Sony: Discs aren’t going away any time soon

The UMD-less PSPgo is not a sign that Sony is leaving physical discs out of their gaming devices.

Digital distribution is certainly on the up and with the PSPgo joining the iPhone as a download-only gaming platform, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that all future devices will reject the disc.

However, boxed video games are “not going away any time soon,” according to SCEE boss Andrew House in an interview with

Although House believes that the PSPgo will usher a shift in the industry that it’ll soon have to face, the mini handheld was not meant to replace the other UMD-capable PSP models. And as for the PlayStation 3:

Make no mistake, when you’re looking at PS3 games and you’re seeing the shift in the sheer size of the data that’s becoming available, the packaged media business is not going away any time soon.

I think there’s been an overstatement there potentially, and then a backlash to that – but I don’t think we were really responsible for that overstatement, so we’re not really part and parcel of the backlash, if that makes sense.

It has its place for those consumers – it comes back to offering people options, and it was the right option for us to offer.

So what does this mean for Sony’s future hardware? Will the PSP2 be digital-only? That’s certainly likely, but it’s unlikely that the PlayStation 4 will eschew the disc. You’ll have to make that walk to the store, or at least your letterbox, for quite some time yet.

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  1. And quite happy making that walk to the store too.

    Discs for the win.

  2. TheCodeNameisSnake November 26, 2009 @ 20:15

    I’m the kinda reader who moves his courser over the words to read,and im getting frustrated with the constant ads on certain websites that pop up on the highlighted text,and especially on P.U. cause the main ads are on xbox products and forza 3,for the site being up to advertise and teach the gaming community about the ps3.
    There shouldn’t be a horde of Microsoft ads popping on this site.
    Or am i out of line and alone.

    and who puts this stuff on here?
    and i know why $

  3. digital content is great for additional content and portable devices(UMDs arent really that portable)
    but anyone who finks that in the near future the digital media will replace the discs
    than he dosent seem to understand how unpractical it is to download a 50gb game to his hard drive rather than owning a bluray version of the game
    unless you have a 2tb hard drive than you will be doing nothing else than wasting space on youre hard disc drive

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