Sony: The Wii is “not a very precise experience”

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This generation has been filled with a lot of attacks coming from all sides of the three companies involved within the industry. While it used to only be Microsoft and Sony taking pot shots, the recent Move hype has pushed Nintendo into the same world of PR tactics that the previously mentioned companies have been employing since day one.

Unfortunately, that PR spin and cut down continues this week with Sony’s Peter Dille stepping up to the plate to take a few more shots in Nintendo’s direction.

Speaking with the Financial Times, Dille makes sure to use this opportunity as one to boast PlayStation Move at the expense of the Wii’s motion technology that he refers to as “not a very precise experience” in the gaming industry.

“The Wii has been wildly successful but at the end of the day it’s not a very precise experience and it relies on the wand. Microsoft’s approach appears to be no wand, no controller, just a camera, which means that your body’s the user interface. Our solution and point of differentiation is around precision, because we’ve got the camera — the Playstation Eye — and the motion controller which has the light at the tip, and the camera tracks the light very precisely in 3D space.

“Hardcore gamers have looked down their nose at motion gaming: it’s not particularly satisfying for them because it’s not terribly precise or challenging, it’s more social. So we’ll have games that the whole family can play that are very social, but we’ll also be able to do hardcore gamer games via a motion device that has never been done before. It’s too early to say what the killer app or signature game is but we’ll continue through the spring and late summer before we make a decision on which game is the poster child or the best one to move the Move.”

To be fair, I’ll admit that I do look down my nose at the Nintendo Wii, but it’s not because of the precision or the challenge — it’s due to the gimmick feel that motion gaming provides. Therefore, I also look down at the PlayStation Move for the exact same reasons. Will it be interesting for the first 10-15 minutes? Absolutely. However, after that, who will really continue to use the product? I’m guessing it’ll get as much play time as the Wii does right now; which isn’t much according to past surveys conducted by Nielsen.

Readers Comments (14)

  1. I dunno, im not a huge fan of motion sensors but i think the PS3 Move will be the best out fo the 3. Think about it’s pretty much natal and the wii combined :D. thats coming from a gamers perspective not a fanboy. Even mega64 is poking fun at motion sensors (well, they poke fun at everything) and it seems that they give most of their hate on the natal because it has no controller…

  2. The Playstation Eye is far superior to the Wii sensor bar. I just bought bought a week ago and the motions are horrible, excpet for some games they used them effectively. Cod4 reflex is so crap compared to the other versions, in terms of graphics, controls and online. No killcam, wtf?

  3. VofEscaflowne April 5, 2010 @ 10:47


    The Wii sensor bar has nothing to do with actual motion controls. It is only used for the pointer device, which to be fair, would suffer just as much as the PS Eye if there was some sort of interference between the Move and the PS Eye. What it all comes down to is the actual motion detection and yes, the Move does have that advantage over the Wii BUT WiiMotion+, an accessory just as much as the Move, and cheaper at that, adds a ton of precision to controls. I’ve been playing Red Steel 2 on the Wii these past few days and it offers controls no other game has done before (except maybe Wii Sports Resort but I haven’t played that). I can easily pull off swings in any direction I want and to add on top of that, swings need actual strength behind them if you want to win in battle.

    They’re just attacking the Wii for the basics and that’s without WiiMotion+. Nintendo can attack Sony or Microsoft just as much for offering traditional controls on their systems and not featuring the precise pointer the Wii has. This is just PR talk anyway so it’s only normal to attack eachother :p

  4. @ VofEscaflowne
    Well MOVE detects motion via various methods to be that precise, PS Eye detects glowing orb in 3d space and A pair of inertial sensors inside the controller, a three-axis linear accelerometer and a three-axis angular rate sensor, are used to track rotation as well as overall motion. An internal magnetometer is also used for calibrating the controller’s orientation against the Earth’s magnetic field to help correct against cumulative error (drift) in the inertial sensors. The inertial sensors can be used for dead reckoning in cases which the camera tracking is insufficient, such as when the controller is obscured behind the player’s back. Can Wii Motion Plus be this precise.

  5. VofEscaflowne April 5, 2010 @ 14:13


    I was simply referring to the pointer which is the only reason you really need the Wii sensor bar. WiiMotion+ still detects motion in a 3D space, sensor bar or not. I don’t know how Move works exactly but I do know that it works well on the Wii.

    It’s normal that this technology will only improve as others start implementing it into their systems. I’m sure Nintendo will have a few tricks up their sleeve with the 3DS and who knows, it might even push Sony and Microsoft to take action once again, after they call out Nintendo for failing at their own business of course 😉

  6. ummm isnt this obvious? its always amusing to see these companies take shots at eachother 😀

  7. I doubt I’ll get the Move. Around $200 for the full experience is not worth it at all.

  8. @TRF: huh? they said the bundle would be less than 100….probably 99.99 lol

    200 is for the Wii, dood

  9. Moocows111111 April 6, 2010 @ 00:24

    Wii does feel like a huge gimmick, but it would been better if they had more 1st party developers that are willing to bring a greater experience to the Wii. Right now the Wii is swamped with exclusives that are either, minigames or some type of kids game. The Wii itsself has some good games, such as Brawl, Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy but it lacks the quality in most of its game titles.

  10. @Mocows: seriously tho, I wanted to get a Wii back then….but it turns out that the only game I wanted was Brawl lol. Maybe im a black sheep, but Mario Galaxy never interested me, I’ve never been a fan of LoZ (*equips flame suit*), and basically everything else except pokemon…..which was maining on the DS lol.

    Now if Sony can make a smash-bros esque game but not just 1st party guys, but whatever other faithful 3rd party devs as well

  11. i think what he says is true as the wii is not very precise and microsofts natal may be laggey with picking up body movement so if ps move is very accurate then they may have something very interesting indeed. i would play it as long as they can make some games which are not gimmick or childish.

  12. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 April 8, 2010 @ 20:47

    less than 100 bucks. you get camera, motion controllers dildos, sub controller and the game. fair for us but not for SONY.

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