Top 5 New Batman Villains I want in Batman: Arkham 3

Batman: Arkham City‘s first story driven DLC Harley’s Revenge has hit the PSN. Many major questions were answered. Is Harley really pregnant? Who in fact is dead from the Arkham City incident? What are the repercussions from it?

But let’s focus back on Arkham City for a second. Fantastic game, and needless to say there will be a sequel. However, how do you follow something like that? Well, as the intrepid egg hunters would know, Arkham City is actually loaded with easter eggs of potential characters for the next sequel. Killer Croc, Azrael, Hush, and Scarecrow were all mentioned. Those are some big names, and one can’t help but wonder as to the direction this one will take.

But those are the ones we’re expecting to see. What about the ones that haven’t been mentioned? Scarecrow was barely mentioned for Arkham Asylum, and he arguably stole the show. So who’s to say we won’t get another surprise show stealer? All we need is some good characters from the Batman universe, which is precisely what we have. Let’s take a look at the deep pool of Batman’s rogues gallery and see who we might want to fish out for the future.

5. Scarface and the Ventriloquist

This one is a tricky one, as the argument could be made that Scarface has been in the games already. True the puppet has been in a both games as an easter egg, but that was it. As a result, I’m not counting them. Backstory, the Ventriloquist is a seemingly docile guy who suffers from MPD. His other persona, Scarface, is pretty much the embodiment of all his rage. He’s projected through a puppet the Ventriloquist keeps on him. Scarface, as well as being very abusive to the guy holding him, is also a surprisingly clever, evil mastermind.

Wondering why Scarface is on this list? Thank the Penguin. Before Arkham City, I really could have cared less about the character, except when played by Burgess Meredith. However, credit to Rocksteady and especially Nolan North, but they made me see this character in a new light. Despite not being able to go toe to toe with Bats, he’s as sadistic as he is a criminal mastermind. The traps and henchmen made his level one of the most memorable, and made it oh-so-satisfying when you smashed his face in.

I think Scarface could fit nicely into the world of the Arkham series. The character has always been very ruthless, so he could fit that “Guy you want to punch in the face” role pretty nicely. Bonus points to the fact that Batman can actually destroy this villain and stay true to his whole “Never Kill” code of honor.

Finally, the interactions between Scarface and Ventriloquist would be as awesome as they are hysterical!

4. Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang is a group led by five members (King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Ace), each with their own unique abilities. King can control minds, Queen can create illusions, Jack wields an energy sword and has a laser eye, Ten uses explosives and energy blasts, and Ace is a huge cyborg with super strength. The group operated mainly as bank robbers.

Personally, I could see them being used as a great intro level. Batman swoops in on a crime in progress by the RFG (including a small army of henchmen with masks that look like cards) on Gotham’s First National Bank. Batman infiltrates the building, and has to take out them out one by one. Either that, or have Bats take them out all at once. Either scenario would be a great way to tackle the whole boss issue from previous games.

Another idea is have them all rob separate banks, and have Batman need to call in on some help. Meaning while Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and Huntress handle the other banks, Batman can focus on one. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Batman and friends in future sequels.

3. Man-Bat

Every Batman needs a monster fight. With Arkham Asylum, it was Killer Croc; and with Arkham City it was Solomon Grundy. For this game they need something new, especially since the next logical step as far as environment is to expand to all of Gotham City. So the obvious choice for a monster would have to be Man-Bat.

For the uninitiated, Man-Bat is a creation of scientist, Dr. Kirk Langstrom. He was going deaf so to counter this, he creates a serum from bat extract that’s supposed to give him sonar. The good news is he did get sonar. Bad news is he got everything else too, and turned into a half-bat/half-man creature. The creature is essentially a wild animal, which has led to some interesting encounters with the Dark Knight.

Rocksteady could have some real fun with Man-Bat. First, make him big, about as big as Grundy was in Arkham City. I see the fight being in the streets of Gotham, you could throw in some scared citizens of Gotham fleeing in terror for added effect. You have a standard “Big Man, Little Batman” fight till eventually he tries to fly away, which is where the fun happens. Batman grapples onto Man-Bats leg and gets dragged through the air over Gotham. As Batman, you have to climb up the rope, on his back to damage him. However, as you do this, the monster is flying though buildings and construction sites trying to ram something into you to get you off. After enough damage, he falls to the ground.

Man-Bat could also be given the Jason Voorhees treatment, where he will randomly attack out of nowhere, and you have to fight him off to survive. There’s a lot you can do, and it could make for a very interesting experience.

2. Firefly

Firefly is an interesting one that can go in one of two ways, as there are really two versions of the character. First version is an expert using lighting effects and optical illusions. This could work, especially since in all the entries there’s a part where Batman is either hallucinating or drugged up. However, this maybe overkill with the Scarecrow already on board.

Which brings us to the second and most likely version, the pyromaniac. I’m not attempting to be funny there. The guy thinks he can see visions in the flames. This is another character I think Rocksteady could have a lot of fun with, especially with their successes with lunatic characters like Joker and Mr. Zsasz.  Lunacy and flames have an interesting tendency to go hand in hand.

As far as using him, I don’t believe there has ever been a level in the series where everything was on fire (No, not counting the steel mill because that was a controlled flame). It would be interesting to see Batman have to enter an area set on fire to stop Firefly from spreading it further. Bonus points if you make it a personal location, like Wayne Manor, the GCPD headquarters, or Wayne Industries. You can add some difficulty by having the high temperature make your Batvision useless.

As for the Boss fight, I’ll make it very simple. Remember The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3? Steal that fight.

 1. Red Hood

Red Hood is my personal favorite Batman villain (or hero?) ever. The concept of the character is genius. Former Robin Jason Todd comes back from the dead, to administer his own brand of bloody justice.

There’s a lot of potential here. Red Hood is a villain that was trained by Batman himself and can go toe to toe with him. Batman has trained him in body, mind, and soul. The big difference is he has no problem killing. The boss fight with this guy could be pretty epic, especially if he’s countering your counters and vice versa.

In the game though, he might better serve as a side mission. Batman is prowling the streets till he hears a gunshot, and investigates to find a dead criminal. Batman follows the trajectory of the bullet and finds Hood, leading to a fun chase scene on the rooftops till you finally catch up and fight.

By the way, that’s something that’s missing from Batman. There are no chases at all, and that’s usually a big part in the comics. When Catwoman was announced, I was expecting at least one chase between the two, but nothing. Well actually we got a chase between Batman and a ninja woman, though that pales in comparison. More chases please!

Red Hood could also be the Big Bad too. You just have him set up this intricate gang with guys like Scarecrow, Hush, and whomever. They then do a hostile takeover of Wayne Corp (Thanks to Hush’s work) and thus take over Gotham. The others do so just to rule over it, while Hood does this because he believes this to be the only way to protect Gotham. Using Wayne’s resources, they begin to wipe out every criminal, mastermind, and villain in Gotham. Remember, Red Hood is not afraid to kill to achieve justice.

However, that’s a bit of a long shot. Especially since this is essentially the plot of the second game. But he’s a cool character, and one that should be in the sequel.

Those are my picks. If you guys have any suggestions, sound off in the comments. Tell us which comic baddies you want to see in the Batman series.