Sony Japan pins GT5 release to October/November [UPDATE]

We told you that a release date for Gran Turismo 5 was coming soon and now Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has given another hint as to when that is.

The game was reportedly delayed from a March 2010 release in Japan until just a month later, and though this still may be correct (though it was most likely a ghastly mistranslation), a recent update on Sony Japan’s website about Polyphony Digital’s game pins its ship date to quite some time later.

The news comes by way of an update to the game’s page on Sony Japan’s website under ‘product information’, which adds “October, November 2010” next to Gran Turismo 5’s release period. This complements a report by Italian gaming website 4News that the game would be out this October, which was later denied by Sony to be “speculation and rumour”. Though this update does further corroborate the comments of Peter Dille, Sony’s marketing vice president, that the game would release this year — you can’t get much later than November.

Enjoy the latest Gran Turismo 5 trailer featuring night racing here, and browse our very own Gran Turismo 5 screenshot gallery.

[UPDATE] – Automatic translators are playing havoc with our hearts and minds, turning the Japanese “3rd month 2010” (ie. the previously delayed March release) into “October, November 2010”. Why it would do such an odd thing and align with previous statements is beyond us. Nonetheless, we do believe that we will see Gran Turismo 5 in those months, but for safety the date is to be announced.

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  1. December 31st. That’s when it will release. Just watch lmao

  2. @Hero: Yea, but December 31st of what year? XD

    I think this is a perfect release for Sony, considering their lineup is a lot weaker towards the end of the year, with no confirmed games (only games speculated to release in that window, like The Agency and The Last Guardian).

  3. -_- wow, way to have us waiting yet again

  4. It was a smart move delaying GT5, I mean, could you imagine GT5 and GoW3 in the same month..there would be some problems there

  5. What a joke, in return I’ll buy it used.

  6. I predict a Smarch 32nd release. I’ll be there day one, of course.

  7. Patrick Steen March 16, 2010 @ 02:17

    I hear it was meant to come out on February 29th 2010, but nobodies PS3 could play it.

  8. probally be released today but in a years time lol I cant believe how long we have had to wait for this game

  9. -_-

    this update didnt help too much

    man i cant wait to finally get my hand on GT5!

  10. FFS Sony, just when you couldn’t think it could get more ridiculous!

  11. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 March 16, 2010 @ 21:18

    And than what will happen again, we will delay the game again due to some technical problems.

  12. You mean the game hasnt been cancelled yet?? Began to think it was becoming a second Duke Nuke’em forever

  13. with such a long dev period, it better have awesome groundbreaking features and be fun to play.i enjoyed gt3 immensely but found gt4 boring.

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