Top 8 Family Friendly Games

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Every console has a lineup of games that are released designed to bring the family together to sit on the couch and enjoy them. It doesn’t matter whether your dad needs to finish up something for work, or mom is getting something ready for dinner, these titles will erase that and put family into the perspective of spending time together. Even though that sounds like a fairytale, and it is, some families do actually get together to game. It’s a rough thought, I know. However, it’s never been more evident this generation than any other before it.

Today, I’ve decided to create a Top 8 list involving the best family-oriented titles that will bring your family together to enjoy the same hobby you enjoy. If I’m sharing a story of my own, I’d share the one about when I first brought home Rock Band and my mom actually took up the mic to sing along while I played the guitar. It was a family moment that meant something because my mom never games with me. Do you guys have any moments like that, that you can credit towards the gaming industry? If so, leave the comment below in the comments section. As for the Top 8, each game was chosen for its ability to bring people together. If you don’t agree with some of them, just leave your opinion below on which games you would change out and we’ll go from there!

This was the biggest no-brainer out of the bunch. LittleBigPlanet features an adorable main character with the ability to customize his or her look to suit the enjoyment of a child, male, female, or older gamer. The fact that Sackboys never truly die also adds to the family element. Furthermore, the desire to sometimes have to work together to achieve certain feats in the game is a great building block exercise that people should enjoy doing together. Besides, even Kevin Butler knows that LittleBigPlanet will help bring families together, right?

2.Rock Band
Some may feel this should be further down the list, but I disagree. I think Rock Band brings the older family together a bit more than other games. Not only does it include some older rock songs that your mom and dad can relate to, but playing the drums, guitar or microphone on easy is as challenging as through a dime into the Mississippi river. It’s not that challenging. Considering the plethora of weekly content on offer, this game features unlimited playability for the entire family. If you haven’t picked up any copy of Rock Band yet, I suggest doing so.

3.Buzz! Quiz TV
Buzz leapfrogs into the top three simply because any child can press a color-coded button. Not only that, but Sony has released kid-friendly quiz packs that make the game fun for the entire family. While Buzz is a great main character for a game, the ability to choose many comical characters in this quiz title is what lets it shine the most. The goofy antics and stereotypes of the characters you can choose from helps elevate the game to a more entertaining experience. Not to mention the fact that you can create your own quizzes to make this game an educational experience. Does your kid absolutely hate homework? What if the test questions came at them through Buzz! Quiz TV? I bet they’d be a lot more willing to study!

4.PixelJunk Monster/Deluxe
PixelJunk Monsters is a tower-defense title that came out of nowhere and is developed by Q-Games. This snazzy little game features very friendly visuals and an easy co-op gameplay mode that even a small child can enjoy. With dancing on screen characters, you can have a more experienced gamer create the entrapments and weaponry, while the younger gamer makes his character dance to upgrade weapons. This is a very family-oriented game and the past has proven this through Official PlayStation Blog contests as well.

5.SingStar (All)
SingStar is also a “no duh?” selection on this list. I’m sure many of you expected it to show up much higher, but it lost points for the pure reason that I like the games above it a bit more (heh). Anyway, SingStar’s online social networking that allows you to record yourself singing and watch other people sing is something that is a fun activity for the entire group. Kids can enjoy singing to some of their favorite pop songs while parents can definitely relate to the golden oldies. While the SingStar library isn’t exactly updates at a consistent pace, it still offers enough new content as to where people can expand their library to meet their needs. SingStar is yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive that makes this list.

6.Critter Crunch
Critter Crunch recently released to our PlayStation Store this past week and it has done nothing but succeed. The visuals are absolutely adorable and the animation effects will keep any kid interested on what’s going on, on-screen. Throw in a great multiplayer mode that allows you to team up or go against another family member and you have a title that should fill some seats on the couch. Not only does Critter Crunch offer the ability to bring the family together, but it comes at the low cost of $6.99, which is cheaper than a child’s ticket to the movies. It’s hard to beat a deal like that.

7.LEGO Franchise
LEGO has released an abundance of titles around Rock Band, Batman, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Each title comes with its unique ability to add comedy without dialogue and appeal to both the hardcore and casual gamers. While each title has its own difficulty level, each can be played with a friend in order to complete. Considering the ability to die is impossible, this makes it a great trial and error title for the younger crowd. Though I think I should have included this franchise a bit higher on the list, I’m glad to just include it in general.

8.Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas was met with mixed reviews, but the art style and gameplay type allow it to be easily controlled by kids and adults. While the game does have a strategy element to it, it’s not too in-depth to the point where your 10-year old brother or sister couldn’t pick up a controller and do some damage. Ninja games are generally focused towards the 17+ crowd, so it’s refreshing to see a title with family friendly visuals and controls that allow kids a nice view into the Ninja atmosphere. This title is certainly deserving to round out our list.

Readers Comments (5)

  1. I like the top 8 lists! Everyone else goes with either a top 5 or 10. High Velocity Bowling is another good family choice!

  2. Put GuitarHero with your RockBand…

  3. lol it seems the PlayStation is more of a family oriented console than even the Wii. In fact PlayStation is definitely the more rounded and balanced gaming system.

  4. LBP is friendly if you want it to be

  5. Little Big Planet is great.

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