Starhawk beta footage reeks of awesomeness

Jetpacks? Space battles? Snap-building fortresses? TRANSFORMING MECHS? Sounds like a good time, right? Check out GamesRadar’s Starhawk beta video preview to see the game in action.

Check it

Some highlights they pointed out:

  • Walls intelligently snap together when you hover the building hologram near an existing wall section
  • Transforming from mech to Hawk and back again is super sexy
  • Jet packs feel amazing when you first launch skyward
  • The maps currently feel a bit big and empty, but we were playing with small numbers – with a max of 32 players the maps’ scale will make more sense

Sounds like the game is shaping up to be Warhawk on full throttle, bringing us all the large multiplayer action we love with some new twists. Now all we need is the release date, or at least a public beta. Make it happen, Sony!

Source: GamesRadar