Top 8 Dreamcast Games we’d like on PSN

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With the recent rumors flying around that their is a potential for Dreamcast games to appear exclusively on the PlayStation Network, we felt it necessary to compile our own Top 8 list of games we’d like to see. We’re sure a lot of you agree that these games would be worth the download price. Which titles would you like to see?

8.Soul Calibur

While we have already seen 3 sequels to this game, it never hurts to revisit a classic and what a classic it was. Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast was one of the few games at the time that surpassed it’s arcade counterpart. With slick controls, awesome visuals and some of the most hardcore and craziest combo’s you’ve ever seen in a fighting game. It should be no question why one of the most renowned fighters deserve to see a rerelease over the PSN.

7.Power Stone

If you owned a Dreamcast from back in the day and you had a group of friends coming over to play it, you only needed one game to keep everyone entertained. Power Stone. One of the best 4 player multiplayer fighter I have ever had the chance of playing came in the form of Power Stone. And while some may say that Capcom’s fighter was a little to simplistic I dare anyone to seriously give this game a go with 3 other people and tell me they wouldn’t have a blast playing this. It would be a blessing from above if we saw this game get the same treatment Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter II HD remix saw. A few more additions of gameplay including an online option would probably make fanboys world wide cry their eyes out from genuine joy. God I miss Power Stone.

6.Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

While many fans and critics disliked the direction the series was taking from a character standpoint. One thing could not be argued or hated about SF3. It’s gameplay. With the addition of the parry system Capcom had found some way to make the already challenging SF system even deeper. With the ability to parry off your opponents attack for no damage and all it took to pull it off were three things. Timing, skill and a little thing called luck. The parry system was something that could turn the tide of any battle and pulling it off made you feel like you were the best that ever touched a Street Fighter game.

5.Crazy Taxi

Talk about nothing but mindless fun. SEGA’s Crazy Taxi was an awesome experience and was the perfect example of why mindless fun was sometimes a good thing. Taking the whole time-trial feature from racing games and turning it into it’s own game proved to be a remarkable idea. I mean who didn’t have fun do all sorts of crazy feats just to get that passing grade from your passengers? Oh and don’t forget that you also had the feature of taking a friend on in the multiplayer aspect. However, my only gripe with the game is that after each session everyone watching or playing the game for more than 20 mins would instantly get a craving for some KFC. Mainly due to the mass amount of advertising the game had courtesy of KFC and other food chains.

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4.Virtua Fighter 3

Now I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority but I always found myself enjoying Virtua Fighter more then Soul Calibur. And I felt it was more appropriate to place it on a higher spot in this list since it was famed SEGA game creator Yu Suzuki’s fighting baby. With it’s revolutionary technical prowess that the game boasted it was a technical masterpiece! Eyes could follow an opponents movements and track their position, The muscles on the characters could flex and relax, and probably best of all the amount of diversity the environments showed were really a head of it’s time. I mean how many fighting games at the time featured slopes, staircases and bobbing water as part of the fighting arena? Only one word can truly describe Virtua Fighter 3. Innovative and that alone is a reason why a game of this caliber should see a rerelease.

3.Sonic Adventure 1 and 2

Ah Sonic how we miss the old you. For all of you young gamers back in the 90’s and early 2000s Sonic the hedgehog was a force to be reckoned with. He had it all, style grace, cool side characters and awesome story and slick graphics and control. We had two count em! TWO! AAA Sonic games on the dreamcast that all gamers remember fondly and both of them were great. And as a result it’s nearly impossible to put one over the other so both share the number 3 spot and if things work out hopefully PS3 Loyalists will be able to play Sonic’s last AAA adventure and hopefully SEGA goes this way with the “New” Sonic game which is currently under the name of Project Needle Mouse.

2.Skies Of Arcadia

Sky Pirates. Wow those words really take me back. If there was one ting that made the dreamcast truly shine was the inclusion of Skies of Arcadia in it’s gaming library. The game has everything you could ever want in an RPG. Great characters, an awesome story, great graphics and best of all a unique battle system that made most RPG battle systems look like outdated pieces of dog dookie at the time. If you were an RPG fan and you missed out on Skies Of Arcadia you better pray, hope and beg that SEGA and Sony reach a deal to get this out on the PSN soon, because if you haven’t played this then you missed out. BIG TIME. Oh and by the way the same team who made this made Valkyria Chronicles so you know it’s good.


Even though SEGA was already in financial problems due to the crappy and expensive additions the Genesis got and the horrible sales received by the Saturn they needed to make as much money as possible. Unfortunately or Fortunately depending how you look at it. SEGA decided that despite their money problems they wouldn’t let it hamper their artistic vision and integrity. As a result the cult classic Shenmue was released which cost an incredible 70 Million dollars to produce (Which is still a High budget number even by todays standards). And although it was the straw that broke SEGA’s back and sent it out of the console business Shenmue turned out to be an incredible game. It was the first game to properly incorporate Quick Time Events and had full voice acting from most of the cast and of course an awesome battle system and who could forget those awesome mini games? The Story was also incredible and as such Shenmue finds itself at the top of our list. Hopefully we actually see these games release over the PSN. I am craving some Dreamcast right now.

Readers Comments (16)

  1. Shenmue ftw! That is my personal favourite game of all time and the sequel was even better. Releasing this on PSN would get it more of the recognition it deserves and would allow more people to play this truly beautiful series. And hey, it could lead to Shenmue 3 being released! =)

  2. WOW!!! I didnt know that the team made skies of arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles. No wonder i love the game! I would love the game if it were to D/L!!!

  3. @Skynet: Vyse and Aika are also guest characters in Valkyria Chronicles (although the medic is rumoured to also be Fina from Skies of Arcadia too). Vyse isa guest shock trooper and Aika is a guest scout.

  4. Switch SoA with Shenmue and I agree with this list.

  5. Zack_long_live_Dragoon September 24, 2009 @ 16:53

    Shenmue was a good game it was the first game i got for my XBOX its a kick ass game

  6. ive never played shenmue but it looks interesting, but CRAZY TAXI is a must for me

  7. OMG, THANK YOU!!!! YES!!! SFIII: 3rd Strike should most definitely be on the PSN store!!! And the last good Sonic 3D games, too.

  8. now I can play shemmue

  9. Hell yes I really wanna play shenmue and power stone. =]

  10. Third Strike and Skies of Arcadia would be epic. I wouldn’t mind Project Justice or Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, either.

  11. Skies Of Arcadia should be the more improved Gamecube version, and it should be Shenmue 2.

  12. Sonic Adventure 1&2?
    Wow, I never knew they were the same game.

  13. SHENMUE! The best game that i ever played! (Also holds a Guiness Record!)

    Ahh, the classics, NOT TO MENTION SONIC ADVENTURE! wow, that was the BEST sonic game EVER made

  14. Shenmus is all I care about !
    Shemnue is the best

  15. I want a Sonic Adventure 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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