PS3 gets Dante’s Inferno demo first

A demo of Visceral Games’ Dante’s Inferno will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 next week. However, Xbox 360 gamers will have to wait until Christmas Eve.

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno takes players through Dante Alighieri’s nine circles of hell; as featured in his epic poem The Divine Comedy.

EA today announced that a demo for the game will be released next Thursday 10th December on the PlayStation Network. The demo will meet Xbox Live two weeks later on 24th December, giving PS3 gamers a nice little exclusivity period to give the entire opening level of the game a go.

The demo serves as a prelude to the player’s journey to the bowels of hell, following Dante to its gates as he attempts to rescue the soul of his murdered love, Beatrice.

The game’s executive producer, Jonathan Knight, commented:

The world of Alighieri’s Dante’s Inferno is such a rich, detailed, and often alarming universe, that all of us at Visceral Games put our hearts, and dare I say souls, into creating something truly intense and exciting.

We hope gamers enjoy this tease of hell, and come away from the experience lusting for more when the game comes out on February 9.

We’ve had our hands on a PS3 version of the game; running at a divine 60-frames-per-second, Dante’s Inferno could give God of War III a run for its money. The graphics are incredibly impressive for a multiplatform game, and though Visceral borrows a significant amount from Sony Santa Monica, Dante Inferno’s scale is certainly impressive. You’re in for a treat come December 10th.

Dante’s Inferno will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP on February 9th 2010 in the US and February 12th 2010 accross Europe.

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  1. awesome,
    I still need to buy Dead Space but I’ll definitely give this a go.

  2. That is great. EA is treating sony pretty good this gen.

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