PS3 code featured in Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2

Before we knew BioShock was coming to the PlayStation 3, sections of code from the game’s PC demo made reference to Sony’s console. That same occurence has happened with Mass Effect 2 on the PC. Polish site Kikoo presents the following section of code:


Some have said that this may be left over code from the multiplatform Unreal Engine 3, but the above is definitely game code and not engine code (though you might like to believe it, Paragon and Talent Points are not part of UE3). We can also reveal here at PlayStation University that there’s also sections of code in the Xbox 360 version of the game (within the ini file) that reference the PS3:






EA has issued a “no comment” in reference to these reports, neither confirming or denying Mass Effect 2 for the PS3. Then again, Rockstar did the very same for Episodes from Liberty City.

[UPDATE]Gamesthirst has gained the following comment from an unnamed and possibly unreliable source:

“It’s becoming pretty obvious that EA doesn’t care about keeping this a secret any longer so why should I keep shut? EA and Bioware wanted Mass Effect 2 on PS3 alongside 360 from launch day but certain constraints with Microsoft wouldn’t allow them to do that, however before the year is out, Mass Effect 2 will be on PS3.”

True or false. EA decides.

[UPDATE 2] – Bioware’s Community Coordinator Chris Priestly has closed their forum thread on this topic with the following comment:

The Unreal Engine is cross platform, hence the PS3 code. This was brought up back in Mass Effect 1 days as well.

Mass Effect is for the PC and Xbox 360.

As for Mass Effect 2 then….kidding. As stated before, the default UE3 contains many PS3 references, but this is not what we’re talking about. Paragon and Renegade are only found in Mass Effect, and not the multiplatform UE3 (though there is a possibility that the Uunreal Engine automatically creates PS3 version of all code to help with future ports.) Priestly has also been known to give out information without fact checking before now, though we presume he’s between a rock and a very hard place.

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  1. It’s coming alright. I can feel the force!

  2. I can feel it coming in the air tonight..

  3. What say we? Can’t be announced for another 6 months?

  4. I’ne been waiting for this mo- oh sorry

    I’m thinking a years exclusivity. Pity won’t be getting the first 🙁

  5. I enjoyed and own KOtR1 and 2, Jade Empire and ME1. I can’t wait for a PS3 version of ME2, since my 360 is broken.

  6. Yea, unfortunately, MicroSoft may have paid money for GTA episodes, and previouslyt imed exclusivity for Bioshock, but remember that those games werent published by microsoft themseleves. Microsoft did publish Mass Effect 1, so they may still hold exclusive rights over ME1 indefinitley. So EA/Bioware might just skip ME1 for PS3, and just announce ME2/3 for PS3, just like Dead Rising 2 on ps3, without DR1. Although, not sure why DR1 wont be releasing on PS3, despite it being published by Capcom themselves.

  7. EA could buy the rights to ME1.

  8. It would be pointless to release ME2 in the PS3 w/o the first one releasing first in the PS3, unless they choose to release both in 1 BDDL. Even if they do, it won’t sell as much as the Xbox version.
    I strongly suggest they make a different ME story for the PS3. That way the PS3 version will be fresh and many will be interested enough to buy it.

  9. I just watched my little brother complete mass effect 2 and the storytelling was awsome.. I would really like to get this myself.. but It would feel incomplete without mass effect 1 to go with it tho.. “/

  10. mass effect come 2 PS3 plzz

  11. Thats one game Im looking forward to, and I have hope that one day in the not so distant future, Ill be playing it on my PS3

  12. Guys, there’s nothing special there. It’s just a configuration file for the game engine. The game engine happens to be multiplatform. It doesn’t mean that the GAME is multiplatform.

    Anyone that works in the game industry can tell you the same thing.

    Do your research before whipping people up in a frenzy about something like this.

  13. Zerojay, I respectfully ask you to read the text and do your own research before making a comment criticising another’s for doing the same. And I quote:

    “Some have said that this may be left over code from the multiplatform Unreal Engine 3, but the above is definitely game code and not engine code (though you might like to believe it, Paragon and Talent Points are not part of UE3). ”

    m_srParagonRenegadeMessagePS3=153007” have nothing to do with the multiplatform UE3.

  14. Hey Zerojay… EA doesn’t have exclusive games… ME2 will come to PS3 so deal with it. MS now has Gears, Halo, Alan Wake, Forza, and Fable… and only one of those do I still care about (gears). stop whinning and realize that MS, despite a one year head start, will be third in this console war AND NATAL WONT HELP… its super gay just like a lot of Wii games and just like the PS3 wand will be. BaDoom!

  15. I posted the first piece of the source code on MLD’ video I wonder what he’ll do.

  16. That video was cringe worthy. Do people really get that worked up over video games? And at that age?

  17. Nah I just like the way he responds to this if that’s what you mean, but he’s dedicated over 95% of his account to this half assed console war so a flame war is to come… unless he blocks me but that works too.

  18. Bloody hell, if this does get released on the PS3 it will be another shit storm of PS3 fanboys saying how much better it is on their console (no mention what so ever to the extended dev time)

  19. Just announce it already.

  20. Kojima is still the king of tease, but EA and Bioware are doing a good job imitating him.

  21. @big-boss429

    you don’t learn do you rember a game called bioshock? now on ps3 same situation with mass effect 2 found a code in the pc version? 2k games denied it untill they announced it for ps3 and whats worse bioware still didn;t deny it. and it is not part of the engine it is a game code i told my friend who is in game development about this and he said not part of the engine.

  22. big deal
    if its a multiplat i usualy get it on the pc where its cheper and was ported from

  23. It’s not coming to the PS3.
    It’s code for the Unreal Engine across multi formats. Not a clue to the fact it’s coming to the PS3. Why would an MS game be ported to the PS3 when it’s designed to help sell 360’s by way of being exclusive.

    [This comment has been edited due to a foul mouth.]

  24. @not a fanboy

    hahahahahahahaha wow dude you must of just been born yesterday lol MICROSOFT GAME”! lol EA owns the ip to the mass effect if they wanted to port it to another system they could by snapping their fingers dude you really think they care about you 360 fanboys hmm explain to me EA doesn’t give a care in the world for your fanbase look at crysis 2 could of been another pc exclusive like the first but no it’s comming to ps3/360 so much for third party exclusives. like bioshock it was denied to death for a ps3 release but now it’s out now on ps3 aswell as gta: episodes from liberty city comming to ps3 and pc on march 30 this year and that was denied to death lol third party exclusives are dying and mass effect 2 is next oh about the second rate console dude we have god of war 3:awarded most anticipated game of 2010 btw, heavy rain: which is getting great review scores, the last guardian a upcomming masterpiece, and many more to come. dude you are sad and your username is not a fanboy lol oh you spelled realise wrong it’s not release dumbass. oh and i will be playing uncharted 2 goty 2009 also that is the best you could come up with dude? to insult anyone it made me laugh instead of offending me take advice kid come up with better insults idiot.

  25. David Macphail February 3, 2010 @ 10:24

    Well this confirms it, whether the Microsoft fanboys want to cry in the comments section or not.

    Timed exclusivity means Microsoft paid good money to get people to believe the game is only available on their platform. This includes an embargo on free speech, meaning Bioware and EA can’t confirm a PS3 version until the time is up without getting sued for breach of contract. Anybody who follows the games indutry and has a fully functioning brain can comprehend this.

    Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3, Mass Effect 3 will be on the PS3 and (Hopefully) Mass Effect 1 will get ported to the PS3 as well. You can’t blame EA for this decision, publishers want their games to sell, which is why more and more games are leaving the 360 (Bioshock, Lost Planet, Star Ocean, GTA: IV DLC). I expect Splinter Cell: Conviction will be released for the PS3 less than a year after the 360 version as well.

  26. If it does come to the PS3, awesome. if not, oh well. theres way too many other good games out there to get

  27. @the unleashed666

    I never shared my opinion on it, for one. it’s just more news i was sharing.

  28. @ macphail

    Thats a two way street remember buddy.

  29. Wait you guys think ME2 May come to the ps3? I would doubt it, besides with the ps3’s controller it would suck.

  30. Lol a rock and a hard place

  31. @aaaaa

    yeah including the 360’s controller that is why i got my copy for the pc but i like to play it with my dualshock 3 rather than that piece of crap called controller for the 360

  32. If there is a chance it’s coming to the PS3, maybe I should get more hyped about it? I’ve never had any interest in either Mass Effect games … Can anyone recommend it?

  33. see? its not going to happen…now MAYBE a timed exclusive…but i highly doubt it…Ms needs ME2 far too much to let such a thing happen

  34. not going to hapen : / was really hoping for it too. guess i got to buy a gaming pc now

  35. That is weird that Mass Effect 2 has left over coding from Playstation 3 stuff.

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