PSUni Interview: Submit your questions to Naughty Dog

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Say the words ‘Naughty’ and ‘Dog’ and you’ll no longer be thinking of your mischievous Labrador, you’ll immediately have the image of a PlayStation games developer who created one of the best video games of 2009. Now we’re going to give you the chance to ask them your very own questions.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was not only critically well received, it’s now become the fastest growing first party PS3 title, and has also brought in many a Game of the Year award. So we thought it was about time that we let you ask your burning questions as PlayStation University reflects on the success of Uncharted 2 and looks toward the future of Naughty Dog.

Thanks to Arne Meyer and our friends at Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment UK, we’re giving you the chance to submit your questions to the development team in the comments section below. Anything you want to know about the Uncharted 2’s development, the continuing changes to the game’s online multiplayer, and possibly where the team might head next; it’s all up for grabs. So post your well thought-out questions below!

We can’t promise that all of your questions will be answered, but we’ll all try our darnedest to get the best questions through to the Dogs and make sure the most in-depth answers are published. So hit us with your worst (best)!

Readers Comments (50)

  1. awesome i love it 🙂

    OK so heres mine:

    Do you ever plan on making a new game mode for the multiplayer, something along the line where u have all the game modes, but it takes less bullets to kill someone?

  2. Mine is….

    Will Naughty Dog change the latest patch? Uncharted 2 was better in the patch before it.

  3. Please PLEASE take your time with Uncharted 3, make it just as noticable of an improvement over 2, just like 2 was to 1.

    Not really a question, but yeah lol.

  4. I know that ND is concentrating full time on the Uncharted series now, Insomniac have now closed the Future Trilogy of Ratchet and Clank, so I don’t expect anymore R&C games on PS3.

    What’s the possibility, if Insomniac is okay with it, developing a PS3 Jak and Daxter, despite being Naughty Dog’s IP…or have Naughty Dog got Jak and Daxter locked up in a safe for later use?


    The PSP Jak game was cool, how much input did ND have in the development of it, if any, or was it all the creative work (aside from character designs) of High Impact Games?

  5. First of all congrats on Uncharted 2. My question is, do you honestly think that you can top the graphics of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  6. Uncharted seems inspired by the whole pulp adventure of Indiana Jones, Doc Savage and Tintin. Speaking of Tintin, will Nathan Drake ever set foot in space or is Uncharted just a series on Earth?

  7. All these questions are obvious…get more creative! =D You can post more than one question btw =)

    Edit: All except the last one =)

  8. yes, where is the team headed next? still sticking to the uncharted series (if so then PS3 or PSP…both are fine) or giving little drake a break and trying something new out?

    are you interested in developing for the PSArc?

  9. Is Naughty Dog surprised by the unexpected popularity of the character Eddy Raja in Uncharted 1, is there any time when you sit back and think ; “I wish we never did that to Eddy Raja…”, is there any tales of Eddy in the past that you would like to tell in interactive medium when He and Drake were pals?

  10. Hmm more then one question?
    Yeah XD

    Ok my second question is that, will the Naughty Dog team begin to branch out into other consoles or gaming platforms? Lets say Xbox 360 or Psp, or is the group strictly partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment?

  11. Will we ever see Naughty Dog make a digital download game, like Insomniac did, would you EVER consider a spiritual successor to the Crash Bandicoot series, just for PSN?

  12. What are some of the struggles that you had to deal with while moving from PS2 development to PS3 development?

  13. Here goes:

    Now that you’ve implemented a stealth system in Uncharted 2 and have managed to make some of the most cinematic cutscenes in video game history have you ever thought of expanding that mechanic and level of writing into a new IP such as Metal Gear Solid 4?

  14. if you have any info…can you leak to us any info you have on the PSP2? or whatever the next PSP model is?

  15. All Naughty Dog’s game lead protagonists from series to date have been Male, in the foreseeable future, can we see a change in the lead roles and how do you think that this simple little change might actually impact the ‘Naughty Dog formula’, if it would?

  16. Uncharted PSP? Almost every Playstation franchise has a PSP counterpart: Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Killzone, God of War, etc.

    Um . . . Jak IV on PS3?

  17. If ther are plans for ‘Uncharted 3’, will the story be a prequel to ‘Uncharted DF’ or a sequel to ‘Uncharted AT’.

  18. Question 1 –

    Have you ever considered making a few sections of uncharted 3 open world or at least less linear at times? For example…giving drake a shovel and the player must explore the envirement to find clues on were to dig?

    Question 2-

    The new stealth mechanics in uncharted 2 were the definition of awsome sause. do you think that uncharted 3 may see a new fighting mechanic like this?

    Question 3 –

    Both uncharted DF and AT have been based on historical facts but have thrown in some fiction with it….do you plan on continuing this trend?

    Question 4-

    Uncharted was based on Sir Francis Drake and El Dorado, and U2 AT was based on marco polo, chintamani stone, and shambala. What were some other plot ideas that you were considering instead of these ones? Was Atlantis ever a option?

    Question 5-

    Does nathan drake have a family….mom, dad, sister, or brother?

  19. i just thought i would add that uncharted 2 is my favorite game of all time, and it actualy inspired me to read several books on various mythological cities and treasures.

    Naughty Dog FTW.

  20. Dear Naughty dog,

    Do you feel somewhat guilty that I got fired from my job for calling in sick countless times due to my U2 addiction?

  21. If you continue to release more Uncarted games, will you, Naughty Dog, give a more descriptive back story to the main characters, such as the relationship between Nathan and Chloe Frazer or Elena Fisher, and will we find out more about Nathan Drake’s family members(Mom, Dad, Brother/Sister)?

  22. Is your next project going to be uncharted 3? if not will you stick to your treasure hunty adventury type style or will you change it up a bit into something completly different?

  23. As awesomes as Uncharted 2 is, it feels really scripted. Any plans to give players more” freedom” in Uncharted 3?. The stealth elemnt introduced on this installament would be a good start for the sequel so, you can progress stealthy or go guns blazing.

  24. Dear ND, Is there a past between Nathan and Chloe? and will u bring back Chloe in the next installment? thanks. And just a fleeting suggestion if possible make UC3 based on Atlantis, sort of futuristic. xD

    @Patrick Steen – by the way when should we expect answers?

  25. Will the next Uncharted be after Uncharted 2, or before 1(maybe explaining the relationship between characters like Sully, Eddy, Flin, and Chloe)? and is there any chance of a Jak IV for ps3? crash bandicoot had 3 games, then a racing game, and the same with Jak,. is there any chance of an Uncharted racing game? thought I’d add you guys are the best. been playin your games since Crash Bandicoot 😀

  26. Spend as much time on Uncharted 3 to make it better than 2.

    Question time:
    – Are you guys going to work on anything other than Uncharted 2
    – Is it fun making video games, i know it is a lot of work but I want to be a programmer/designer and just want to know how it is first hand.

  27. I meant Uncharted in general, not Uncharted 2

  28. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is interested in someday becoming a game designer?

    What are some of the struggles that you guys had with Uncharted 2 as far as design?

  29. Are there chances that the next Uncharted will include some more puzzles? And how’s about a deeper story with some twists? And it would be nice if Drake will have to dive (maybe to Atlantis 😉 ) in the next Uncharted-Adventure, don’t you think? I would love to see as part of the game some underwater-action.

  30. I was wondering if you guys can top the graphics on uncharted 2 for the 3rd part and where will drake be this time on his adventure?

  31. Oh and how hard was it to develop on PS3? Was there any restrictions limitations or any other problems?

  32. It’s already kind of been mentioned above, but is there any room for more info (implied or otherwise) on how Drake and Sully teamed up? The Butch Cassidy scene in 2 was amazing.

    …please say they’re going to Bolivia next.

  33. jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3! jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3 jak and daxter ps3!

    anywho i remember as a child playing a game on ps2 that wasa very similar to uncharted 1 even the character kinda looked the same except the game im talkinfg about on ps2 was more cartoony obviously can anyone tell me the name of this game? its doing my head in i cant remember what it was called 😛

  34. i would like to see a transformation of drake like that of jak of the jak and daxter series from jak II to jak III think drake in the desert somewhere with bad ass mercenary clothes on middle aged and making a living from findidng diamonds in the sand until one day hes abducted by aliens and then all hell breaks loose he kiulls the aliens lands in new york then a war breaks out with the alien scum

  35. PLEASE PLEASE make a Jak 4 ?

  36. Q1: Do you have any plans to develop a game in the Uncharted saga for the PSP?

    Q2: Is there any plans for single player DLC on U2?

    Q3: Will there be an Uncharted movie?

    Q4: When will Naughty Dog buy back the Crash Bandicoot and make Crash 4? That saga was amazing, and the Bandicoot had some serious character. Some HD treatment from their creators would be ace.

  37. Holy Crap the two DLC maps are freaking sick. I would play all night if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. Thanks for making Gold Rush at the facility COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to beat. LOL! I played with one of the best players (DanceClubPlay) several times tonight and we were unable to beat it.

  38. more suvival dlc please with the slippery spanish guys and the shamabala guardians and play as zoran

  39. taurus82 (PSN ID) February 26, 2010 @ 03:08

    Do you still own IPs “Dream Zone” and “Way of the Warrior”, what are the chances of these being updated/revived for PS3?

  40. How is it pushing the graphical capabilities of the PS3 and is there a lot more under the hood that can be taken advantage of?

  41. Do you plan on uniting game/DLC codes from EU region to all EU stores?
    Because non of the other game company has this issues. All DLC work fine.
    Only ND DLC has code limits.
    Thanks for reading!

  42. What new technologies are you planning or would like to implement in your future titles? Considering that Uncharted have been such a milestone in every area of production.

  43. Any chance we’re going to see Crash Bandicoot come to the PS3?

  44. Please remove the product-code restriction for installing the DLC. It really is annoying, when you buy the game in another country and then can’t install the DLC from your country’s playstation store. I don’t think by buying the game in your country when it’s more expensive than in another one, that NaughtyDog makes more money – just the retailer and the government that cashes in the taxes.
    So i think you lose money here when people like me cannot install the DLC – so it’s a win-win-situation if you remove that restriction…

    And also: For God’s sake, fix the glitches on the map “The Fort” i just saw 2 guys camping outside the map (on 2 different locations) and killing everyone – i think you know what I am talking about. If not, just search some youtube videos with “the fort glitch”.
    This really is annoying…

    I would be very happy if you would answer my questions.
    thx for reading

  45. Ok here is my 3 questions:
    -Is there any chance that you will take a short break from the Uncharted series to develop a Jak PS3 game?
    What are the chances of ND giving the rights to the Jak series to another developer such as Insomniac?
    Are there any plans for an Uncharted PSP game?

  46. Hi Naughty Dog. I’ve been a fan since the first Crash Bandicoot.

    Question 1: Have you ever considered going back to Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter? The games were kinda ruined be later developers.

    Question 2: The series of Crash and Jak has been ended with a racing game. 3 Crash games and 3 Jak games. Are you going to end the Uncharted series with a racing game aswell? hehe 🙂

    Question 3: is Uncharted going to be a trilogy?

    Question 4. Uncharted was serious, with no goofy characters and it did not take place in a fantasy world with talking animals. Are you going to create a new IP similar to the Crash or Jak games?

    Question 5: Is there going to be a Uncharted movie? And will you be the creative developers for it if there will be a movie in the future?

    Question 6: Are you planning on developing an Uncharted game for the PSP? It does not have to be in the same scale as the PS3 versions, but it could be like a game that takes place before the first Uncharted and goes in-depth of the characters.

    Question 7 (Last): Insomniac Games and you, Naught Dog, are like… Studio buddies? You work side by side. Have you ever considered making a game together on a scale of, I don’t know, pure epicness?

    That would be it. 🙂

  47. Is there an “Art of Uncharted” book on the way?

  48. When are we going to see more co-op missions for Uncharted 2? There’s plenty of new ones that you could do., especially if you base some off the first game. More co-op missions please.

  49. are you focusing on any playstation network content to be realise for about £10 or more like. crash bandicute or uncharted 2 map packs.

  50. well if were asking for more than one question:

    what does it take to be a video game designer? ( i ask because i aspire to be one)
    what does the naughty dog team look at when hiring a new member to their team?

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