Top 8 Wish List for ModNation Racers

Play. Create. Share. These three little words have signaled the start of an incredible gaming genre. They first brought LittleBigPlanet to the center of everyone’s attention on the PlayStation 3 and now, Sony, is following that exclusive up with their next title in the genre, ModNation Racers. ModNation Racers is an arcade racers which gives the gamer the ability to create his own tracks, share them with the community and/or play other gamer’s levels online. Regardless of what you plan on doing with ModNation Racers first, chance are, it’ll be entertaining and worthy of the $60 price tag.

I’ve compiled my list of Top 8 wishes that ModNation Racers will include upon release.

1. Lots of different themes for included tracks.

I understand that this game is not Mario Kart or anything of that sort and that it is built from the ground up with the belief that Play. Create. Share. will propel it to the next level, but I’m hoping the included tracks have solid themes to them as well. When playing LittleBigPlanet, I was able to enjoy different platform levels based on a variety of locations and themes. I know that we’ve seen what the create-a-track editor is capable of, but I’m hoping the development team is going to impress the user with some stellar tracks to inspire the design and creation process.

2. YouTube Integration.

I feel this is the most important point of my wish list. If ModNation Racers finds some way to incorporate YouTube Integration, it will open up an entirely new level of competitiveness. Sometimes it’s hard digging through millions of tracks to find the truly great ones. With YouTube Integration, any creationist can simply upload his or her masterpiece in video format for users to see and decide upon. This would also be cool for showing off sick finishes, dominating performances and just a lot of reasons to incite trash talk!

3. Sackboy as an unlockable driver.

Let’s face it, the moment the entire Play. Create. Share. idea was expressed at E3, it immediately made the entire crowd think of LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy. Thus, it only makes complete sense that the design team include the opportunity to race around the tracks as our favorite knitted buddy. This can go even further, with customization options and the ability to include other great Sony characters into the mix. We’re sure like LBP, Sony has a ton of DLC lined up and that pretty much means that my wallet is going to remain empty for quite some time.

4. Vehicle Customization that includes Big Wheels.

In all of the videos I’ve seen, the cars have looked somewhat the same outside of the custom designs plastered over top of them. I’m hoping that there is a lot more to the vehicles within the title than just that. I’d like to see the option to utilize bigger wheels to create mini-Monster trucks or create a vehicle with big wheels in the back and standard wheels at the front. This would just add so much more to the unique, user creation process, in my opinion. I’m just primarily hoping for more than 1-2 vehicles types in general though.

5. Screenshot Functionality.

Much like the earlier mentioned YouTube Integration, I think being able to take screenshots in game would add some fun to the title as well. Especially if it functioned like MLB: The Show. That way, the screenshots will be saved to the XMB for easy upload online or transfer to a memory stick. Furthermore, it would also be cool to be able to save some of our favorite race moments and plaster them on our HDTVs as wallpaper for our themes. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I definitely think this should be an option.

6. Water Elements on the road.

In all of the videos I’ve seen, creators have placed water areas outside of the track area, but never on the track. We’ve seen cones, rough patches, etc… However, I’m hoping we’ll be able to add elements to the course itself. This could range from oil slicks to low water on the track or even something cool like pot holes. Regardless, I hope you can add some things to the track surface that forces a little strategic arcade driving in some way or another.

7. Online Co-op Creation

Even though LittleBigPlanet is just now in the beta phase for implementing online co-op creationism, I hope ModNation Racers launches with this ability. While someone may be able to come up with a great idea on their own, nothing can really top the process of creating something with someone else. It allows you to gain a second perspective on your ideas in order to combine things for maximum entertainment. Despite my doubts that this will launch with the title, I think ModNation Racer buyers would be more than happy to use this type of feature.

8. Single Console Co-op Online

I’d like to see the ability to have more than one person on a console be able to play online together in races. I know when I have buddies over, it’s always fun to play LBP online together. So, I could only imagine this type of game would offer the same entertainment value for gaming parties or just to kill a couple of hours. I know I can’t be alone in this one!

Readers Comments (8)

  1. In addition to the water effects for road hazards and stuff, I’d like to see the ability to create snow and ice patches.

  2. I agree with everything you have just said

  3. lol when you said big wheels i thought you meant like the tricycle witht the on big wheel cause that would be awesome

  4. I agree completely with every point! The youtube integration seems integral, and it could be done in an improved version of the EA goals mechanic of recording replays during matches.

    Am I right in thinking that your Screenshot idea was inspired by the Motorstorm thing? Because that was CERTAINLY a brilliant point of that game, being able to show off to your friends your pretentious camera angles xD.

    The rest I’m not really bothered about. 3 and 4 should be in the game from the off. I mean, LBP was amazing for that, and who didn’t love running around as Kabuki or Snake? ModNation racers should utilize everything an exclusive PlayStation game should, and that includes getting its best-known characters into the mix.

  5. I agree. Modnation Racers could be another 95-98/100 rated exclusive for the PS3 like LittleBigPlanet is.

    Fantastic game. Play.Create. Share!

  6. I agree with most of what you said. I only differ with the co-op track creation, because, what if I don’t like the other guy’s idea? I rather to work alone after all. I already have though some tracks…. Somo World of warcraft places…. Capital Cities like Stormwind or Orgrimmar, would be awesome. I hope the customization will be advanced enough to build them

  7. how about customizable weapons 😀

  8. Random Guest Guy December 11, 2009 @ 14:55

    Some additions to that list would be you could actually drive in the snow and also have some time of road buggy or something..

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