The Last of Us will feature online component

Naughty Dog has announced that their upcoming The Last of Us will feature some sort of online component. Not much information is out there about what it will bring to the game. The Director of the game doesn’t seem to know too much about it at this time, or they just want it to be a big surprise.

Director Bruce Straley told Game Informer in the latest issue of their magazine, “We’re going to have some sort of online component. We’re working on a bunch of ideas, but we haven’t nailed anything down. We definitely know it’s going to be awesome.”

So there you have it. Maybe it will be multiplayer, though it is hard to envision multiplayer in a game with two lone survivors in a fairly vacant (aside from the crazy monsters) city. However, we don’t know a great deal about the game itself, so perhaps other characters will make an appearance.

[Source: PushSquare]

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  1. All I want is co-op and I’ll be one happy duck.

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