Top 8 Chicks We’d Like to See in a Video Game

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Alright – This is probably going to be a controversial list because when push comes to shove, everyone’s tastes are different. However, I stand by the fact that these women do it for me and I wouldn’t say no to going “Heavenly Sword” with these girls on the console of choice. Some of you may say, “meh,” but if we’re being honest, you’d probably not deny any of these girls the dissatisfaction of meeting us game junkies.

1.Emma Stone
For those of you unfamiliar with Stone, Emma is one of the lead characters in this week’s cinematic release, Zombieland. You can also find Emma as one of the leading roles in The Rocker and she plays Jules in Superbad alongside Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. However, her movie resume isn’t exactly what this is about. While some may shrug at the suggestion of Emma Stone being in our Top 8 list for chicks we’d most like to see in a video game, I can’t deny the fact that with every movie she plays in, she ultimately just gets better and better looking. I wouldn’t mind utilizing Stone is digital forum to keep a zombie horde at bay.

2.Olivia Wilde
After last year’s stunning upset in being named the sexiest woman alive over the likes of Adriana Lima and Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde certainly shot into super stardom. While Wilde did have a role in the lackluster title, Year One, she is most famously known for her role on House. Of course, some may remember her from Alpha Dog or a short-lived stint on The Black Donnelly’s. Regardless of where you know her from, it’s hard to deny this beauty wouldn’t be something special in the virtual universe. Unfortunately, much like her acting career, I couldn’t see her playing a lead role in the gaming world either…she’d definitely need to be a sidekick — Uncharted 3 anyone?

3.Emma Watson
The attraction here should be obvious, but in case not, I’ve included my favorite, yet blurry, picture of Watson below. Any chick that wants to party and looks as good as Watson does can show up on my gaming screen any time. While Watson may get a small sliver of gaming cred for the ridiculously bad Harry Potter video games, I’d still like to see her take a more prominent role outside of the fantasy world that is Hogwarts. You guys don’t have to lie either, we all know she’s the only reason you go to see the movies in the first place.

4.Nadine Velazquez
When this broad isn’t cleaning hotel rooms and isn’t chilling on a stripper pole, she should definitely be kicking some serious ass in a video game. Nadine is your classic first lady of gaming. I’d have no problem playing a game that features her as the lead role while kicking ass and taking names. She may not be as eloquent as Lady Croft, but she’ll definitely look just as good treasure hunting as the former.

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5.Lily Allen
This one is primarily here for the European crowd. I think she’s pretty cute and decent looking, we all know I wouldn’t pass it up, but I think Allen fits into the entire “Kai” persona. When I see Lily Allen, like in the picture below, I could see her starring as Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum or as a more grown up version of Kai. The look is there and I think the psychotic feeling is evident too.

6.Kate Beckinsale
I think her place in gaming would not only be obvious but necessary. We have our treasure hunter and zombie killer above, but it’s time for our Lycan slayer to step into the artificial sunlight. Beckinsale is as hot as they come, but is she ever more smoking than when she plays Vampire? I think not. Digital form would do her good, that’s for sure. Do I think I’m objectifying women too much in this feature? Yes. Deal with it.

7.Jordana Brewster
Jordana has a varied repertoire and could fit into most gaming molds. However, it’s quite evident that she would fit in nicely as a cameo or main female in an old school Need for Speed title. While we’ve seen here in a lesser extent in D.E.B.S, it goes without saying that she looks best behind the wheel. So – let’s leave her there.

8.Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis has always been a double-edged sword for me. I have no problem watching her in movies or TV land, but most of the time I have the volume set to “mute.” I mean, if we’re being honest, which I am, her voice is a little too much for me to handle for long periods of time. Therefore, Kunis could definitely play the lead role in a roleplaying game where the main character is solemn and doesn’t speak much. I definitely think this would get the most out of her assets and the most out of a game.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. The last one is so true

  2. I’d love to see Aeon Flux’s Charlize Theron. She looked damn smoking in that movie.

  3. All look hot 2 me!! XD

  4. I would definitely want to see emma stone!

  5. why have you included a pic of emma watson from when she was about 17 ??? when there are much better ones of her like now.

    also yes on lily allen, she is soo hot.

  6. Emma Watson. She’s a hot british. lolz

    this video has her talking about warcraft at about 3:50 this girl is wuts up.

  8. ShurikenSpammer October 6, 2009 @ 12:25

    Michelle Rodriguez from Resident Evil, The Fast and the Furious etc. That gal is bad ass!

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