Ten Games You’re Likely to Trade In

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I purchased Blur on day one and fortunately for me, so did 1,000 other people. That meant that while I was one of the early and only adopters, I was greeted with the ability to find an online match for the first week or so. As time passed though, the multiplayer component passed away as well. I’m not 100% sure whether this was because everyone was enjoying the depth of single-player or because everyone traded the game in for something better (almost anything), but Blur was quick to become a ghost town.

Sadly, that’s one of the biggest reasons I feel bad for people going out and purchasing the game now. You’re buying it to have an awesome online experience, but it’s like trying to find someone to race in the middle of nowhere. The reason it’s the middle of nowhere is because nobody freakin’ lives there. Thankfully, you can feel redeemed later this year when you purchase Gran Turismo 5 and realize that racing games do have lasting appeal. Not to mention on the plus side, if you still own Blur, you can trade it in towards it!

Mafia II

It’s almost too easy to point out why Mafia II failed on such a large scale and why most people traded this game in immediately after they purchased it — Red Dead Redemption. Had RDR not released prior to Mafia II, I think history would be different. But the fact that RDR did release first and also had a ton of amazing DLC in the pipeline resulted in Mafia II looking lackluster and quite disappointing. Throw in the added effect of the lack of effect on PlayStation 3 and it gave gamers good reason to bin this sucker to their local trade store.

Fortunately for all gamers Mafia II released so close to the Fall classic of gaming that they had more than enough reasons to trade this one in for a future purchase. I’m not sure whether getting it for $30 (after trade-in) was worth the slight play through (how many finished it?), but it’s a lot better than paying the $60 and letting it collect dust. Hopefully publishers learn from their mistakes and Mafia III doesn’t go down this same trouble path — but for all we know, they’ll release it post-L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto V and then wonder, “What happened?!”

Stars Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

The only thing unleashed with this game was the ability for gamers to return this back to where they got it as soon as possible. Considering how anticipated this was due to the most epic commercials, gamers were left with more than just a sour taste in their mouths. The unbelievable disappoint that TFU2 delivered is almost too shocking for words. I honestly thought this title was going to be one of those gems you really didn’t see coming despite the anticipation it received.


However, I guess it didn’t help too much that TFU2 released around the same time as so many other marquee titles and franchises. I guess when you’re busy playing other stellar games and you rotate TFU2 into the mix, it’s automatically going to look poor in comparison. At least when push comes to shove though, you were able to trade this one in for Call of Duty, Gran Turismo 5 or Assassin’s Creed Brotherhoods whether you originally planned to or not.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. I solemnly swear that I have never ever traded in a game.
    You guys who do trade-ins are lame impatient gamers.

  2. I’ve rented God of War III, Bayonetta, and Prince of Persia. I bought Fable III, and I don’t see myself returning it any time soon.

  3. COD BLACK OPS is the only game I’m returning

  4. No way I’d ever trade in Enslaved, GoW3 or PoP:FS..

    Mafia II – doubt I’d play it again, but don’t see me trading it either. Bioshock 2 I actually enjoyed – more than Bioshock 1, so I’d keep it.

    Definitely agree with HAWX 2 though, that game is probably the biggest disappointment of the year for me.

    Where’s Dead Rising 2? Fallout: New Vegas? Split/Second? Those are probably some of the most boring or technically broken games I played this year lol

  5. @TRF LIES!!! anyways i too have been guilty of this act, at the start of 08, sometimes you just need that extra money to get the other game you want

  6. The only entry on this list I don’t agree with is Mafia 2, I honestly thought Mafia 2 was more than twice as good as RDR. Not that I returned RDR either, mind you. Also, i hung on to my copy of God Of War 3 because the story is absolutely epic and I know i’ll want to play through it again sometime.

    Games like Alan Wake and Fable 3 were absolute crap, though. Those games were pretty much day 2 returns.

  7. I doubt I would trade in GoW3 and I know I would not trade in Fable 3.

  8. well i will newer trade in gow3 and enslaved, ensladed is just a kick ass game that i will be honured to hawe on my shelf 4 ewer
    and gow3, well while on normal i finished the camaing in 11 houres, the chalange and combat arenas, the making of videos + the fact of you wanting to replay the game just to relive those scenes is probably the reason why i play it all the time
    just cuz it has a short campaing dosent mean it dosent hawe replay valeu
    i beat uncharted2`s campain 5 times and i still wana beat it on crushing

  9. @ reigen i agree and both uncharted 2 and gow 3 is great im going to beat uncharted 2 on crushing soon and ive already beat gow3 3 times and ive already platinumed it and maybe one day i will beat it on chaos just because a game doesnt have multiplayer or it isnt really long like 30 hours or more is just fine with me i can just keep on playing them

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