Top 8 Gaming Franchises that Need to Die

Our Top 8 lists make a triumphant return this week and I’ve decided to do this one up a little differently than normal. While most of our readers cry about how we never included other consoles exclusive titles, we’re going to do so now. We may represent PlayStation, but I guess it’s only fair to let the other guy compete for our spots in the Top 8 countdown. We’re also going to start listing the Top 8 in reverse order and start off at number 8. This Top 8 is all about those franchises that have been going on for a little bit too long now and it’s about time the developer and publisher behind the title give it a rest. It’s almost as though the team behind the scenes aren’t comfortable creating something new and fresh this generation and instead look forward to feeding us the same title we’ve been playing for the last 10 to 15 years.

Chances are, if you’re a gamer and you have a favorite franchise, this list will piss you off and I think that’s just something you need to deal with on a personal level. When it gets to the point that you’re trying to shove soda down our throats while advertising a game that has already had far too many iterations as it is, it goes too far. When we walk into a retail outlet and the opportunity to buy clothes for your over-produced titles is there, it’s time to think of a new IP. Let’s try and push gaming forward with something new and exciting. Watching a video game legend have to wear hand me downs year after year is getting a little tiring. If you don’t understand the point of the list by now, you’re a lost gamer. So without much else to say, let’s start the list.

8. Grand Theft Auto
Alright Rockstar, we get it. Killing hookers and driving over people while creating riots on the streets of some random city is a good time. Great. We’ve only had the opportunity to do this 5-6 times now throughout different iterations and spinoffs. After Grand Theft Auto 4’s disappointing replayability experience, it’s time to do something different. While we applaud you for picking up PS3 exclusivity through The Agent, we’re hoping that you plan on disappointing everyone and not announcing a Grand Theft Auto 5 – and if you do, it better be set in some exotic city like Tokyo, where the opportunity to provide a refreshing atmosphere is abundantly clear. Also – If you bring out another, don’t shortchange the consumer by cutting off all of the fat of the title. Did you see Saint’s Row 2? They left the fat on and because of it, it left a lot of stuff to do after the main story line. Learn from that.

7. Metal Gear Solid
Hey Kojima, we love you, we really do, but enough is enough. Metal Gear Solid 4 was your masterpiece. It lasted me 15-20 hours and I watched every cut scene as though it was the new bible of gaming. You did it. You earned your lifetime achievement award in the gaming industry and now it’s time to do something great for your supporters and create something new. We’re not asking for the next Mona Lisa of gaming, but at least give us something that we haven’t been playing for the last 15 years already. Snake is a good dude, but there is only so much badassness we can believe before it gets to the point where this guy should be dead already — if not from the years of smoking, from the definite show down against enemies who don’t look to be slowing down in general. Do you know who another famous badass protagonist is? Rambo. He went over the hill too, it wasn’t pretty. Either bring Zone of Enders back for everyone or jump ship and create something fresh.

6. Guitar Hero (Does not include World Tour)
This can be thrown in with the entire “Evil Empire” of gaming article I wrote earlier. Guitar Hero has been milked to death and it’s getting a little old. What’s even worse is after releasing a blockbuster hit like their rip-off Guitar Hero World Tour (Rock Band which is appropriately named beat you to it and you should have conceded), the company still felt the need to create Guitar Hero 5 and then not allow any of its songs to be backwards compatible with World Tour. Great call, Activision. You guys have the business model down to suck in the stupid gamers to a T. However, it’s only a matter of time before they realize they’re buying the same damn game (right?) for the last 5 years. Let’s get a new IP together and start a new milkfest. We all know the company is capable, after all, it has two more titles in the Top 5 alone.

5. World War II Call of Duty
Let’s do this thing. Killing Nazis is popular and nobody hates killing one, except maybe the Germans. Seriously though, when we found out that you were forcing developers to stick with the World War II theme instead of allowing them to grow creatively, it made us a little sick. Anyone who is trying to prevent gaming from evolving and offering something new to the gamers who spends countable millions of dollars (we don’t you don’t count it all) on your product is unjustified. Modern Warfare has proven that you can change the formula and still sell millions, hasn’t it? Just think, your own ridiculous greed almost prevented you from ever reaching that point with Infinity Ward. You owe them an apology at the very least and who knows what Treyarch could do if they were given a choice to develop out of the tired realm of the 1940s. It might end up working out in the end.

4. Tony Hawk

In case you haven’t heard, Tony Hawk Ride is going to release for a lot of money and come with a skateboard you actually stand on to play. Let’s forget the fact that it’s ridiculously overpriced and will probably sell next to nothing because its competitor Skate offers a much better experience for over 50% less money. We can also forget the fact that Tony Hawk has been slowly dying off the gaming shelves for the past three years. Believe us, you’re not revolutionizing skateboard games by adding in the skateboard peripheral. I don’t know if you missed this or not, but snowboard peripherals beat you to this punch and they sold very poorly. Welcome back to reality. Let’s turn this positive energy into something productive, like a new title!

3. Tomb Raider
Lara Croft, thank you for your service. We loved your treasure hunting abilities. We loved your archeological problem solving skills. And, we loved the way your butler would follow us around into every room of your ridiculously oversized mansion. However, there comes a time to step aside, retire the guns, and just get married and pop out a few kids. It’s probably not your thing, but you should make it your thing. In case you haven’t noticed, most of us have been cheating on you with a younger, sexier model named Nathan Drake. He’s everything you used to be and he’s doing nothing but improving upon himself. It’s time you take that nap and pass the crown down to the new King of treasure hunting and thievery.

2. Halo
Fanboys prepare to take up arms. We get it. You’ll keep buying this garbage no matter how many there are. $60 expansion pack? Who cares?! Ship two million! Is that Mountain Dew with Master Chief on it? Let’s buy four cases. Holy crap, is that a Master Chief helmet that will result in my discs being loose, creating massive amounts of scratches on them so that I can’t even play on launch night? Big deal. It’ll look fantastic next to my life-size replica cutout. Great. Yes, we understand there is a whole universe created for Halo and plenty of novels to continue this franchise for the next 20 years in 15 different iterations. It’s old hat by now. When you get to the point that you’re willing to spend $60 for a 4-hour campaign, you’re a little over the top. It’s time to put down the controller and realize what is being done to you. Stand up for something new and fresh, Bungie sure as hell is. They’re tired of making Halo games. Halo: Reach you say? Yes. It’s coming. It’s also going to be the last Halo title that Bungie develops considering their desire to create a new and improved IP. Surprising? Hardly. Only the fanboys want this series to continue. Don’t worry, you’ll always have Red Vs Blue to fall back on.

1.Super Mario
If there is ever a king for this list, it’s that fat little plumber who enjoys pasta, pizza and princesses. Of course, Mario has started to look like he’s getting in better shape over the years and he’s done so by working out and saving princesses in about 1,000 different games. It’s not overkill anymore, it’s just annoying. I’ve never seen a more iconic character continue to deliver on a mass scale. This guy could be released on a game full of nothing but glitches and technical issues and people would buy 15,000,000 copies of it within the first year. Mario isn’t really a plumber, he’s an entrepreneur worth billions. However, despite all of that, it’s time for Nintendo to create something new. I understand the man behind Mario tried that with Wii Music and failed immensely, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Go back to the drawing board and bring us that next Mario. Show us you’re capable of delivering something new. The saddest part about this all is that now that you’ve run out of spinoff ideas, we’re starting to go back to just remaking the old games with light twists to them. It doesn’t have to be like this Mario. You’re better than that. Go home to the wife and kids and show someone else the path to the spotlight. We, as gamers, won’t mind. I promise.

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  1. zelda also needs to die terrible franchise.

  2. You don’t make that great of lists… MGS doesn’t need to die… The story has so much more that can be said. If it was becoming Halo and making stupid non related games with master chief then it should die. But it is not. Grand Theft Auto should not die. Also they have the game L.A. Noire and I believe they still have a secret game under development… Why set it in Tokyo? Ever heard of Yakuza for PS3? The just need to have a story thats more original. No immigrant making a life in America or guy that just got broken out of jail type of thing. And they should have more vehicles and bring back planes, cheats that arent in GTA4(like flying cars and cars driving on water), parachutes, monster trucks, and all the minigames like the plane bombs, remote control bombs, and the dirt bike trials, And what would be great is adjusting those for multiplayer as well. Cooperative and competitively.

    I don’t agree that Guitar Hero should die. You can get tired of one game. But the new ones always feel different as long as it includes new songs. Thus making it feel like a worthy purchase. Even though the software disc is still pretty overpriced for how old it is now.

  3. What they should do about Mario and Zelda is just develop secretly new ones for the next Nintendo console and make them take full control of the consoles capabilities as they can and involve an engaging storyline like the classic Zelda games such as Ocarina of Time. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is actually a pretty welcome game though. It is fresh feeling. Zelda: Twilight Princess was dissapointing to me about gameplay. I can’t believe the attacks with the sword are so crappy with the motion controls D:
    If it had more varieties of attacks or a new combo attack system where say you swing up, so does Link, you swing left, so does Link. Once he does 3 conesecutive hits his last hit will be the one he takes a breather. And when you advance in the game you could unlock a larger combo limit so that he can land more hits faster and easier. Maybe adding more strength to last hits as well.

  4. every game listed here is a popular game poeple like them. horrible list .

  5. Oh teh noes, popular games that the general public likes! I say, keep making games until people stop buying them.

  6. i agree with all except MGS, i hope mario dies, that fat mofo, hate him, hes overrated…

  7. hey asshole. r u dumb? i guess u r…TONY HAWK is good.COD,MGS,GTA are all ‘exceptional’ because they r above the rest. Everything else sucks so much…

  8. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy and undoubtedly accused of being one, Halo has only four games, worth mention… we don’t talk about Halo Wars, hardly an outrageous number. The first three being perfectly justified as they told and completed the original story.

    Then theres this wrongly titled ‘expansion’ which is constantly accused of having a short campaign. While I won’t deny the campaign isn’t much to sink your teeth into, playing through it in four hours can only be completed on a second attempt in a low difficulty. The campaign wasn’t built to be bulldozed through, its a slow a gentle process of discovery and curiosity. So to all you ODST campaign haters, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Never the less ODST is not nearly often enough given credit for its other main asset, FireFight. Which is a brilliant and enjoyable play style that I recommend to anyone with an open mind. On top of all this, a Halo: Reach beta key is always nice.

    While I see you’re trying to say lets move on from the Halo Universe, all I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t categorize what Bungie has made out of Halo as milking it, or over using the franchise.

    As long as the developers are making a game out of passion and not a desire for profit, (not that I deny games will always have a level of profit based drive), I say they should keep on releasing whatever they choose.

  9. Hey Bernado and Extra and anyone else, I was just trying to stir things up a little, couldn’t resist the opportunity. Like I said I’m not a gamer and definitely not a “fanboy” as I only play video games rarely as I’m usually too busy having sex with real life women versus your type who’s watching scrambled cable porn in your parents basement. Also, I was kidding about playing for a week and returning it, but I did buy it on the release date, I just sold it on ebay and cleaned up. Also, just so you know I’m not the average gamer (which studies show is 35 and morbidly obese) I’m 24, 6’1″ and about 240, and all muscle baby. And you guys can feel free to reply, maybe I’ll read it, maybe I won’t but I’m not replying again. I only came across this site on accident but if you want to discuss this further, come on up to Maine.

  10. To the editor of this article: You’re a fu*king dumbass who should not be writing anything relevant to video games EVER!

    PS Notice not ONE of those titles are Playstation exclusives (including MGS) WOW what a little bit*hing fanboy! hahaha

  11. @ RiotPirate

    I feel you, but the fact still remains. What have HALO done to push the genre? the answer is: Absolutely nothing!

    In respects to Killzone 2, Crysis, and great FPS I haven’t named. They have at least pushed something in an aspect, weather its graphics, game play, and or storytelling. Honestly, I (and many a like) would like to see progression in any company.

    (Let me throw something on the board) If a company is not advancing in their game development. (to me) It looks like the company is showing signs that they are losing their love for their work. They would eventually just release games that use the same engines, same models, same textures ect.

    With a talented team like Bungie , I’m sure they can create another great hit. I for one would like to see what they can cook up.

  12. Look, if you are one of the ten year olds who stood in line on launch night for the Halo expansion I feel sorry for you. That franchise should have died at number two, number three sucked big time and ODST, don’t even get me started. Then again you fanboys are such idiots they could crap in a box and slap halo on the cover and you would buy it and probably play with said fecal matter. Probably even brag about it to your friends.

  13. I have to say that I enjoyed that list. Do I agree with all of the point? No. I love my MGS. I do thinkj that pretty much every game there should be toned down on though. Guitar Hero should die though!

    I still enjoyed your list good job 🙂

  14. Resistance needs to die. It was a good launch title, never a great game, and the second installment was very meh.

    But GTA and MGS? Have to disagree with you big time on those two. The latest iterations were the best yet, for me and, it seems, many other gamers too.

    Spot on with Tomb Raider. Lara Croft has been dead so long she’s starting to stink up the place. As for Halo, how long until Halo Kart…..? ;o)

  15. what the hell are you thinking?! Mario and MGS? lol were u drunk writing this?

  16. Hahahah you FONY always funy.

  17. GTA4 was amazing dude. And as for Mario??? Mario Galaxy was top notch.. game of the year and all that. I totally agree about halo though (Yaaaawn, blink, blink).

  18. Singstar should be on this list…… oh, and Buzz (shudder)

  19. You’ll probably never read this but whatever, doug.

    You don’t know me, I don’t fit in a steriotype, okay? I’m extremely far from being obese, actually.
    Anyway, Clearly, you just felt like being an ass and then joking about it, must feel better than actually admiting you are one, eh?

  20. Mario? WTF! I don’t agree at all. As for the rest of the list I agree. Except instead of killing of MGS maybe they should just create new characters and evolve the game play some.

  21. David Macphail October 13, 2009 @ 09:57

    @ EXTRA – you might want to brush up on your knowledge of the gaming industry. Final Fantasy has been out for a good few years more than Pokemon yet Final Fantasy has currently sold a pathetic 80 million games in it’s lifetime whereas Pokemon has topped 190 million.

    I won’t post the sales figures of Elder Scrolls or Fallout, etc……i don’t want to embarass you too much. You really are one sad soul if you think 80 million is better than 190 million. Pokemon Pinball is better than most Final Fantasy games.

    • @David

      I think you’re confusing quality with sales. Wii Sport has outsold every single title this generation. That hardly makes it the best title released in the last 3-4 years, right?

      Pokemon has a much larger demographic in that they can sell to the teenagers/young adults who grew up on the game as well as to the kids from this generation of life. Where as Final Fantasy is more of a Teenager/Young Adult title that has a much slimmer demographic to sell to.

      It’s truly not a fair comparison.

  22. of course no mention of final fantasy needing to die. what a shock

  23. David Macphail October 13, 2009 @ 13:44

    @ The Dean – Wii Sports doesn’t count because nobody “Buys” the game. It gets shoved in your face when you buy the Wii console wether you want it or not.

    I agree that not every game that sells in the tens of millions can be considered “AAA” (Wii Play for example) however most of them are. If Pokemon was simply a fad there’s no way it would have lasted this long selling in the numbers that it does. On average only one franchise has sold more copies per game than Pokemon and that’s Gran Turismo……..which isn’t bad company to be in.

  24. David Macphail October 13, 2009 @ 15:29

    Who would want to buy a game they already have? Everyone who buys a Wii gets Wii Sports included, what possible reason could they have for going out and buying it again?

    • You really need to keep up after you give that other guy so much grief for being ignorant about gaming. Used Nintendo Wii consoles do not come with Wii Sports. Furthermore, how about Wii Play’s sales figures? Lol. I could go on forever with this debate and still come out on top.

  25. @David….yet again
    You are a moron to believe that sales determine a products quality. Just as the Dean said…and owned you…wii sports and let me add wii fit has out sold many great titles on all systems. So does that mean those two games are the greatest? The answer is no. Allow me to further break it down to you, there are far more kids in the world than adults. So therefor products aimed at kids will always sell better than products aimed at adults. You really need to think before you make a comment for you’re just making yourself look bad.

  26. P.S. I forgot to say what matters when comparring one product to another is the overall experience. In the case of games you would look at sound and picture quality, character design and controls, and how well the story and replay value is. I’m sure you can add more to that list of categories but if you compare these categories in pokemon to any other rpg such as FF, Fallout, Farcry, etc. you’ll find that all of these games offer more than pokemon does. Also as I stated before, the only pokemon games that anyone will put up there with the other top rpgs are the first ones, RED and BLUE version. Those were the only 2 original titles on the gameboy (which the title mainly plays on) and everything else was basically the same with a few changes, and I mean a few. Pokemon reminds me of Dynasty Warriors. They both do the ‘release the same game but add this’ routine, and I’m sorry but that automatically disqualifies it from being the best of anything.

  27. Super Smash Bros. Fan October 13, 2009 @ 18:26

    I agree on all of them, except two.

    Tomb Raider: This franchise has the potential to revive itself, plus I’ve never gotten the oppertunity to play a Tomb Raider game, so I want the franchise to continue.

    Super Mario Bros.: Are you out of your minds? This is Nintendo flagship franchise that keeps innovating itself. You can nearly guaranteen a great game from this franchise. Their is a reason why Super Mario Galaxy is considered one of the best games of this generation. Also, the franchise is far from dead, Nintendo killing off Mario will probably not happen until Nintendo dies. What about Pokemon? Now that franchise needs to go, it’s basicilly the same thing with new graphics and Pokemons to catch. Putting this at the #1 spot is practically disrespecting Nintendo.

    It’s good, but Super Mario Bros. should not been in there at all. Edit the list and replace the #1 spot with Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog, even thought I don’t want to see the hedgehog in his grave yet.

  28. mario? you’re an idiot

  29. David Macphail October 14, 2009 @ 10:54

    @ The Dean – I think it’s you who needs to pay attention – i mentioned the sales figures of Wii Play BEFORE you did – LOL i think you need some reading glasses, go back and read my earlier posts PROPERLY before posting. I could go on with this argument all day and still come out on top – just how many copies of Wii Sports do you think have been “Bought”??? If you think the answer is anywhere NEAR 25% of all copies then you’re an idiot.

    @ Extra – Are you mentally retarded? You just said that games aimed towards kids ALWAYS sell more than games aimed towards adults – so please tell me why Spongebob Squarepants has not outsold Grand Theft Auto. You really don’t know a single thing about the games industry, do you? ROFL – now who looks bad??? Oh and yes, i DID think Wii Fit was one of the best games of this generation. As for Wii Sports – The Dean already made a fool out of himself by implying that most of the copies have been store bought – unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years you know that’s just stupid.

    Another thing – if Pokemon simply was the “Same game but with a few minor changes.” like you said then don’t you think it WOULD have died long ago???

    I look forward to your reply – especially the part where you apologise to everyone on this forum for saying that games aimed towards kids ALWAYS sell more then Grand Theft Auto or other adult games such as Call Of Duty – LMFAO!!!

    • Lol — Wii Sports Resort can only be BOUGHT. It has 100% sales. It does not come with the console.


  30. David Macphail October 14, 2009 @ 15:04

    Are you stupid? We were talking about Wii Sports, NOT Wii Sports Resort – pay attention.


  31. When I said always I meant it as in children aimed products always have a higher chance of being successful in sales than adult aimed products simply due to the ratio of the child population to the adult population. Forgive me for not writing it all out, but I was trying to shorten my 10 page essay lol. Now that has been cleared, I asked are Wii Fit and Wii Sports the greatest…not one of the greatest…using the same logic you have about pokemon. The answer is still no. Please read more thoroughly next time.

    My answer to why pokemon hasn’t died yet is the same reason titles such as Dynasty Warriors, Sonic the Hedgehog, DragonBall Z, and other series are still around, because of audience’s acceptance of mediocrity. People such as yourself will buy the game not because of its incredible content, which I say with extreme sarcasim, but for its TITLE. It does not matter how ORIGINAL or REVOLUTIONARY the game is, as long as its named “Place Name Here” you’ll buy it. Don’t worry, there are pleanty other mindless followers out there who are just like you.

    For example, Halo fans don’t care about what anyone says about their precious game, no matter how truthful it may be, they’ll still blindly follow the franchise into oblivion simply because it’s Halo. Proof of this is their support of ODST, which is a solid game but in no way should it have been $60 and this fact alone should’ve caused a lot of chaos within the fanbase but it didn’t. Why? They don’t care, it’s Halo. Just like you don’t care, or somehow don’t see, that pokemon is the same recycled system over and over again.

    I’m not saying it’s crap, I’m just saying the sequels are pointless and once again are nowhere near better than top rated rpgs such as FF, Farcry, Fallout, etc. You have to either be a moron or a total fanboy of the series to believe it truely is the best (which you are obviously the later). I will also repeat myself and say if you PREFER or shall I say LOVE it the most, then fine that’s you, but don’t you dare say it’s the best and give some GENERALMLD response using sales as support to your claim. All sales prove is that it SOLD the best, NOT that it is the best. If you want to prove it’s the best then discuss its content vs. another rpg’s content, that’s what big boys do. But you won’t because as I stated before, all the rpg titles I’ve named easily outbeats pokemon in content.

    In conclusion, don’t get all butt hurt because I pulled your head down from the skies and reattached it to your body. All I said is that it is NOT the best and that it is the same recycled game over and over again with a few, or less, additions. I did not say it sucks, just that it’s continuation is pointless. The only truly original and revolutionary games were the first two versions, which I proudly own. After the first two games the franchise steadily transitioned into a mere shell of its past self. I’m sorry if you feel anger towards or pain from this but that is the reality of pokemon. Good day.

  32. @BBeetle

    I’m one of the believe that Halo brought the FPS genre into the Modern Gaming scene, but feel free to think otherwise.

  33. David Macphail October 15, 2009 @ 09:59

    @ The Dean – Wii Sports Resort was NEVER mentioned by anyone – stop making things up. Wii Sports Resort hasn’t sold NEARLY the number of copies that Wii Sports has so where is the comparison??? LOL – dumbass.

    @ Extra – By your logic Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Fifa, Smackdown Vs Raw, Pro Evolution Soccer and basically any other game that has been around a good few years has survived because of mediocrity too. What you are basically saying is that unless it’s a brand new IP it’s automatically garbage.

    Also, i already told you Wii Sports doesn’t count because nobody actually “Buys” it. That would be the equivalent of saying Solitaire has been bought more times than any other game because it comes free with a PC – pay attention.

  34. this is the best list ive ever seen couldnt agree with you more. GTA IV was fun for a bit but then same old crap, and even though ill still buy gay tony episode your right its time to move on.

  35. Man you simply can’t read can you? Allow me to quote myself for a second

    ” All I said is that it is NOT the best and that it is the same recycled game over and over again with a few, or less, additions. I did not say it sucks, just that it’s continuation is pointless.” – Extra

    Already your reply has been negated because you said I assume continued titles are automatic garbage when I clearly stated above that this is not how I think.


    “What you are basically saying is that unless it’s a brand new IP it’s automatically garbage.” – David Macphail

    Although I have already defeated you latest post allow me to continue my victory dance by adding that franchises such as FF, and Grand Theft Auto have provided their consumer with brand new totally DIFFERENT storylines AND far more side quests, new areas, and overall capabilities than the previous title. So therefor even though it’s the same title it’s basically a brand new and totally different game that keeps key elements the same such as fighting style (but even that has changed in the past FF titles and in GTA it was improved on some aspects).

    In my personal opinion I believe sports games should come out every 3 or so years and just update the roster when necessary until the next game comes out. In the past they couldn’t do this, but now there really isn’t any excuse. It is rediculous to buy the same game year after year with minor improvements and an updated roster, which is the reason I stopped buying them years ago, just like pokemon.

    Allow me to end this long winded debate by once again stating your beloved pokemon is nowhere near the best rpg title (btw Golden Sun, which is also on the gameboy, crushes the whole pokemon series put together, not in sales but in content). I’m once again sorry if I offended you, even though you are a fanboy, but I’m simply telling it as it is. Also when you reply, reply to the whole post addressed to you and not just one section or sentence. It’s the only way to win a debate. Good day.

  36. Oh I forgot to add that Call of Duty has changed things up by once again taking us out of the WWII era and brought us back to good old present day warfare.

  37. David Macphail October 15, 2009 @ 17:15

    @ Extra – it’s clear now that you’ve never even PLAYED a GTA game if that’s what you think. The setting for GTA3, Liberty City Stories and GTA: IV were all exactly the same – how is that a completely new adventure? ROFL!

    Also – in case you didn’t notice the Pokemon games always change things up with new Pokemon, characters, side missions and locations every time as well – so you just contradicted yourself – moron. Also, just to rub it in, Pokemon lasts about 5X LONGER than any Final Fantasy/Fallout game. Please research theese games before posting. Right now you’re displaying the actions of a typical fanboy – writing any half – baked argument down without even thinking it through.

    I could continue my victory dance but i think by now it’s clear to everyone you don’t follow the games industry at all – a blind monkey knows more about the history of video games than you do.

    Next time you reply (IF you have the courage to show your face here again) make sure that the point you make in FAVOUR of one game cannot contradict the exact same reason you DISLIKE another, it’s the only way to win an argument.

    Good day – idiot.

  38. Sonic should be on the list…

  39. looks like everyone is crying over this. I think the liost is good, devulopers have a habit, they make a good game and try 2 remake it over and over, we need new things not Halo 7 or GTA 43

  40. Lol read man, I never said the whole GTA franchise had different settings (although 3 do, VC, SA, and Chinatown). I said they all have new areas to explore, meaning each city in each game basically has a different structure and therefor have new places to go. Yes Liberty City is different in GTA 3 and 4. Also the plot and side quests are very different as well, which is what really matters.

    As for pokemon, after Yellow version, the areas, sides, and char are indeed different but the story remains basically the same in all of the mainstream games (not including spin-offs like pokemon snap, though a great game, and others). It’s still all about attempting to catch every pokemon you come across, defeating the 8, sometimes 16, gym leaders to obtain the gym badges in order to compete in and win the tournament. This is what makes the sequels, and the anime, pointless. Yeah sure they add some new things but you still basically know what is going to happen throughout the whole game story wise.

    If you’re thinking pokemon has more gameplay when considering catching and maxing the lv of every pokemon, you are correct for that is the longest side quest in the game, but on average all the other side quest won’t take 1/4 as long. Also the amount of side quests in FF, and especially fallout, and farcry completely over-shadows the amount in pokemon. This is what is meant when one speaks of a games content. It’s not just how long it takes you to complete 1 or all events but how many there are to complete and how long it takes to complete them.

    Man I don’t understand why you’re so upset with me stating that pokemon isn’t the best rpg, when it isn’t. It’s still is a great game, it’s just not refreshing enough to continue buying and playing all of the titles. Not to mention, the anime is just so dissapointing that I don’t want to think about it anymore. It breaks my heart to see how far the anime has fallen. Pokemon use to be one of my favorite animes and games, but as I said it’s just a mere shadow of itself now. I was extremely addicted to Red version and loved Silver, but Ruby is where I noticed the game was recycling itself and decided to stop playing it.

    If you continue to love the game and/or the anime then fine, but don’t lie and say it’s the best hands down. Just say you love it the best, it’s that simple.

  41. David Macphail October 16, 2009 @ 07:25

    I don’t understand why you get so upset when i say Pokemon is better than Final Fantasy/Fallout (Which it obviously is). I have an idea – why don’t you go look up the sales figures for Final Fantasy XII, Fallout 3 and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl then see which comes out on top? Then, when you realise that Pokemon D/P outsold the other RPG’s by a country mile don’t blame it on the fact that Pokemon is aimed at all age groups because that’s already been disproven.

  42. I like the people like Doug over there trying to show off on the internet even tho he is probably rehearsed that whole message he typed many times over in his head, Im glad if makes him feel better about who he is tho even tho he most likely is what he is claiming everyone else to be 🙂 have fun with you fake 2nd Life dream buddy you earned it!

    and as for franchises that need to die i only really agree with the list on halo and guitar hero games

  43. Keep Mario as a platfoming games, but no spin-offs .

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