Sony “does not have plans” to run PS2 or PS3 games on PS Vita

Remember how cool it was to find out that you’d be able to play PSOne game on your PSP several years ago? Naturally, you’d think that kind of functionality would carry over to the next generation of both machines, with the PS Vita able to play the newly available PS2 Classics available on the PlayStation Store. Sony, however, wants you to put such silly thoughts to bed.

“PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point,” reads an answer in a rather lengthy Vita FAQ on the PlayStation Blog. They’re also quick to point out that you can play “supported digital PSP titles and supported minis [Editor’s note: and a few more than were listed, apparently],” and to expect details on compatibility with old PSOne titles “when they are ready.”

I’m not quite sure what is meant by the Vita playing PS3 titles; could they mean the Remote Play functionality that we saw Sony themselves demonstrate at TGS 2011 with Killzone 3? If so, then that’s already one broken promise just days into the Vita’s short lifespan.

Long Live Play!

Source: CVG, PlayStation Blog

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  1. Naw man I’m more than certain they mean the downloadable ps2 and ps3 games in the playstation store. The reason for this is most likely because those games were obviously designed to run on the ps3. So it just wouldn’t work for the vita and would cost devs extra time and money to make them all compatible.

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