Ten Games You’re Likely to Trade In

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BioShock 2

Was any game this year as highly anticipated and easily disappointing as BioShock 2? The original BioShock was easily Game of the Year worthy and enthralled gamers with its atmosphere and dark tones. Being invited to Rapture for the first time is an experience most gamers will never forgot for as long as they enjoy this hobby. However, returning to Rapture lost a lot of its magical luster due to it being much more of the same. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just wasn’t on nearly the same level as the original.

Furthermore, BioShock 2 did offer somewhat of a tacked on multiplayer component, but anybody who played it, didn’t truly take it seriously. Much like the other titles on this list, the game was well received by critics and generally most users, but it was also considered a flop in terms of expectations. With BioShock: Infinite around the corner and taking place outside of Rapture, I firmly believe this franchise is going to return to its former GOTY glory like BioShock. However, when it came time to get ready for games like Heavy Rain and God of War III, it was quite easy to lug this title to the store to put out to pasture.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

I’m not sure any franchise has taken a larger nose dive in respect as the Prince of Persia franchise as of late. Despite my enjoyment of the 2008 release, it failed in the eyes of many, especially the hardcore fans of the series. The Forgotten Sands was supposed to remedy that disappointment and bring the faithful back to the flock to push forward. Sadly, Prince of Persia dropped in price at a rapid rate as though it was going through its own private financial depression.

Due to this rapid decrease in value, gamers were forced to move this title early or deal with the consequences of lost value a month or so down the road. Will the development team be able to regroup and save the Prince from a Lara Croft-like tumble? That’s still yet to be seen, but if they continue to cast guys like Jake G. to play a Persian, it’s going to be difficult to save the franchise at all. However, let’s look on the bright side — at least the remastered HD collection is on its way with full trophy support, right?

Fable III

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Honesty is a bitch, and unfortunately for Fable III the truth hurts as well. Despite how much love and adoration the gaming community shows for Peter Molyneux, the Fable franchise has fallen on its face when compared to the original in the series that was absolutely mesmerizing. Fable II was one of the fastest traded in games that I had ever seen and in fact, shortly after release I remember there being a stack of them at every used games store I went to. Sadly, the same fate awaits Fable III now as well.

While die hard fans will blindly follow this game into the depths of hell, the casual nut job who is faked out into believing that this iteration will be different and the game changer they’ve been waiting for shall have this in a GameStop employees hands within the end of the month. After all, they have to prepare for the release of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood since the Collector’s Edition is kick ass. Not to mention if Gran Turismo every does release in our lifetime, Fable III will be a great way to reduce the price significantly.

H.A.W.X. 2

I wanted to start this part off with, “Lulz, HAWX 2, more like CAWX 2!” but who am I kidding? I’m not only going to start it off like that, but I’ll probably finish it off with an equally terrible jab at the game as well. Besides, it’s not my fault, it’s more like the developers were asking for this game to be ripped to shreds. It’s almost a shame as well considering how many flight enthusiasts out there just want one decent flight game on a console.

However, considering HAWX 2 has already dropped in price to $20 new, there is a strong chance that the used market for this game is over saturated and nobody is interested in buying it. Though the original had a lot of great quality that the team should have built on, they didn’t. Instead, they released this pile of junk that is quickly flying into the ground’s bargain bin like a kamikaze pilot. Anyone who purchased this at $60 on release was left standing there feeling stupid with their CAWX in their hand…(I warned you).

Readers Comments (9)

  1. I solemnly swear that I have never ever traded in a game.
    You guys who do trade-ins are lame impatient gamers.

  2. I’ve rented God of War III, Bayonetta, and Prince of Persia. I bought Fable III, and I don’t see myself returning it any time soon.

  3. COD BLACK OPS is the only game I’m returning

  4. No way I’d ever trade in Enslaved, GoW3 or PoP:FS..

    Mafia II – doubt I’d play it again, but don’t see me trading it either. Bioshock 2 I actually enjoyed – more than Bioshock 1, so I’d keep it.

    Definitely agree with HAWX 2 though, that game is probably the biggest disappointment of the year for me.

    Where’s Dead Rising 2? Fallout: New Vegas? Split/Second? Those are probably some of the most boring or technically broken games I played this year lol

  5. @TRF LIES!!! anyways i too have been guilty of this act, at the start of 08, sometimes you just need that extra money to get the other game you want

  6. The only entry on this list I don’t agree with is Mafia 2, I honestly thought Mafia 2 was more than twice as good as RDR. Not that I returned RDR either, mind you. Also, i hung on to my copy of God Of War 3 because the story is absolutely epic and I know i’ll want to play through it again sometime.

    Games like Alan Wake and Fable 3 were absolute crap, though. Those games were pretty much day 2 returns.

  7. I doubt I would trade in GoW3 and I know I would not trade in Fable 3.

  8. well i will newer trade in gow3 and enslaved, ensladed is just a kick ass game that i will be honured to hawe on my shelf 4 ewer
    and gow3, well while on normal i finished the camaing in 11 houres, the chalange and combat arenas, the making of videos + the fact of you wanting to replay the game just to relive those scenes is probably the reason why i play it all the time
    just cuz it has a short campaing dosent mean it dosent hawe replay valeu
    i beat uncharted2`s campain 5 times and i still wana beat it on crushing

  9. @ reigen i agree and both uncharted 2 and gow 3 is great im going to beat uncharted 2 on crushing soon and ive already beat gow3 3 times and ive already platinumed it and maybe one day i will beat it on chaos just because a game doesnt have multiplayer or it isnt really long like 30 hours or more is just fine with me i can just keep on playing them

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