PSP Go – No Conversion Method For UMDs

Sorry UMD owners but according to Sony there will not be a way for you to convert your UMD’s to a digital state in order to play it on the PSPGo. When asked by Gamer blog Kotaku on reasons why the option wouldn’t be available upon launch, a Sony spokesperson replied “We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time,”

When Sony announced the new revision to there PSP product many had one question on their minds. What do I do about my UMDs? It seems that there are many roadblocks ahead blocking Sony from being able to give consumers such a option. As it stands now consumers are going to have re-buy their favourite PSP games from off the PSP store. Or wait for Sony to overcome these roadblocks with an alternative. Until then stay tuned to Playstation University for an update on the situation as soon as it happens.

Readers Comments (7)

  1. The PSPGo is not going to sell well because of that. People will still buy the PSP-3000 and bypass the GO completely. UMD can be traded and resold. Digital downloads cannot.

  2. There need to be a UMD trade-in program!

  3. Those complaining about this should simply not buy a PSPGo! I mean luckily I don’t already own any UMDs so if I decide to buy a PSPGo I will not have a problem!

  4. I might buy a psp go and since I don’t have a psp the lack of the goodwill program doesn’t affect me. Although it is critical for Sony to have the umd conversion program to bring in more consumers (who bought the umds in the first place)to buy the psp go. In my eyes having a digital only system is great since you don’t have to carry umds everywhere you go and there is no sale tax for when you buy games. This is how is gonna end up keep your psp 3000 to play the games you already bought and buy the psp go for the new games if this sounds like when you bought your ps3 slim is because is the same thing.

  5. WDF man, it makes me dont wanna switch to a go, from a psp3000 any more man epic fail and yeah man people will just avoid this go and go for the 3000 only!!! sec what will happen to umd owners man,?????? will they stop making umds???

  6. Some stores wont even allow the go to be sold because they wont get revenue from it. After you buy the go you wont have to come back for the games.

  7. PSPgo -only digital download -no other options, smaller screen(no much but still smaller), one built in battery (limited to that battery) before need to plug in to charge

    PSP-3000 -digital download available + buy UMD games(sales price UMD or used) + better ergonomics, size difference is minimum when compared (1 inch or 1.5 inch difference), cheaper, battery can be change or have multiple with a charge.

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