metal Gear Solid franchise that has spanned across all three Sony consoles, most importantly to him though was the second game: Guns of the Patriots. The incarnation featured in All-Stars is also the main character in the upcoming multi-platform game called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Check out the bios and video below, along with some analysis afterwards.

Good Cole McGrath Character Analysis:

These characters don’t really have any relation to one another before this game. In the video Raiden isn’t interested in being “found” and Cole is interested in “finding” him. Pretty bare as far as motivations to beat the snot out of each other, but it’s about what you can expect for a fighting game. Cole is a very versatile character, one of his most useful abilities is launching an electric ball into the air and then marking the target by attacking. This causes the ball to zoom down at the target for a good amount of AP and great knockback. He has his iconic electric grenades and his melee weapons from the second game. The main difference between him and Evil Cole are his ice powers, taken from the second game as well. He can freeze opponents, launch into the air and raise icicles from the ground.

Level One Super: Cole shows an electricity field around him and launches enemies horizontally across levels.

Level Two Super: Shoot a line of large icicles across the level, killing anyone it touches.

Level Three Super: Jump into the foreground of the level and control a massive tornado of electricity.

Raiden Character Analysis:

Raiden is one of the easiest character in the game to jump right in and play with as he is very combo friendly and attacks extremely quickly. The great thing about watching him fight is that he really seems to almost dance while fighting, flipping and moving all around the battlefield with tons of flashy moves and effects. Once you get the hang of his immense speed down, Raiden is easily one of the most efficient characters in the game when it comes to racking up kills. This is compensated by him not having extremely powerful or versatile Super attacks.

Level One Super: Raiden spins in place on his hands, attacking enemies on both sides of him.

Level Two Super: Creates a forcefield around him that immobilizes enemies allowing him to take them out easily.

Level Three Super: As a reference to MGS, all enemies hide in boxes. If Raiden turns over the box you are hiding in, he can easily take you out.

Let us know what you think of these two characters in the game and who you want to see for our next character spotlights. We will do features on each rivalry in the game!

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