Square Enix’s New Engine is Incredible

Square Enix recently unveiled alpha footage of a new engine they are working on at an event in Tokyo. The first footage was supposedly real-time animation within the engine itself, but it’s hard to really be too sure at this point. If this, along with the tech demo of Unreal Engine 4 is any indication, the next iteration of the PlayStation and Xbox could really be amazing. We are finally getting to the point where gameplay graphics actually look like what we’ve seen in CG animations for the last few years. Check out the first pieces of footage below:

They also just unveiled some behind-the-scenes esque footage of the engine as well, showing character models in more details. The close up shots of the character’s faces and hair are nothing shrot of breathtaking. I can imagine playing the next Final Fantasy game with incredibly detailed and realistic characters. If they can get the facial mapping and motion capture down at the same level as these creations, I can’t really fathom what that will be like. Check out both of the new pieces of footage below:

Let us know what you think of these incredible pieces of footage down in the comments below. Do you think maybe this is why Versus is taking so long? Could they be putting that game in this engine, maybe as a launch title for the PS4? I hope so!

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  1. @David
    Yea i hope versus 13 is gonna look like this, and dosen`t get put aside for ff13-4.

    But ps4 engine? No, i don`t believe this is the next generation.
    I expect nothing less this far into a console generation than games like Angi`s Philosophy, MGS Ground Zeros and Beyond.
    That`s pretty much how games should look like right now, considering what games look like at the end of every console cycle, and what a huge step forward ps2 games were to ps1 games and ps3 games are to the ps2.

    • Good points, but jumps in technology inevitably are less and less each generation as the technology itself continues to move forward. The jump from NES-SNES was a pretty huge one, SNES-N64 was huge as well, but after that, it’s really just a matter of improvement and refinement. While PS1-PS2 was pretty big, I don’t think gamers are going to see a graphical leap that large going into the next generation, technology just isn’t at that point.
      That being said, if this is an engine capable of running on current generation hardware, that would be absolutely amazing, but I would rather expect it to be next-gen and be surprised, than expect current-gen and end up disappointed.

      • yea, but when i was playing mgs1 and oot, i said to myself: there is no way graphics are ewer going to be much better than this,
        and if you just compare how first generation games to last generatin games on any sistem you see a huge improvment, dewelopers just learn new tricks as they get more comfortable with the architecture, even on the same sistem
        if you compare ff7 to ff9, halo3 to halo4, uncharted1 to uncharted3
        thats like the same console running two entirely difrent games

        • Yeah you make an excellent point, I’d love for you to be right about that. It just seems to me personally like we are getting closer and closer to that “Uncanny Valley” area where we are just going to reach the point where improvements will be marginal and detail oriented at best.

          Time will tell 🙂

          • yup, time will tell
            but im glad i wont have buy a new sistem to play mgs G0’s and beyond

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