Rein: “We own the Gears of War IP, not Microsoft”

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Epic Games’ Mark Rein has come out and said that the company owns the Gears of War IP and that they can do whatever they want with it. While this does put an end to the belief that Microsoft has any say in what the developer chooses to do with its franchise, it is unlikely that you should expect Gears of War to ever make its way to the PlayStation 3.

Speaking with VG247 at GDC last week, Rein had the following to say, “We own Gears of War. We can do what we want with it,” Rein told us. “We have a great relationship with Microsoft, and they helped turn the game into a huge success for us, and we are pretty happy with the way things are going.”

“I mean we have a game with EA, and while we haven’t announced it yet, and soon we will be able to talk more about it.”

Obviously this EA published title will more than likely be making its way to our console of choice, so we’re definitely excited to see what the company has in store for us. However, those of you looking for Gears of War should either turn to the PC or pick up a 360 if you haven’t already — it won’t be showing up on our console any time soon.

Readers Comments (13)

  1. Higlhy doubt Gears will make it to PS3. Not like we need it, but more like MS won’t let it go multiplat.

  2. I wonder if it will be about big muscular men with guns ? -_-

  3. Moocows111111 March 15, 2010 @ 10:08

    Meh, Gears Of War was cool and all but it’s very linear with chest high walls everywhere, I’D prefer the Uncharted franchise because it expanded on Gears Of War’s cover system and it included platforming and such. But it’s nice to know that a company that makes games for Microsoft aren’t being controlled by them.

  4. Gears was amazing. Really it was. But if Microsofts think they can keep on making sequels. They are gonna NEED more space. They will have no choice but to add a blu ray drive and thats when we’ll see Gears on PS3. I think.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gears 3 came to PS3. With how butchered Gears 2 was/is they have lost a lot of their players that fell in love with Gears 1.

  6. Who needs gear when there is UC2? I played both gears and it was awsome, but the online was crap.If the rumours are true about the next Gears having rpg elements, then I might be interested in the series again.

  7. I doubt Gears of War will come to the PS3. However, I’m excited for their EA game. Unreal Tournament 4? Probably not. But whatever it is, I’m psyched about it, knowing it’s coming from a quality developer.

  8. Unreal Tournament 4 would be badass.

  9. I never expected Gears to make it to PS3 regardless of who owned it, though I definitely loved playing those games on my 360. I know more than a few people are excited to see what they’re cooking up with EA, though.

  10. TheCodeNameisSnake March 15, 2010 @ 16:07

    gears of war 1&2 on one blueray,sweet!

  11. obviously they wont work with sony, GeoW is one of MS’s only great series (to the masses at least)

  12. i highly doubt the gears franchise wll ever come to ps3 that and halo are the only franchises that sell on 360 but there is one franchise i think microsoft will lose to ps3
    and that is mass effect.

  13. gears of war is mediocre anyway. just guys on steriods thinking they can own everything. Not my kind of game. Rather play quality like uncharted ;). Any new games for ps3 are always welcome however

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