Seybold: “There continues to be incredible demand for PS3”

Yesterday the NPD numbers were released for February 2010 and it was revealed that PlayStation 3 had sold 360,000 units for the month. While this tally isn’t anywhere near a bad amount, it goes without saying that Sony is capable of pushing a lot more units than this after the recent success this past Holiday season.

One of the reasonings behind the slightly lower number than expected is the confirmed shortage of PlayStation 3s that was revealed in January. Apparently, the console is still suffering from these same shortages and Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications, has revealed such.

“There continues to be incredible demand for PlayStation 3, but tight inventory is definitely having an impact on recent sales numbers,” states Seybold. “This year will once again showcase how deep and broad our content offerings are with breakout titles like┬áHeavy Rain, which ranked in the top ten in February with only a week of sales in the month,” he added. “God of War III which will be a multi-million unit seller and hardware driver is launching later this month, followed by ModNation Racers, Gran Turismo 5, SOCOM 4 and many more.”

Though this does explain the low numbers, it makes you wonder how it’s possible to not be able to meet demand when you know the console is flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. It’s understandable for January, but stock should be replenished at a respectful level by February, shouldn’t it? It’ll definitely be interesting to see how well Sony does in March with the release of titles like MLB 10: The Show, God of War III, End of Eternity and Just Cause 2 being released for the console.

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  1. Easy: New SKU in development =).

  2. VofEscaflowne March 12, 2010 @ 12:16


    Is it really ideal to create a shortage during such a packed month for video game releases? Considering one of the system’s biggest titles, Final Fantasy XIII, released on the 360 as well, they’d want to make sure there’s a healthy amount of systems on the market so that people who own neither console can easily pick up a PS3 instead of going to the competition. A lot of people will be looking to get the PS3 version since it is superior.

    It’s funny how I always thought that if I’d pick up a console other than the Wii, it would be a 360. How times have changed and the PS3 has now become the main console here.

  3. maybe this months NPD will be a lot different coz of Superior FF13, Epic GoW3, Cool MLB 10. but i dont understand why did 360 sold so well, it had just one high profile exclusive ME2. did i miss something?

  4. Look at Sony back in 2006, and look at it almost 4 years later.

  5. greatness can never be achieved in one day, Rome wasn’t built in a day. you see where im getting at? the ps3 had a bumpy start ( or huge one) but it came back with a vengeance, everyone knew it was gonna happen, you dont spend thousands of dollars on a super machine only to let it go to waste.

  6. LOL, the PS3 sold 360 thousand . . . 360 . . . LOL . . .

    Is it just the Slim in high demand or are the Fatties selling well too?

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    i loled

  8. wow need 2 make more ps3

  9. wow not too bad, sony! but watch by Q4 of this year, the demand for PS3s will go wayyy up!

  10. The PS3 is going to rake this month. Let’s see if the PS3 can break 500K with the release of FFXIII, GoW3, and MLB 10 over the course of three straight weeks.

  11. Sony should do there best to meet demand as we need sales to be very strong so we can finally overtake the xbox in sales. There good numbers still and games like heavy rain are certainly helping push sales and not to forget god of war very soon.

  12. While Microsoft was busy pushing the 360 out to consumers with ASAP with some Flashy titles. Sony Was preparing a console that would last and reek Havoc to all that got in it’s way. As we can all see for ourselves. This year is Sony’s!

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