Rockstar promises big things for PS3 owners in 2010

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Are you one of the many PlayStation 3 owners that are a little disappointed that you couldn’t play the episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV? Don’t worry. Rockstar understands your frustration and apparently they have big things in store for PS3 owners in 2010.

While speculation is one of the best things going in the industry, we’re going to assume that either 2010 will be the year PS3 owners finally get their hands on GTA IV’s episodic content or that Rockstar may be announcing another prime exclusive for the PlayStation 3. Most will point their fingers to Grand Theft Auto 5, but we’re hoping for a new property much like The Agent.

If you’re wondering where this info is coming from, well, today, Rockstar published more answers to their fan’s questions on their official blog. This was one of the responses when questioned with content on the PlayStation 3.

The question posed was, “I was highly anticipating the release of The Ballad Of Gay Tony, but just found out that it is only on the XBox360. I am certain that I am not the first person to ask this, but how come it wasn’t released on the PS3?”

Which Rockstar replied, “We know that it continues to be an often-asked question – and believe us, we understand the frustration of PS3 owners like yourself who haven’t been able to play any of our most recent releases. All we can say is that we at Rockstar promise to be very good to you with our releases in 2010. Please stay with us and stay tuned!”

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We look forward to finding out exactly what this is!

There’s also news on the oft hidden L.A. Noire. The game was originally presumed to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but with Rockstar handing Agent to Sony, this game is expected to be for the Xbox 360 and PC also. The question for the past year or so was whether the game actually exists.

A question asked, “Your latest word on L.A. Noire is that it is coming along “splendidly” and that we can expect more details very soon, but that was in September. I’ve been anticipating this game for ages now and I was wondering if you can provide any new information or when in fact you’ll publicly provide more information. By the way, is it still on the PS3?”

And Rockstar replied: “There will be something great to see soon – a proper in-depth look at the game and why it is so ground breaking and innovative, both in terms of the game’s design and the amazing new technology to support it.  Expect to see a long-awaited reveal via a big cover story next month.”

It’s about time!


Readers Comments (32)

  1. TheRighteousFascist January 21, 2010 @ 17:11

    Agent. It’s Agent.

  2. I couldn’t possibly care less about GTA4 DLC. I got rid of that game forever ago and have no intention of buying it again. I want to see AGENT, that’s it. I want to see in-game screens, and I want to know how big. L.A. Noir could bo OK too, but being cross-platform, I’m expecting nothing any better than GTA4. For me, AGENT is all I really care about from Rockstar. Graphically I’m hoping it looks as good as the old pre-PS3 launch screens of The Getaway. Those were incredible.

  3. yay?

  4. the hell with GTA4 DLC I want AGENT

  5. im pretty sure i’ve been waiting for LA Noire since 2006

  6. judging from the context of the first quote im guessing that rockstar is hinting at exclusive dlc for red dead redemption and maybe some for max payne 3. However judging from their neglect for the ps3 fan base another exclusive ps3 game will really put things right(ie gta v exclusive).
    I’m no michael patcher but i reckon the next gta could very well be a timed ps3 exclusive. Rockstar are going to need to bring out the big guns and make gta v Alot bigger than iv. Storage concerns are the biggest problem regarding the 360, so i guess an exclusive time of around 1 year and a half would be ideal. That would be enough time for rockstar to work around the 360’s limitations, so everyone would get the game at some point.

  7. I agree, WE WANT AGENT. (Besides, I herd that DLC wasn’t too great to being with..)

  8. to me this is really great news cannot wait me and every ps3 owner want more info on agent hope it’s open world where you can travel all over the world and get cool spy missions and assassinate diffrent targets. plus i hope russisa is involved like the
    country for these type of games .

  9. i was to dissapointed with gta4 to be looking forward to spend a nother hard earned 70 euros on 50% of a game
    and not being to buy the other 50% because its on live

  10. I say f*** Them.
    They only said that to get you people to buy their shit thinking you won’t get f***ed again. Microsoft is going to give them money for exclusive DLC and Rockstar is going to take that money, so stop getting all wet. Just get Agent and don’t believe their shit.

  11. When I read, GTA5 exclusive for PS3 surely the writter means DLC right, I mean for Rockstar to go one platform exclusive would be finacial suicide, it would cost Sony about $50mill (maybe im way out here up or down!) to buy that one. Thoughts?

  12. I already lost respect for Rockstar when they went multiplat with GTA4, that’s why I didn’t buy it. They got a great going of GTA in PS2 and now they ruined it by going multiplat. I doubt Agent will be pure exclusive seeing how they got bought by M$ for GTA’s dlcs. I say Agent will be at least 6 mos or maximum of 1 yr exclusivity only.

  13. Don’t you worry Sony fanboys and fangirls! Weat Rockstar promise you will see great things in 2010. Red Dead Redemption and all the DLC for this game will be released on the PS3 as well! Don’t forget to pre-order NOW!

  14. David Macphail January 22, 2010 @ 06:48

    We already know that the GTA IV DLC is coming to PS3, Toys R’ Us accidentally leaked the PS3 box art some months ago on their website.

    I would like to hear some news on The Agent and L.A. Noire though.

  15. ha ha ha, i bet they say that to all the ladies. aka you.

  16. Your Conscience January 22, 2010 @ 11:00

    Hopefully Rockstar will promise to treat their workers like humans again. That’d be a big thing for ps3 owners in 2010. In fact, a win for the entire human race. Quit being D-bags with management or it will bite you in the butt!

  17. Canis Canem Edit 2!!!!!

  18. GTA has always been Multi-Plat, yeh ?

  19. @tarbis there is a deal and contract with sony for the franhise of agent 100% exclusive it was said in one of the interiews with take-two go look it up.

  20. Its called ‘Agent’. Not ‘The Agent’. Just ‘Agent’!

  21. SuperSaiyan_Goku January 22, 2010 @ 16:38

    The only thing i didn’t like about the GTA4 DLC was they didn’t fill like a add-on if Rockstar add the DLC for PS3 owners they should make it all on one disc & altogether. Like if Nico could run up to the other two guys house sit down then you could control one of them?

  22. Eat a dick rockstar

  23. 1st of GTA LOST AND DAMNED AND BALLED OF GAY TONY ARE A COMPLETE BOWL OF WANK dont get me wrong the tie ins are ok but apart from that man i paid 30 pound for both on disk and belive me the hassle i got in game trying to get a full refund which i never got funny enough my xbox got 3 red lights on 3rd of jan 2010 seeing i paid 400 for an elite in jan 08 i would like to say i think i may finaily go to ps3 as well xbox are in my eyes a load of shit how can they make a console that lasts not even 2 years when even a ps2 which i have still works after all this time ok ok it doesnt have heat sink fan ect but still ms wanted me to pay 80 pound because i didnt have the 3 red lights in the 1st place so i took it apart fixed it and then 3 red lights i hate them for life haha but seriously all that money for a poxy game score nevermind got a new pc which to be honest beats any console EVER just look at xbox 512mb of gddr ram haha piss take a shitty 60gig hard drive for like 50 pound u can get half a terra for that i really cant go on enough and to rockstar u cons why bother with that dlc load of shit wouldnt recommend it at all HONESTLY DONT BOTHER

  24. no no no no no no no no no…no DLC for me rockstar just give me news on agent

  25. come on rockstar we wanna see agent!

  26. rockstar breaks all there promises : /

  27. I hope Agent comes out this year (highly doubt it ) but PLEASE, don’t go multiplat.

  28. @blackout: what is that is their big announcement lol screwing us over with another multiplat

    just look at Noir!

  29. watch their promise be Agent being multiplat lol

  30. thats a big promise alright lol

  31. well its understandable seeing as how NOIR went multiplat :\

    i lost much respect for R*

    the PS2 was gracious enough to let you gain rise to glory with GTA3, VC, and SA (it was multiplat but its all bou tthe PS2 version)

  32. ya rockstar never really gives any exclusivity

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