Rumour: Portal 2 coming to PS3, featured in PS3 magazine

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Following the announcement of Portal 2, it was soon revealed that the game would be coming to the Xbox 360, PC and Mac. Valve continued to stress that they would only develop for Sony’s console if they could spend the sufficient time and money needed. Valve may now have achieved that goal, with the appearance of the game on the cover of the PS3-only magazine PSM3.

Portal 2 was announced by Valve last month and we had hoped that the game might make its way to the PlayStation 3. That occurrence seemed unlikely due to the developer’s past with the console, and their disappointment with EA’s PS3 port of The Orange Box.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi was quick to announce that Portal 2 was coming to the PC, Mac and Xbox 360 and with no mention of the PS3, our hopes were dashed. That is until the latest issue of the PlayStation 3 Magazine, PSM3. If you look under “Featuring…” on the front cover, you’ll find Portal 2. A mistake? Or a leak?


Readers Comments (14)

  1. I personaly don’t care about Portal, just give me Mass Effect 2 on my PS3!

  2. Don’t care. Bring Left4dead 2 instead.

  3. VofEscaflowne April 8, 2010 @ 12:49

    I wonder who will be handling the port if true. EA again? Or Valve themselves since they’ve then realized the Orange Box port was a botched up job? As long as continued support comes along, I hope it all goes well for Episode 3 coming to PS3. Of course by then I’ll upgrade my computer and have one that can actually run it well :p

  4. Hopefully if they do bring it to PS3, they’ll take their time to at least make it equal on all platforms.

  5. Patrick Steen April 8, 2010 @ 13:43

    Portal was fine on the PS3 – and though it’s clear that Portal 2 will require a bit more (with outside landscapes integrated) I’d think EA could do a decent job (especially with their experience)

  6. silentcell55 April 8, 2010 @ 14:07

    Oh god yes!!!!!!

  7. ps3slimrules April 8, 2010 @ 14:07

    i dont care im saving up for a PS3 slim because my 4th PS3 Fat died on my with YLOD and now i’ve got my 5th PS3 which is sounding like its gunna break like the other 4. talk about awful failure rate and shoddy hardware choices, dont belive me? add me on PSN my PSN ID is tahmidk

  8. Valve make sure you don’t release a sub-par game on the ps3 this time.

  9. Any game which wasnt originally on the ps3 coming to the ps3 is a good thing, especially with a big game like portal. Now just mass effect but i doubt that.

  10. i don’t know or can’t see what portal is all about… i couldn’t care less…

  11. well this is good, its the only game from valve i like!

  12. Reneid Klein April 8, 2010 @ 17:31

    I sure hope this comes out. I loved Portal on Orange Box and would gladly pay for a sequel.

  13. Since past few months Valve has been nice to PS3 community in their comments, and they even said they are hiring people who have PS3 experience. After all PS3 install base is no longer the same as what it was during the Orange Box, it has Quadrupled since they so obviously they wouldn’t want to loose the sales on 30 million plus user base. I STILL HATE GABE

  14. Gabe can shove his games under his belly.

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