PS3 Firmware 3.15 now available for download

As promised, even before Sony announced that they were going to release a new firmware update, the PlayStation 3’s firmware 3.15 is now available for download.

The update is optional, so if you want the following changelist on your system, make sure to go to the Update section on the cross media bar (XMB), or download it here.

Firmware 3.15 performs the following changes:

  • Bluetooth sync issues fixed.
  • Trophy syncing issue resolved.
  • PSP Minis now playable on the PS3 (all from December 17th)
  • Mini’s Save Data Icon Added
  • LAN Data Transfer Utility between two PS3 systems.

You can read much more about Minis and the PS3’s new data transfer utility in our previous firmware 3.15 announcement post.

However, there are a couple of things to mention – some people are having trouble getting their Minis to work on the PS3. Firstly, you must re-download them from the PS Store, but it’s also important to note that not all will be working from launch.

Finally, Sony representatives have come out to say that data protected saves can’t be transferred to a new PS3 with the latest system, but we’re getting reports that this isn’t actually the case. So your best bet is just to give it a go. PlayStation Uni over and out.

PS3 Firmware 3.15 dated and detailed.

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  1. (Trophy syncing issue resolved)

  2. well everything in there looks great, never had a problem syncing trophies so it must be a random occurrence for some people

  3. Lol at “FIRTS”. And I have had trouble with syncing trophies, lots of error messages…so glad to see it’s fixed.

  4. “Trophy syncing issue resolved.”

    Sweet, downloading as soon as I get home.

  5. Trophy syncing is fix about time

  6. wut is trophy syncing???? i just got my ps3 yesterday and the system update wont update wat do i do????

  7. me to my update cant work whant i must do download it from here???

  8. I downloaded this and deleted all my data. : [ Anyone else have this problem?

  9. ?????????????????????/

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