The Blackbuster Special: Fanboy Devs (Valve) Need to STFU

After taking a quick hiatus in order to have his Flip Mino repaired, our very own Professor Blackbuster is back with a vengeance.

In his latest episode, BBC discusses exactly why he feels that there is no place in the industry for fanboy developers and uses Valve as an example. Not only does he show why Valve has been incredibly ignorant with its comments as a whole towards the PlayStation brand, but also gives key reasons as to how Valve is missing out in making several significant experiences for gamers on the Sony console.

In the end though, sometimes those fanboy developers need to just STFU and developer their games.

Video is below.

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  1. @kyle You are an asskisser to a person that fails at the internets.


    Silly child, you fail at the internet… you fail at life…

    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget

  2. Good vid please do a review on Uncharted 2

  3. @ anonymous
    STFU & play your games!

  4. WAAAA! BBC youtube got hacked 🙁 all videos are gone!!!! lets go kill that hacker!!!!!

  5. dang bbc someone hacked your account(youtube)

  6. *facepalm* … what a total fanboy … i think the guy needs to “do-over” the freakin video…

  7. I’ve always wanted to find a kid having a freak out on ps3 live.

  8. Wow, that eloquent speech really made you seem like you totally knew what you were talking about! (Tip: after you make general blanket statements, back it up specific examples that explain what exactly you mean.) This video was such a fail. Your best counter argument was flashing PS3 games in front of the screen and calling Gabe fat (really original BTW). What a child.

    The difference here is that Valve is full of creative geniuses who are ACTUALLY DEVELOPERS and know what they are talking about and YOU are just a massive, ignorant tool with a webcam. It is why they have multiple “Game of the Year” awards on multiple IPs and the leading the industry in digital distribution. They aren’t the only developers that have stated their displeasure for the PS3 development environment. But because they are independently owned and don’t have a massive publisher breathing down their neck, they have the balls to say it first and more straightforward than the rest. They are people that make games, and platforms are tools for their experience. They like what works. I propose it is you, dear sir, that is the fanboi. The only thing you said here that made sense was your championing of the PC and pointing out the obvious differences between that platform and the 360.

    How about you take some of your own advice and STFU.

  9. I agree on that Valve should shut up and do their games. I am starting to see something here and I am wondering do these so called game developers actually work for Valve. After all Steam just dominated the PC game market that it actually has created a strong bond with PC gamers; whereas, Games for Windows is a joke. I don’t know that is my opinion and don’t listen to the haters. All I am going to say is this I just could not believe how bad the xbox live community truly is thanks for showing me that. Really thank you for showing me that.

  10. @anonymous

    Funny thing you mentioning ass kissing because that what your mother did in bed with me in last night.

    Also, STFU & play your games!! How many times do I have to say this shit!?

  11. LMAO_at_Critic_mY_ass January 15, 2010 @ 03:46

    you are a retard Critic_My_Ass…he was implying that Valve is retarded for being fanboyish and is against PS3 for VALVE’s failure at making a successful title for the ps3…as far as i know..orangebox was not that bad. valve just needed to blame it on someone other than themselves just as BBC implied.. and no shit VALVE are developers u retard…no one said they are fail developers…its just….PS3 isnt fit for them…like BBC said…others can make games for ps3…why cant valve? that explains alot doesnt it? and u are a fucking turd for thinking that BBC flashed his game to back up his arguement…u retard…obviously u dont own any of those games. Maybe ur just a valve customer that heard too many facts in too little time….so it made u angry. either that or ur noob ass self was just told to turn off ur 360 LMAO…BBC rules

    (feel free to talk ur shit to me…cuz you’ll always be fail so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!)

  12. @Anonymous
    Shut the fuck up and play your games. BTW, Valve is a pathetic excuse for a game company that’s been copy/pasting their programming since Half-Life 1.

  13. What are we going to do?? A developer has a console preference…oh my God. Mass panic, outrage…

    Read a book, go outside, take a walk…enjoy life.

  14. Are you an idiot? Telling valve to stfu and port their games to the ps3? I’ve got a ps3 you know what i use it for? blu rays, thats it, PSN is a pos, worthless garbage. Most the games you showed are also not up to par with 360 games. There’s also no competitive community on the ps3, competitive console games are 3, halo, gow and mw2 right now, you only got mw2 and its a 360 port, so is the pc version of it. So whine and cry. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the ps3 has better hardware or not, it’s the community that drives the game for years or lets them die. Wii is casual, we all got a wii and its for fun so it doesn’t count on this, it’s not even meant to be able to run most games. You’re the only fanboy here, I am able to buy a console because of 2-3 games, I play some good offline games on the ps3 i can’t get for other console, like little big planet and some final fantasy. But I never expected to get the same experience of LIVE on it, theres no comparison. And of course you’ll find lots of kids on LIVE, and tons of videos, because there’s people on it. That’s why you won’t see videos about the PSN, cause no one cares. The PC and the xbox are and will be what’s needed for gaming. So unless you already do gaming elsewhere i wouldnt recomment anyone to buy a ps3 as a main and only rig, unless all you want is a cheap ass blu ray player.

  15. hey BBC how you dont upload tht many vids on PSU?

  16. I think BBC forgets that numerous developers have complained that the ps3 is absolutely shit to code for. Thanks to the famous cell processor.

  17. There is nothing really wrong with the source engine though. The graphics are average, but it gets good frame rates on lower end pc’s.

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