Rumoured Art from Criterion’s Need for Speed game [UPDATE]

Need for Speed appears to be returning to its roots for its next outing, leaving behind the Slightly Mad (for sims) Studio and picking up Burnout creators, Criterion. Both Brit studios, I might add.

Need for Speed Shift was an impressive departure for a series that had previously been built on arcade roots. However, EA is willing to give that style a go once more, but this time with the skill and talent of Criterion behind it.

If these following pieces of art are to be believed, the next game in the series will be called Need for Speed: Out of the Law and features those good old police chases, and even motorbikes. Need for Burnout might be a better description of the game at this point.

Enjoy the following unconfirmed images (click to enlarge) and tell us if you like the direction Need for Speed is returning to in the comments section.

[UPDATE] – Criterion Games has posted the following message on their official Twitter account:

NFS stories on the net today – 100% FAKE!

Whether the team is referring to the statement that they’re making the next Need for Speed, or that the images are fake, or both – well, the tweet isn’t very specific.


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  1. Honestly, I stopped buying Need For Speed after Underground 2.
    From there the series began to fade (in my opinion)
    If they want to go back to their roots, they should probably go back farther.

  2. Out of the law?

    I wont say no just yet as shift was good (despite the crippling bugs in the game) though it seems like they’ve taken a page out of midnight club’s book by adding streetbikes.. which i approve of.

  3. 1st picture looks a whooole lot like NFS Underground,
    and the second one..
    i’m sorry, but you can’t say that DOESN’T look EXACTLY like Most Wanted..
    Everything went downhill from Most Wanted, apart from maybe Shift and the canyon dueling one, of which i forget the name of..

  4. Thank God that these are not official.I don’t think I can take more from that stock “make ride beat the list” shit.Most Wanted bored me really quickly…

  5. I would like to believe the first image is from the upcoming game, because NFS Underground was the best NFS in the decade. That image would indicate a beatiful remake. The second one…. I pass

  6. Pity… images are fake… they look awesome though

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