Sony may announce subscription based PSN at E3

Last year the internet was set alight by rumours of monthly fees coming to Sony’s free PlayStation Network. Fears were soon put to rest, but the PS3’s online service could see the announcement of a premium version at this year’s E3. However, it’s not as bad as you think.

A premium subscription service may soon pervade the PlayStation Network. VG247 reports that Sony will anounce the service at next month’s E3, with a price tag no higher than £50 ($75) a year. Its virtue will be in a number of exclusive features, like a streaming music service, and free monthly games from a choice of “two to four.” At current PSN game prices, that means subscribers will soon make their money back.

Gamers also shouldn’t worry about improvements to the current free service, with the rumoured cross-game voice chat not being exclusive to the premium package if the latest rumours are to be believed. Regular PSN users will not be gimped. Thank Butler.

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  1. VofEscaflowne May 17, 2010 @ 16:58

    Good enough for me as I’m already satisfied with the current offerings of Sony’s online service. I’m not sure if having free PSN games is a good enough incentive to subscribe, assuming the rumors are true. It may be for some but if it’s simply giving me games I’d otherwise not buy, why bother? We’ll see what else they have to offer but it’s a much better way to handle the online fees at least.

  2. I really hope they do announce it at E3.

  3. Play games online, download demos, and access PSN, is good enough for me, unless Sony offers something really huge.

  4. that would be awsome if they gave a free game per month as a reward for paying the yearly fee. I would get it because im going to assume their going to charge money and add more new features hopefully X game chat.

  5. as long as the regular service continues to hawe dedecated servers for me to play on

  6. As long as they keep online play free, I am Happy

  7. Yea they better keep the online play free because if they dont im going to get a 360. My ps3 will become a glorified blueray player. Unless they make the servers a whole lot better then i would stick around. I wouldnt put up with these black out days and pay for it.

  8. free? nothing is free. psh is a glorified advertisement billboard.

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