Top 8 XBLA games we’d like on PSN

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We’ve all seen these lists featuring the top games on one console we’d like to see on the next, but I’ve rarely seen anyone go beyond the disc-based titles and discuss the download only games. Thus, I’ve compiled yet another authentic PlayStation University Top 8 list around which Xbox Live Arcade titles I’d like to see make their way over to PlayStation Network. Of course, with so many titles being multiplatform already, this list was still easy for me to create. I’m sure some you will agree on and some you won’t, regardless, the list is top notch and would improve on anyone’s gaming experience.

1.Trials HD
I would consider myself a pretty big hypocrite if I couldn’t admit that I have put countless hours into Trials HD. Even after I had gotten through the majority of the game, one of my buddies picked it up and started sniping off all of my top scores. This was nothing more than motivation to pick it back up and put even more time into it. I actually feel bad that PlayStation Network users who don’t have the luxury of being a multiple console owner don’t have the opportunity to play this game. It’s more than worth the money and is easily the number one title I’d like to see make the transition over.

2.Shadow Complex
Shadow Complex is much like Trials HD for me. One of the biggest reasons I had to check this title out is because my boy Nolan North did the voice work for the main character. As many of you know, Mr. North is also our beloved Nathan Drake. So, anything this guy does, I feel the need to support. Believe me though, this game certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s an excellent side-scrolling title that leaves little to be desired and leaves you feeling satisfied with your purchase.

3.Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved

When I first purchased a 360 back in 2006, I picked up an addictive little title called Geometry Wars. I put a fair chunk of time into it and probably lost a couple of hours of my life on more than one occasion. Oddly enough, a couple of years later, the developers decided to create and release a sequel to this smash hit called Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved. It felt like 2006 all over again, but on steroids. Despite my truthful attempts to stay away from the game, I purchased it and lost more time out of my already short life. To be honest, I’d do it again.

Peggle has been rumored, confirmed, and expected to come to the PlayStation Network via Popcap Games for almost an entire year now. It’s almost gotten to the point where I’m tired of waiting for it. I’ve played an extremely ridiculous amount of Peggle on my Nintendo DS – so much so, that my girlfriend has started to hate Unicorns. Seriously, right? Who could hate a unicorn? All I have to say is Sony needs to get their act together quickly on this one and push it out to PlayStation Network users ASAP.

Like Peggle, N+ is another title that was supposed to come to the PlayStation Network but hasn’t. PlayStation Portable users have had the chance to enjoy the title for more than their fair share of time, but PSN owners are struggling to cope and wait. This ridiculously cool Ninja title can force anyone into fits of rage and frustration. I can recall a time where I died 500+ times trying to master a stage within the game. It was mind boggling and I almost threw my PSP across the room.

6.Wik and the Fable of Souls

It’s hard to discredit this title when it offers so much gameplay for so little money. The X360 version of Wik has roughly 120 levels that you have to traverse through in order to beat the game. If you manage to capture all three gems in each of those levels, you’ll have the opportunity to see the best ending the game has to offer. Unfortunately and admittedly, I never got to the end or saw the best ending ever. I got swamped with titles to review at the time and can’t wait to go back and finish this one. PlayStation owners would love to have this one in their library.

7.Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie is a classic. I shouldn’t even have to justify this with reasoning, but this entire list would be pointless if I chose to do that. Anyone who grew up with a Nintendo knows exactly how much fun the original Banjo Kazooie was and is. Despite Rare now being owned by Microsoft and that meaning we’ll never see a port of this title to our console, it still goes without mention that it is definitely one I wish we had. I had a lot of great times playing this growing up and I’m sure a lot of you did too.

8.3D Ultra Mini-Golf Adventures
This one is going to seem like an odd final addition, but it’s true. I’ve bought all of the add-on packs for this title and have spent a good chunk of time enjoying it with a lot of my buddies. It’s odd how the only mini-golf game on the PSN is only available in Japan. You think Sony would capitalize on the kid/casual market with the development of a mini-putt game in North America. Anyway, nothing beats a round of mini-golf with your buddies while downing a couple of drinks.

Readers Comments (11)

  1. the only game id really like to se is the perfect dark remake they are getting

  2. Yeah — I was going to add that one, but since it hasn’t released yet, I decided against it.

  3. hmmm, sorry i dont want any of them!

  4. Too bad Microsoft owns Rare and all their IP’s. The perfect dark remake would be great for PSN

  5. That list is alright.
    Here’s some more games you can add to your list while your add it.

    1.) Feeding Frenzy (1 & 2)

    2.) Geometry Wars (1 & 2)

    3.) Rez HD

    4.) Shadow Complex (Too bad it’s a Microsoft exclusive.)

    5.) Namco Museum Arcade (Pac Man: Championship Edition, Galaga Legions, Driller Online, etc.)

    6.) Duke Nukem 3D

    7.) The Dishwasher

    8.) Assault Heroes (1 & 2)


  6. good list but the thing I noticed was the xbox 360 to ps3 graphic at the top.
    who made it? I really like it, as I’m aspiring to become a graphic designer.

  7. You missed ‘Splosion Man, that game looks awesome! 🙂

  8. I definitely agree with the first two, the rest they can keep it.

  9. I don’t like none of them.

  10. Maybe just perfect dark

  11. The only game that I was envious o 360 owners was BRAID and now we got that. But I must admit, that I do want to play Shadow Complex.

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