The Blackbuster Special: Fanboy Devs (Valve) Need to STFU

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After taking a quick hiatus in order to have his Flip Mino repaired, our very own Professor Blackbuster is back with a vengeance.

In his latest episode, BBC discusses exactly why he feels that there is no place in the industry for fanboy developers and uses Valve as an example. Not only does he show why Valve has been incredibly ignorant with its comments as a whole towards the PlayStation brand, but also gives key reasons as to how Valve is missing out in making several significant experiences for gamers on the Sony console.

In the end though, sometimes those fanboy developers need to just STFU and developer their games.

Video is below.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. I agree that Valve’s attitude is bad, but they are some of the best developers ever.

  2. NIce VIdeo BBC!

  3. Valve = Kanye West of the gaming industry.

  4. Awww, someone’s a bit sensitive.

  5. Yea, while they are primarily PC devs that are very good at keeping the PC community alive ( and I rly thank em for that)- I agree they just need to just stfu. I actually thought Crytek was just going to stay on the PC since its 3D engine is very advanced and looked impossible to even bring to console..well, they made a new engine that’ll be for all platforms and from what Ive seen on the ps3 version looks great so far.

  6. Do you honestly think Valve is going to listen to you? You have an overt sense of self importance that completely overshadows any valid criticism that you made. Stop crying and get your point across in a more mature way and people (Valve reps included) may take you more seriously.

  7. Sounds like a raging fanboy made this video.

  8. Valve are fanboys and an over rated Developer Company L4D is the same thing over over. Valve is going to get left in the dust and bought out buy a bigger company like EA OOOOH Wait that just happend =O

  9. Oh shut the f*ck up man. Nobody cares about you b*tching about Valve. Valve will always be a great developer and speak their minds. If they don’t want to make games for the PS3 than they don’t have to. Its sad when PS3 fanboys try to b*tch at Valve simply because they don’t developer for the PS3. A great developer doesn’t need to ship their games on all formats if they don’t want too. Why doesn’t Insomniac Games developer for the 360 huh, oh wait its because they choose not to. Same thing with Valve idiot….

  10. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I think you would get a bigger audience if you also did a written portion, outlining the quotes and your responses.
    Either way, good points being made.
    @Nick valve was one of the best developers. However their recent work isn’t legendary like their older stuff. Hopefully the beat will change when half life 3 finally rears its ugly head. How long have the engineers been working on that damn engine?

    aside from the point. Good shit blackbuster. Keep up the work, and think about doing some written shit.

  11. Haha. Great vid. Valve is very unprofessional

  12. The Gabe insults made me chuckle. Sony are even trying to help Valve make good games for the PS3. I think stubborn is a better term than fanboy.

  13. Micheal: I don’t think that was his point. He likes Valves and loves their games…and it’s fine that they choose not to develop on PS3. His point is that they need to stop bitching about the PS3 in the press (especially when they don’t develop on it) and just make games on whichever platforms they want to. You don’t find Insomniac bitching about the 360.

  14. Sorry, but I think this guy needs to STFU. Showing them games most of them were PS3 exclusives. And also how many game developer teams have gone bankrupt when they need to make multi platform games? Valve have made some of the best games out there and everyones complaining because its not on ps3…… Consoles are toys 😉

  15. People complaining about other people complaining… LOL.

  16. Check this guy out “Left 4 Dead, The 360 version is better than the PC in graphics” What are you playing it on? a Pentium 4? Valve were originally a PC exclusive developer, till consumers were getting lazy and started to buy shitty consoles

  17. what an annoying vid. who cares what valve says? i never would have known if it weren’t for ps3 fanboys.

  18. This site erases all comments that disagree lol what a joke and exspose this guy for fake wannabe “expert” person he longs to be.

  19. No, I erase all comments that are derogatory, racist, and filled with attacks. The comment section is to leave your opinion on the topic that the video is based around. It’s not to insult or racially provoke someone just because you disagree with them. Either grow up and post a proper adult comment or don’t comment at all.

    If I erased all comments that disagreed, a good chunk of the comments visible right now wouldn’t be there.

  20. More tears from butt-hurt Sony kids, its time to get over this Valve grudge, seriously.

    And LOL at this fankid calling someone else a fanboy, pot calling the kettle black, literally.

  21. And I never get tired of the BS excuses of why XBL is so bad, every complaint i’ve heard about it is also on PSN kids, dunno what fantasy world you’re living in…

  22. I agree with most of this video, I dont think it was fair to bash anyone or there physique. Even thought Valve does bash the PS3. Valve are like one of my faveourite developers and I mean like really up there. Though yeah I totally agree everything the say on PS3 is crap. Its fine if you want exclusive deal, but brining it to PS3 would make tonnes of PS3 gamers happy. I own all systems, I like you played all there big hit games, I really need to upgrade my PC but I played HL1 and 2 and CSS on PC. I plan to purchase the rest of their games when I get a new pc.

    I thought it was important to mention that on PS3 you do get mods, e.g UT3. Okay it wasn’t the easiest thing for a lot of people. However im sure the PS3 has come leaps and bounds that there would be some way to incoperate playing mod maps a hell of a lot easier. The UT3 didnt really require to much effort you just had to stick the maps on a usb and then upload them.

    Party chat is not needed for their games. Even still its rumoured to be coming to PS3. Game Invites aren’t as straight forward as the 360s but games to incorporate the invite thing manually.

    Valve can easily get the same quality, If they where to develop something exclusivly im sure they could get even better. Though Valve won’t listen to their fans who support consoles or PCs other than their own. Isn’t valve about the gamers? PS3 gamers are gamers.

  23. Look sorry but I made some bad mistakes.

    * I totally agree, that everything they say on PS3 is crap.

  24. LOL, eatsalot

  25. Great vid.

  26. I can see where your coming from, but I feel that they are simply trying to defend their decision for not developing for the Playstation 3. Essentially, they’re just not dedicated enough to attempt to port a game to PS3 after the ‘failure’ of port known as ‘The Orange Box’. Mind you, I agree with a great deal of what you say, and Gabe has said some completely unrealistic statements – I loved the analogy between ‘the student in the class’. 😀

  27. Another dev said to valve to grow up. The people at Valve are bias. period. Who cares anyways, i dont prefer their games. And to everyone who thinks BBC is a fanboy, stfu. You obviously dont know much about his vids. Also, why would a xbox fan be here to comment, maybe because they’re butt hurt about the vid. You xbots will never comprehend anything right, you just be in denial.
    @Mark, your being a fanboyish kid. All you said can be said about the other way. Your being ignorant.

  28. Has he been using a Flip Mino even for his older videos? I might consider picking one up, the quality seems nice.

  29. The school kid analogy is right on! Valve needs to STFU

  30. why? are 360 fanboys here is it that they are butthurt and in denial? or they are the poison of the gaming indrustry and defend every developer that works for microsoft
    like turn 10 or valve and takes it up the a*% like a b**** like mark and michel grow the f%*** up and stop being the 12 year old children you are. yes they can work on any platform of there choice and i don’t care if there games are not on ps3 i’m fine with that. but what they have said in past and this year is ignorant and fanboyish and stupid and nobody can ignore it. what they said this year about 360 community head and shoulders above ps3 was a fanboyish counter to what randy pitchford said about them and there feelings were hurt and took it out on ps3 users i use to like valve but because of them showing me there fanboyism colors i have lost all respect for them until they get there f%***** act togther and stfu about ps3 is crap or ps3 is garbage it’s all facts i don’t care if you are a big valve fan or a 360 fanboy no one can say or have the balls to say valve is’nt a bunch of fanboys so either stfu and stop living in denial like the xbox fanboys you are and grow the f%** up.

  31. I just lost a bit of respect for you BBC, you don’t have to name call anyone like that, if you want Valve to listen to you (assuming that is what you want..), don’t start off by insulting them. Referring to the ‘Gabe Eatswell’ comment.

    Otherwise, good video!

  32. Why? Because im not listening to this kids wall of tears?

    No sorry, try again.

  33. “Gabe eats-well”

    Wow. Sorry man, but is that really necessary? You call out this guy for insulting the PS3 and then you turnaround and insult him back. I don’t get that.

    Otherwise, we’re in agreement.

  34. wow there’s more people on the front page than in the forum

  35. potcallingkettleblack November 24, 2009 @ 18:30

    1. Gabe newells comments on the ps3 were during the launch of the console. And believe it or not , it was possibly the worst console launch in history of sony entertainment. To say “olol hes fat omg thats totally relevent” and ignore the pure fact that sony was trying to sell people a 600 dollar console with no real games until late 2007. You sir are a complete retard and have no idea what it takes for companies to develop games. And to this day the only 3rd party game that wasnt even a sucess that was any good on the system was valkaria chronicles. that game sold less then 100,000 units

    2. you point to your pile of shitty games , 85 percent of which were DIRECTLY funded by sony entertainment , to try to prove a point that the ps3 is easy for third parties to develop for? thats proving valves point , without direct funding and support from sony themselves making a game for the ps3 is frustrating as fucking hell with little to no benifits due to the fact that its dead last and nobody buys games for it.

    3.The xbox live community is better than the ps3 community . Wow , took it out of context completely like the silly shit you are. They are not talking about the actual gamers themselves you dumbass , they are speaking about the community features such cross game private chat , and the universal party system. things that are extremely important for a developer to use instead of wasting time making some makeshift party system for the playstation 3rd version of the game.

  36. They should be more proffessional in handling their mouths… what a shame u_u’

  37. 36@ is a complete moron and should be pop in the mouth

  38. Why is it that when some company rags on the 360 or it’s games it ok. BUT, if another company likes to work with 360 and PC only, because they like the the platform and the ease that they can make good games for it ,it’s suddenly a capitol crime. I play the 360 the most, but I also like the PS3.

    Why is that?? Because I can see the greatness in both platforms.

    Why can’t companies decide for themselves who they make games for without fanboys and fansites crying and bitching about it.

  39. the 360 fanboys on here got me chuckling more than the video did lmao well welcome to playstation university glad you visited take your time to look around lmao

  40. Valve are idiots but at the same time great developers.
    Luckily I own a 360 so I can still play their games.
    I would own Valve games on PC but I only have Mac in my house.

  41. fanboy valve upsetting ps3 fanboys? :\

  42. That’s why I wasn’t SO disappointed that my mic busted.

  43. There’s no excuse for Valves comments but saying Xbox Live is only full of idiots makes no sense. There are idiots everywhere, and a place with a higher percent of people will have more.

  44. Especially that fat bitch Gabe Newell…I hate him…

  45. This comment section is infested with 360 fanbois…

  46. lmao I wouldn’t mind paying to hear that on XBL, it was funny as hell. Anyways I sense Valve fanboys in these comments, mixed with Xbox. Some comments are close to being racists, which makes you a horrible person.

  47. Also these trolls fail at trolling us.

  48. Lol,*TROLL SPRAY*

    Bunch of trolls all over this,lmao

    Watch the video and then comment dumbasses.

    LOL,funny vid.

  49. Once on xbl I was playing Halo 3 and some dude (sounded like 30-40 years old) asked me where I lived and if I was into men……..

    I sold my 360 and got a ps3 because to me its seems like ps3 stuff is more about playing the game not being racist or perverts, sure there is going to be a few of them everywhere, but there are too many to count on xbl, where on ps3 I’ve never heard one hateful message.

    **** you Valve stop being fanboys

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