Get over it Ninja Theory

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I’m starting to feel as though I should have never purchased Heavenly Sword despite how much fun I had with the title. Ninja Theory is once again letting the media know how indirectly unfair the launch of the PlayStation 3 and in turn, Heavenly Sword, was for them as an exclusive developer. To be honest, all of this crying and excuse making is getting a little old.

It seems every other week, Tameem Antoniades of Ninja Theory, is complaining about their first title into this generation of gaming. The problem with his constant complaining is that it’s often to appease the 360 fanboy crowd to show them that their past relationship with Sony was rocky, so show them what 360 gamers can do by purchasing their product.

This time around, he’s complaining to Xbox World 360 about his hard life as a studio owner:

“I personally feel much more comfortable now we’re lower profile. It’s better to be the underdog so you can surpass expectations. I think all the hype surrounding PlayStation 3 wasn’t particularly enjoyable for us, and the other reason I like to underplay things is that – despite what anybody says – on a creative project, you just never know if it’s gonna work until it all comes together right at the very end.”

Get over it already. Deliver Enslaved to the masses, hope it works out, and just move on.

Readers Comments (27)

  1. I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. Makes sense to me.

  2. It’s only the 4-5 thing he’s felt the need to say about working exclusively with Sony. It’s time to move on from it already. They have a new game coming out and he’s not even promoting it, he’s more concerned with letting people know why Heavenly Sword didn’t meet expectations in terms of units sold.

    It’s time to get over it man. It’s old hat now.

  3. I loved Heavenly Sword but The Dean is right, he should fucking move on! I think he have mentioned more HS than Enslaved in the last couple of months…Im pretty sure enslaved will have shitty sales…well, they sold 2 million copies of HS and said they didnt profit, fucking bullshit, if they are expecting to have Halo like sales LOL

  4. Well is that all he talked about in the intreview?

  5. I still don’t understand how they “couldn’t turn a profit” in the first place. Heavenly Sword sold 1.5m according to VGChartz (which is only a small margin less than inFAMOUS and .13m ahead of Heavy Rain) so why is it that Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream were able to turn a profit (even with QD spending 5 years creating the title) yet Ninja Theory wasn’t? Sounds a tad fishy to me.

  6. lol its not like its a good idea to make your company sound unsuccessful if you actually did make a profit so it is stupid to pretend there is some conspiracy.

  7. What about people who feel bad for them and say “Well, I’ll buy their next game then.” Lol

  8. lol all two of them?

  9. I’m not saying it’s some sort of conspiracy but it certainly doesn’t sound right. It’s not like they had a giant number of staff members or they spent an enormous amount of money developing the game. Also, not only would people say, “Well, I’ll buy their next game then,” but it would get many 360 owners to like them simply because they’re somewhat bashing the PS3. Ninja Theory already knows PS3 owners will buy their next game because they bought Heavenly Sword. So who do they have to prove themselves to? 360 owners and 360 fanboys.

    The way they’re acting in many PR situations makes it quite obvious to me that they’re either trying to pander to 360 owners or they’re simply trying to gain sympathy.

  10. Heavenly Sword sucked, Enslaved probably will as well. I’m beginning to think the only people that liked them in the first place were just mistaking them for Team Ninja.

  11. HS was gay. Bad God of War she version. Combat was lame, game was short, who cares.
    Enslaved does look cool. They copied a lot from Uncharted 2 it seems so i am interested but ill wait for reviews.

  12. Jinkinator

    The only people that liked HS were PS3 fanboys that think every PS3 exclusive was amazing, good, or “actually it wasn’t so bad” case with Lair, Genji, etc. Just get into debate over at N4G and youll see.
    I am PS3 fan, but not fanboy. I dont own any other console and dont plan to, but i am not going to suck PS3s balls over every subject. BTW i am playing Resistance 2, single player in that game is pure garbage, worst Insomniac game. ACIT was one of best games last year, R2 is turd at least when it comes to single player.

  13. Really? I enjoyed HS.

  14. I thought HS was fantastic, but I disliked Genji, Lair, etc…

  15. The Dean and jaz350z are right on the money in their own way.

  16. Go figure, a dev makes an honest statement and some gamers get pissed off at him for doing so. The man is spoeaking his mind on the industry, something that happens less and less these thanks to the corporate nature of gaming, and you rip him for it? These are grown men, they dont need to be told to “move on already” when they are speaking honestly about something they love to do, nor do they need to be told not to speak their mind when doing so is so discouraged these days. It is refreshing to see a dev not towing the company line as though his life depended on it, and something like that should be praised, not whined about.

    It is sad that every time a dev goes independant or multiplatform and starts talking about how the truth of what it was like working under contract for that specific company, there is someone who tells them to stop “crying”. God forbid a dev speaks honestly these days, gamers seem to love to live under the delusion that the massive faceless corporations that run this industry deserve to be defended.

  17. He sounds like a rape victim

  18. @Red
    They are giving out that he won’t shut up complaining not that he was expressing an opinion

  19. @Red

    Once again…if this were the first or even second time that this guy was complaining to a media outlet about the process, it would be cool. However, this is the 4th or 5th time. There comes a moment in time when it’s time to quit crying and just move on.

  20. Well was he asked about it or something?

  21. @one-Shot

    I believe he was asked about the expectations for Enslaved (which he answers in the first sentence..)…then he rambled on to moan about the rest.

  22. Who cares…………..enslaved is gonna be so shite!! Worst game of the year, mark my words!

  23. i still dont get their last complains
    ninja teory said that (SOMEHOW) they lost money on hewenly sword (despithe HS selling over 1.5 milion copies and reciving a platinum re-release)
    and they said that the 360 has ower 50% of the entire market (witch is bullshit since the ps2 sold about 150 milion units, and i bet not ewen that was enough to win the ps2 the 50% share of a market that includes wii, ds, psp ps3, 360, ps2 and pc)
    ninja teory made a great game, and they were sucsesfull, despite theire game being a lanch title and an exclusive
    what are they complaining about

  24. Its not like Sony forced you to make a game for the Ps3. And its kinda your fault to assume the Ps3 would be on top when it launched a year later then the 360. Ninja Theory you had a great game. It was awesome to play but it was 6 hours and thats prob why you got 7.5-8 i personaly think its an 8 because it was short i had fun and then it ended which made me sad. Stop crying! You had the power to make it better!

  25. Well, the only thing this guy has accomplished with these stupid comments, is that I am guaranteed not to buy their next game either.

  26. Foodforthought July 31, 2010 @ 14:02

    I totally agree. It’s like he tries to complain about the financial side of Heavenly Sword at every opportunity, often in cases where it barely even seems relevant.

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