PS Uni Underground Radio 003: Sexy Frames Per Second

The Playstation University editors join forces once more. This time, however, we call it by its proper new name! Join us as we discuss the latest news including Mortal Kombat on Vita and Resident Evil 6. From there we discuss impressions to three new demos that came out — Tyler takes on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Asura’s Wrath, while Malcolm takes on Final Fantasy XIII-2. Does Reckoning play well? Can something positive be made from Final Fantasy XIII-2? Is Asura’s Wrath worth 60 bucks?

In our Main Event, Joe has touched and played with a Vita! With Sony’s new handheld less than a month away, was Joe impressed? What was the best game there? What information does he have? And who’s buying one? The answer to these questions and more in lie Episode 003 of PSUni Underground!

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Running Time: 1:19:31

Hosts: Joe Garcia (@Wons23), Malcolm Spinedi (@NotintheMiddle), Tyler Lee (@_SamuraiZero_)

Music: No More Lies by George & Jonathan | Buy “The Best Music” on Bandcamp