PSN Compensation Detailed

To make up for the recent PSN outage, Sony recently stated that they would compensate all PSN users as a sign of good will. According to Joystiq, the compensation has recently been detailed and contains the following:

  • One free month of Playstation Plus
  • One free download, though it was unspecified what this download would be
  • One free month of Qriocity, a movie and music streaming service on the PS3

What do you guys think of this compensation? Do you forgive Sony or do you think they’ll need a lot more compensation to make up for the two weeks of lost time?

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  1. I subscribe to PS Plus yearly already 1 free month is no use to me.

    The free game needs to be of our choosing – We all have Little Big Planet.

    Never heard of that video streaming service and even if i had streaming videos is no use to me due to my rather poor internet connection. I have Sky TV i do not need C listed films and more music videos.

  2. so im assuming the free month is right away which does me no good because the only real plus of having psn plus is getting betas which none are out right now :/ well except for infamous 2 which i dont care about lol

  3. You just can’t bloody please some people can you. Doesn’t matter what Sony did, 90% of people are going to moan.

  4. PSN is a free service. We have no right to complain about losing it. We do, however, have every right to take our business elsewhere when a company allows our sensitive information to be obtained by a couple of teens with a keyboard. Thankfully it wasn’t anyone with actual criminal intent. Why rebuild the network now? Why not provide the best product possible to begin with? Its a great system but this will leave a bad taste in my mouth that no download will solve.

    • You’ll live Gaenz. No credit card fraud will come DIRECTLY from this and the amount ID fraud will probably be small to nil simply because of the high profile nature of it all.

      People really are over reacting about all of this.

  5. use psh cards like us intelligent ppl

  6. all this crying, 10 days ain’t nothing. don’t give me anything, cuz i’m not out anything

  7. That’s fine. Its nice of Sony of doing it. I didn’t expect anything cause I understand what happened and Sony kept us informed. They didn’t take the PSN down for no reason, they did it cause someone cause it. I’m really happy to see Sony doing all this, keeping us informed, have a press conference, and then giving their customers compesation, kudos.

  8. well, for a ps plus user an extra month sounds coll, but a month on my purchased subsribtion costs only 3.3 usd, so its only giving me my 2 weeks back,
    movies… i rather buy on bluray, so Qriocity is of no use to me
    free game… it should be of my own chosing, as i already hawe loots purchased online and on bd

  9. free… no such thing… glad for the update… pool time

  10. Justin Pinter May 2, 2011 @ 17:20

    One month of premium service for a week of downtown isn’t too bad. Thank you Sony!

  11. I feel this compensation is sad. It is nice for them to try, but I think they can keep it simpler by just giving any one on the PSN a $20.00 credit to put towards any download of their chosing (wether it be add on material, movies, music or games). Not to be sounding rude, but the games bought were bought for online play and not being able to be online or access my online PSN account has seriously limited my personal gaming the past 3 weeks so in that respect a store credit I think would go a lot farther with the general public for applying towards anything. That way people don’t get upset for already having the service or the games being offered. The PS Plus really hasn’t been worth buying to anyone that has all the games they want already downloaded any ways, and what good is it to give it to people for 1 month to play a few games only to lose them at the end of the month? It doesn’t make sense.

  12. No compensation sounds good to me.

  13. Hester the Molester Cocknshtoff May 3, 2011 @ 16:36

    i think they should give us everything freee all the time

  14. Mike Effin Jones May 3, 2011 @ 16:42

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  15. mike… not cool. grow up, leave your sorry pathetic squabbles off here

  16. AwesomeSauce May 3, 2011 @ 21:55

    Don’t complain. We dont pay for it and we are also getting free stuff. Its like the giveaway youtube thing. You have a chance to get free stuff stop complaining it doesnt affect you.

  17. I don’t care about getting stuff. I just want it back online to quell the bitching and moaning…for a few days atleast.

  18. first thing MF last. to the people who keep saying we don’t pay anything so why complain… I spent $350.00 on my system $50.00 plus on each game, and my internet bill that’s only for my psn use isn’t going to stop because psn is down, plus I’ve been bored as stuff for two weeks. second, psn+ is stupid you still have to pay for most things and the few things you don’t have to pay for are lame, so no good there. Three, I don’t know about anyone else but I have an extencive BRay collection and netflix so thanx but no thanx on the streaming thing for a month. I like the $20.00+ credit, and/or a game download of our choice.
    Thats Just my opinion I could be wrong?

    • I agree with gonja. Any movies I watch on my ps3 are blurays, so a month of free streaming is useless to me (and as it sucks up my bandwidth pretty hard, not really free to me).

      Also, if I had any interest in the Playstation Plus thing, I’d have subscribed by now. PSN offering us this free for a month seems like a ploy to get more people signed up beyond the month, which may help Sony recoup some losses. No thanks.

      Give me a Playstion store credit please.

  19. big bad wulf May 4, 2011 @ 13:39

    ok so i been an x box 360 user for years now and finally last Christmas decided to “try ps3” out for a while let me tell you this i was paying for xbox live to the tune of $57 canadian dollars plus taxes per year. now the ps3 is free.

  20. Sony is obviously just giving us the one month free to lure us in to buying it for an extended period of time. They’re giving everyone a chance to download what ever they want off of Playstationplus then taking it away in a month just to entice you to go and buy another membership. It’s a nice try but I still think like around 20-50 dollars of money for the PSstore would be better.

  21. If the download can be a free online game or add on for a game the i dont think its too bad of a deal and id be willing to forgive sony. But this whold compenstation thing needs to happen soon.

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