Sucker Punch aiming for GOTY

Sucker Punch broke into the next generation of gaming through the PlayStation 3 exclusive, inFamous, and the company had an instant hit and franchise on its hands. While inFamous didn’t win Game of the Year or even truly show up in the discussions, Sucker Punch has always had its eye on the prize and hope to achieve that goal with the sequel. Announced last month at E3 2010, inFamous 2 was unveiled with an explosive trailer that looked visually stunning and more than impressive.

“The space we’re playing in – the third-person action genre – is the Game of the Year space,” development director Chris Zimmerman told GameInformer.

“You look around and it’s Uncharted 2, it’s Assassin’s Creed, it’s God of War. It’s all these great games, and you have to be able to compete on all axes with them. On the axes of character and story and stuff, we’re much better set up this time so we can take a big, hard swing at it.”

It would be awesome for Sucker Punch to take home Game of the Year for all of the efforts the company has put forth over the years and it’s quite realistic that inFamous 2 has just a good a chance as any to do so.

Is inFamous 2 one of the games you’re looking forward to most and do you think it’ll have the chops to win GOTY?

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  1. The game does look good. It’s going to be tough to pick a GOTY this year. I’m excited for Fallout New Vegas more than any other.

  2. inFamous is a great game and the sequel already looks great. but as for GOTY.. I am still uncertain.. and hey, why not? it’ll add the sugar for us, gamers 😉

  3. i hope they win but you have to wonder how good will Uncharted 3 be, or something unannounced. Also Batman sequel is going to be awesome, so hard to say at this point. I think it also depends WHEN games get released. If it gets released early in 2011 most of people will forget about it by end of the year

  4. Sucker Punch pretty much made GOTY for me last year.

  5. such good games out there,it would be chalenging for GOTY

  6. After seeing the gameplay trailer, I’m actually considering the possibility of inFamous 2 winning GOTY. I was THAT awe struck.

  7. Doominator99 July 22, 2010 @ 02:56

    it wont win if it realeses at the beggining of the year

  8. VofEscaflowne July 26, 2010 @ 20:18


    I doubt Mass Effect 2, God of War III, or even Heavy Rain will be disregarded simply because they released early in the year.

    As for InFAMOUS 2, while it does look like a fantastic game that will build up on the first which was incredibly fun, I’ll reserve judgment until it’s actually out. Not to mention there could still be plenty of titles coming out in 2011 that could blow us all away. The Last Guardian will hopefully be out then!

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