The Five Most Underrated Final Fantasy Characters Ever

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1. Balthier – Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII was okay. It had an interesting look to it, and it takes place in Ivalice (the land made famous by Final Fantasy Tactics). It did have some interesting characters and parts, but at the end of the day all I could think was “meh.” Vaan didn’t come off as a main character, the story was more convoluted than usual, and I had no idea what the bad guys were trying to accomplish! So it’s a game even some diehard fans skip, which is too bad for Balthier.

Image by *nefgoddess

I say this as a man who’s played most of the FF games (although I haven’t touched FFXI or FFXIV), and I have to say Balthier is the coolest FF character ever created. He’s Han Solo, only instead of a Wookiee he has a hot chick with rabbit ears. Not only that, he was pretty much the driving force for the story. It was his airship you use, he made deals that enabled you to go to other lands, and his relationship with his antagonistic father was the most interesting rivalry in FFXII.

As soon as I got Balthier, I switched Vaan out for him. I’ll say this much: Square Enix chose the wrong main character for FFXII, and it should have been Balthier. It would have even been a more interesting game, starting with a debonair air pirate that, while on a job, stumbles upon these characters and is forced to be involved in this war going on. I really think FFXII would have been a better game if it were from Balthier’s perspective.

I really feel bad for Balthier, as he never makes any lists anywhere because many stay away from FFXII. It sucks, because he really is a great character. It’s unfortunate when a great character is forever forgotten because of the game they’re in. He’s one of my favorites of all time, but most people have never heard of him. It’s too bad.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Great list. Glad someone from Tactics made the list. Love that game.

  2. I think it was either Bash or Balthier that was going to be the main character but then the director had a nervous breakdown because of the pressure and then Square assigned a new director halfway through development and changed the main character to Vaan just because he was young. By changing the main characters many other aspects of the game had t be reworked too and then we ended up with this lame ass mess that plays like an MMO with a story centered on politics that is more boring and convoluted than the first Star Wars film.

  3. Pretty cool list. Besides Lulu and Lightning, I agree with a lot of it. Especially Delita! The man was heaven sent and many people will never know how great of a character he was. I’ll admit, I actually liked Vaan (yeah I know, burn the heretic) but there was a lot more than what was on the surface. I wont go into detail, but I’ll just say he has rightfully made his place in my top 50 FF characters. Now that said, Balthier is a man of legend. Not only does he have great development, backstory and personality, but he’s also the driving force from his appearance til the very end. I hated Tidus and his daddy issue’s and swore that I would hate any other characters that would dare suffer the same issue. However that all changed when Balthier came around. His relationship with Cid was just plain excellent! The man could do no wrong imo.

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