Six Underwhelming Limited Editions

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Sometimes the extra goodies provided offered by limited editions are genuinely compelling and are worth at least a look, even by casual fans of a franchise or license.

Mostly, though, limited and collector’s editions are totally unnecessary. They’re usually a means to simply get some extra cash out of the hardcore by luring them with some extra knick-knacks that would be of zero use to anyone else. Because it’s more fun to think about things to make fun of, this is the angle we’re taking.

So here we present you with several limited editions not worth a damn.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

This is by far our favorite game on the list. If not for Uncharted 2, we’re convinced that this would have been the runaway Game of the Year for 2009.

The Collector’s Edition seemed to be on the same track – some extra DLC, a 48-page journal, a behind-the-scenes DVD, and, best of all, a 14-inch replica batarang matching the one seen in-game. Unfortunately, the batarang ended up being a hunk of cheap plastic crap, with many people saying theirs were scratched. Eidos said that this was to give it a worn look, but the scratches only exposed the cheap white plastic underneath.

baa batarang


It’s almost as if Eidos went out of their way to balance out the vast amount of greatness pressed to the game disc, all while screwing people out of an extra $40. Isn’t that the kind of injustice that the Batman stands to fight against?

Several recent EA games

Battlefield Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor, NFS Hot Pursuit are all recipients of EA’s prestigious Limited Edition designation, which in this case means every single copy printed in the game’s first run.

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It’s hard to justify complaining when the game is the same $60 you’d normally pay while offering you some extra DLC, throwing the term “Limited Edition” around so haphazardly causes it to lose any meaning, while in some instances causing confusion. For example, the upcoming Dead Space 2 also has one of these $60 Limited Editions coming, but it will also be accompanied by an $80 Collector’s Edition that includes an admittedly bitchin’ plasma cutter. If you ask anyone what the difference is, they’ll be hard-pressed to tell you without looking it up.

bad company 2

If you say so.

We imagine that EA does this to drive their games’ first-month sales up by enticing them to buy a new copy early, but it’s a confusing practice. We’re not so sure that they’ll be stopping anytime soon, though.

Street Fighter IV

I’ve personally sung this game’s praises before – I love the fact that it brought back the deceptively deep gameplay reminiscent of the Street Fighter II series that was lost with SFIII. But we can’t have a franchise reinvention without a gaudy collector’s edition, no can we?

In this case, Capcom whipped up what seemed like a pretty sweet deal for an extra $20 – a Blu-Ray featuring the anime Street Fighter IV: The Ties that Bind, along with a Ryu figurine. Unfortunately, the anime was a huge disappointment. The animation was shoddy, the plot was thin and uninteresting, and it was edited in such a way that little of it made sense. To top things off, the Ryu figurine is a microscopic 3 inches tall. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that it came with my nephew’s Happy Meal.


Not pictured: My disappointment.

Thankfully Capcom learned their lesson with Super Street Fighter IV by not only forgetting about a collector’s edition, but by selling the game at the value price of $40. Atta boys.

Prince of Persia (2008)

OK, so we only went one entry before complaining about a free limited edition. You’ll survive.

Ubisoft provided a couple of neat extras with this edition – an art book and the game’s soundtrack. In a weird turn, though, they put these things on a separate Blu-Ray. If you ever wanted to see the art or listen to the music, you’d have to boot up your PS3. Whatever the reasoning behind a soundtrack that you can’t listen to on your MP3 player or in your car may be, it’s lost on us.

Not crazy about the box art, either.

Not crazy about the box art, either.

Readers Comments (7)

  1. I like the EA Limited Editions. It seems like a good strategy to get people to buy new without screwing over used game buyers like they did with the online pass. I usually only shell out the extra cash if it comes with in-game stuff, and if it’s not too much. I don’t see myself ever spending more than $80 on a Collector’s Edition, unless I can somehow shave off the price by trading in games.

  2. I remember getting the BlazBlue collector edition and although it’s great with 4 discs of content (Game, OST disc 1, OST disc 2, Tips Bluray), it’s stupid to have the tips disc on bluray and in STANDARD DEFINITION. Why not put it on a DVD so you can watch it on your laptop or something while playing? There’s no way to play the game while looking at combo tips because they are on a stupid Bluray which requires a PS3 or Bluray player & most PS3 owners don’t own a stand-alone Bluray player and if they did it’s likely hooked to the same TV as their PS3. So how do they expect us to practice the combos? Watch one and then quickly eject and take 2 minutes to load up the game and pray we remember it by the time we get into training? And it wouldn’t be as bad if it was in 1080p but the stinkin Bluray was in 480i if I remember correctly, WHAT’S THE POINT?!

    And the Assassin’s Creed 2 Master Assassin edition I own has the OST on a Bluray as well. This is REALLY stupid. Just like it was mentioned in the article, you can’t listen to the OST in a car or anything because it’s on the stinkin Bluray. Why do it like that?

  3. @ Reneid — I forgot that Assassin’s Creed II did the same stupid thing with the OST, which hopefully isn’t a trend with Ubi games. I let AC2 slide because it came with such a badass Ezio statue, lol.

  4. I also like the EA limited editions and unlike many other games, it’s exactly what its name implies: it’s limited! I hate some of the other limited/collector’s editions because they usually end up putting a bunch of crap I do not want ALONG with the DLC I would love to get. Dead Space 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Black Ops… they all have junk, while maybe cool at first, will just sit there and gather dust after a few minutes and require me to shell out 100$+ which I could instead spend on several games to enjoy. I wouldn’t mind if they kept doing this in the future. Limited edition for early adopters featuring some of the DLC offered in the collector’s edition that’s being sold at a higher price for extra junk I don’t want 😛 Win for me!

  5. TraumaticTighearnan November 16, 2010 @ 10:45

    I LOVE that Ezio Statue xD
    I can’t wait for the map of Rome/ Codex page xD

  6. You should have thrown in Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, Red Dead: Redemption, Dragon Age: Origins (EU edition)

    FFXIII Collectors Edition sucked too, not as much as the game though.

  7. Yeah the Ezio statue is the best thing I got for reserving a game to date. The Alex Mercer figure was cool too but too small.

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