Sony shows off Kick-Ass, GoW: Ghost of Sparta PSP Pack

Sony announced awhile ago that God of War: Ghost of Sparta would be receiving its very own two-tone PlayStation Portable entertainment pack upon release. Today, the Official Blog has rolled out a good chunk of images detailing what the PlayStation Portable looks like and what it includes. The coolest piece of included content? A downloadable content code for a free copy of Kick-Ass for your PSP.

This is by far and large my favorite entertainment pack to date and should go over well with God of War fans looking to kick some serious ass in the game and out of it. The Entertainment Pack includes the following:

  • Black and Red Two-Toned PSP-3000
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta UMD Game– After God of War concludes, Ghost of Sparta begins with the story of Kratos’ ascension to power as the God of War.
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus PlayStation Network Downloadable Game Voucher – Before the events of God of War, experience Kratos’ journey during the 10-years of servitude to the Gods of Olympus in one of the most highly acclaimed action titles of all time!
  • Kick Ass – UMD Movie
  • 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

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  1. That’s actually quite nice. I guess it’s even more impressive if you are thinking about getting a psp and have never played chain of olympus.

  2. I may consider getting a PSP, depending on how much this costs.

  3. Pretty sure this will be the PSP that I buy.Awesome looking handheld, amazing games come with it and a amazing movie.

  4. @TRF — Amazon has it listed at $199, which is a freaking great deal. Seriously considering trading my plain black PSP-2000 for this, and I could sell off the Chains of Olympus voucher and Kick-Ass movie since I have no use for those.

  5. that is a ridiculously awesome bundle

  6. Kratos kicking ass on the psp again!

  7. Damn nice.

    Shame we already have 2 PSP’s in the house or I’d grab this in a heart beat.

  8. Doesn’t this announcement probably mean bad things for hopes of a PSP2?
    Surely if it was coming, why announce this?

  9. I don’t really care for a PSP2 anyway. A sony ericsson PSP on the other hand. . . . . that would be a must buy for me.

    Even if we eventually see a PSP2, it will probably be retrocompatible; so any games that come our for the current system are just good news for a PSP2.

  10. Hell yeah! My mom is buying a new one for me for my bday! The nintendo 3ds is shit compared to this! My bday is in two weeks cant freakin wait!

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