Top 10 DLC Characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is the most anticipated Sony exclusive this holiday season. They finally took the hint from the Super Smash Bros. series and decided “Hey, we have a lot of cool characters too. Let’s make a game with them!” Based on the beta, it seems like the game will turn out quite fun to play, but what about after launch? They’ve already confirmed that characters and stages will be available as DLC, so it’s time to speculate…

Based off of the game’s roster available at launch, clearly they are not limiting themselves to only games available on PlayStation platforms (it has a Big Daddy and the new Dante that will be in a multi-platform DmC game) so let’s get that out of the way first. These are my personal choices for characters I think would fit perfectly into the All-Stars universe.

10) Brave Fencer Musashi
From my favorite action-adventure game on the PS1, (which holds the same name) Musashi is an expert swordsman. His ability to absorb/combine the powers of his enemies into himself, as well as his wide-array of elemental based attacks, gives him plenty of possible gameplay variety.

9) Aveline de Grandpré from Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
The game just came out and Assassin’s Creed fever is high; I would not be surprised if they have this character in the works for DLC shortly after launch. She has a lot of different weapons, different disguises and could easily match up well against other humanoid-type characters like Nathan Drake.

8) Tomba
He was a popular character for Sony back in the late 90s and who wouldn’t love to pounce on people with this crazy little guy? His pink hair would add some nice flavor to the screen and he fits the 2D battle system perfectly.

7) Tekken Characters
Up until recent releases, these games were synonymous with the Sony platform. I remember being a young kid and when he asked me to “Play him on PS1” he was talking about Tekken. As seen in the crossover games with Street Fighter, they know how to incorporate characters into other universes. [I do realize now that Heihachi is already in the game, but their roster is huge.]

6) Rayman
With the critical praise achieved from Rayman Origins (which is one of the best 2D platformers I have ever played) you can bet Ubisoft wants to ride that success wave. What better way than to bring him into this game? Remember: the original Rayman debuted on the PS1.

5) GTA Characters
Which character exactly should go into the game, I don’t know. Fans, however, would be ecstatic if they got to play as Tommy Vercetti from Vice City or C.J. from San Andreas. Consider me one of those people that would be ecstatic.

4) Sora
The first two Kingdom Hearts games are not only incredible for their stories and Disney/Square crossovers, but the gameplay was incredible. Sora is the main protagonist and his iconic keyblade would be an excellent weapon to use on the battlefield in All-Stars.

3) Spyro
Outside of someone else on this list, Spyro might be the most memorable PS1 mascot of all-time. He had a fantastic trilogy of 3D platforming games and the graphics were great at the time. With his recent rebirth in the Skylanders games, why not?

2) Final Fantasy Characters
Obviously you knew this would be on the list. Final Fantasy 7-10 are some of the greatest games ever made, let alone RPGs or Final Fantasy games ever made. Could you imagine getting to play as Cloud, or Sephiroth, or Tidus, or any of the others in All-Stars? With games like Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia, a crossover is by no means unheard of for the franchise.

1) Crash Bandicoot
If Crash Bandicoot isn’t available for DLC in All-Stars, I might cry. This was Sony’s answer to Sonic and Mario and it was fundamental to their success. Naughty Dog is still carrying their systems on their back to this day and Crash deserves the recognition of being in this game alongside Nathan Drake and Jak & Daxter. He isn’t exclusive anymore, but we all know his roots.

Let us know what you think of my picks and what your top choices are for DLC in the comments below! Will you be picking the game up at launch?

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David Jagneaux

I am The Dean (Editor-in-Chief) of PlayStation University. As a lifelong lover of both playing games and communicating, I knew that gaming journalism was the perfect fit. Over the years I have honed these skills in order to distinguish myself as an ambitious and creative writer passionate about gaming and the games industry.

Readers Comments (6)

  1. Great picks, my problem is that if do decide to add some Final Fantasy characters I want nearly all of them lol. That said, if they added Spyro he is all I would play.

  2. No Solid Snake? Odd. Good list otherwise though.

    • He was in Brawl, he is probably under some type of agreement with Nintendo. Although, he would be awesome. I think the writer was just trying to pick his personal favs that were also likely.

      • I dont think Snake is under contract to be exclusive to SSBB as the only reason he was in the game was because the creator begged him to be, since he dident make it in the previous game due to late development. “Sakurai said that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima “practically begged” for Snake to be included in Super Smash Bros. Melee”

  3. if sora were added i would buy the game just to play him and only him. and people would fear my sora and i would be known across the land

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