Quantum Theory now to disappoint 360 owners as well

Once labelled, “Gears of War for PlayStation 3,” Quantum Theory excited owners of the Sony console who looked forward to the titles exclusivity. However, after many publications went hands-on with the title at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, the anticipation for Quantum Theory seemed to dwindle as disappointment was spread via text previews everywhere.

According to other popular websites, Quantum Theory suffered through performance issues and the sticking factor that has helped make Gears of War such a successful franchise. Today, Tecmo has announced that Quantum Theory will be released on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, nullifying the exclusivity that once was. Fortunately, with how the game was progressing, I doubt many PlayStation 3 owners will feel disrupted by this news.

I’d like to know if our readers care or no?

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  1. eh, not too worried. We have PLENTY of exclusives, and it’s not like it was canceled, we can still play it. I don’t see why anyone would be angry.

  2. it does suck that another exclusive is lost but its not really that big a deal. at least we still get to play it. and it REALLY does look a lot like gears of war lol

  3. Played the game (in a early stage) and it wasn’t good, it had potential though so it could turn out great.

  4. this shouldn’t bother ps3 owners anyways, it’s made by a 3rd Party company so pffft

  5. wasnt gonna buy it wen it was exclusive and not gonna buy it now

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they said it was a PS3 exclusive on purpose, its a big marketing strike and now it gets attention AGAIN since its multiplatform.

  7. It’s Tecmo – unsuprising, but usually they wait until they make the Sigma.

    However, I believe it’s because the publisher hasn’t been impressed by the previews and is panicking that they won’t be able to get that much attention as exclusive, so will release it on both platforms to make as much money as they can.

  8. is it gonna follow haze by saying its exclusive in the beginning, then switching to multi plat, then back to exclusive? 😛 lol anyways, at first i was interested, but after seeing some footage, my interest started lowering. It could be a good game though, and i’d still get to play it so its fine with me whether its exclusive or not

  9. Horrible move, Tecmo. 360 owners will never buy this game (they already have the better version called Gears of War), and PS3 fanboys won’t buy the game since it’s not exclusive. This will bomb hard.

  10. Hopefully Tecmo don’t rely on “fanboys”.

  11. I don’t know who else you rely on with a game like this.

  12. Don’t care. Never liked Gears.

    Quantum looked kinda meh anyway.

  13. WE still get to lay it even though the performance might be lower on the ps3 since it’s multiplat. I got to play gears and kinda liked the gameplay while the thought of having small heads on big bodies never attracted my attention but mkay… I would say for me it’s a extended don’t care..

  14. I’ll wait fro Quantum Theory Sigma…or Beta…or Alpha….

  15. god this game looks terrible

  16. ^^^
    thats cuz thats what it is lol

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