Tretton: If it’s worth the investment, we’ll charge for PSN

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Last night on GameTrailers TV, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton took to the stage to discuss a myriad of topics ranging from E3 to charging for PlayStation Network online. One of the things that has concerned PS3 owners the most is the potential to be charged to play online in the future, despite the reassurances that online play will always remain free.

Tretton was questioned about it and had this to say:

“There’s no question that if we can come up with a compelling experience that will warrant an investment from consumers that that would be something we would consider.

“We already feel we bring a lot of value to the consumer…but until we feel we have something, like PlayStation Move, that justifies an investment, we aren’t going to come out with half cocked technology or product offerings.”

We’re not too sure about the whole “half-cocked” technology bit considering the PlayStation Network was kind of launched with very limited offerings in terms of functionality, but it’s good to know that the company will only look into fees so long as it warrants it. How would you guys feel if fees were implemented for certain features this far through the consoles life cycle?

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  1. paying for certain features isnt bad, like the premium packages rumored, but if the start to charge for psn as a whole, then im going to be upset.

  2. VofEscaflowne March 20, 2010 @ 12:56

    I’m pretty content as it is with PSN and I’d hope that it remains free. As long as they keep it free but only charge for extra content and that it is justified, then I’m all for it. I can’t imagine what I would possibly pay for at this point. I don’t care about cross voice chat at all and many of the other rumored features weren’t enough to tide me over.

    Looking at most of my gaming time, very rarely does any of it have to do with online. It’s sad to say but if they start charging for all online play, then I just don’t think it would be worth it. Online gaming barely holds my interest as it is but it would suck for community based games like LittleBigPlanet that are less about being competitive and more about being a central part of the game.

  3. i wouldent mind as long as its not any of the features we use right now and as long as its worth paying for
    if it be something like the “ps cloud” i wouldent mind paying for it

  4. @VofEscaflowne
    nicely said dude, couldent agree more

  5. I wouldn’t mind a premium package, but paying to play online is ridiculous IMO. Unless those fees are being used as MMO fees, then it’s stupid. Hell, even MMO fees are ridiculous.

  6. winne the pooh March 20, 2010 @ 13:47

    as long as every thing thats already 3 stays 3 then no one can complain as your already enjoying the ps3 your just given an option to upgrade. not every think can be 3

  7. i would prefer they keep it how it is and be free rather than give us more gimmicks and charge. Free psn is one of the main sellings points of the ps3 and it would be a big mistake to change it

  8. Moocows111111 March 20, 2010 @ 14:26

    Paying for additional features = good I guess, wouldn’t mind it
    Paying for PLAYING online= is a big no no in my books

    If we get charged to play online then I might as well go onto the Wii

  9. They provide more than enough to keep me satisfied, hell I felt alright with paying 60 a year on LIVE when I had a 360. I like having PS3 free, but if they can take advantage of the money for something really good then I wouuldn’t mind at all.

  10. I think it depends on the service that’s gonna be offered. but it’s absolutly out of question for Sony to charge for Online play.

  11. Gaming online should be free, if they charge for extra stuff that’s fine to as long as the people have that choice. I am sure some people got a PS3 just because it is free online or are smart enough to realize your paying to use your gaming system and ISP, dedicated servers are another story and I’m pretty sure games like MAG and KILLZONE wouldn’t sell well if people were charged a fee. Overall I think it would hurt the community. Just because Microsoft does it, doesn’t make it OK for everyone else.. We have enough bills as it is now.

  12. I’d slang my PS3 if they charge. Hopefully they introduce a premium package and keep everything as is free.

  13. I’m happy with psn right now, Free to play online and download demos and other products. They should only charge for the option to use dedicated servers only. On xbl if you don’t have gold, they treat you like a criminal, I know becasuse I had a 360 before I gave it to my brother.

  14. im all good with charging for PSN, so long as they dont charge the current things you can do on PSN.

  15. if anything i think they will devleope a better online interface like something better or simirlar to ask for paying for i dont think they will do that because they would lose customers but instead i see them offering something like if you pay this you can have gain to other feathers in psn

  16. I doubt they’ll start charging for anything that already exists involving PSN as its been free since day one, they’ll most likely save the fees for a premium package 🙂

  17. And if it is worth the money, I’ll pay for PSN!

  18. Wow! I am surprised with the replies until now! Are you seriously willing to pay for on-line gaming?! Did this post get sabotaged by Xbox 360 users? WTF?! I would be immensely outraged if Sony would start charging for PSN.

    Especially now that people finally start to realize the value of a PS3 compared to the Xbox 360.

  19. @bc2 medic: huh? most of us are saying so long as the current online experience is free….and whatever else they come up with can be priced

    xept for thorzilla lol….but im all cool with this, as i like the single player experience better than multiplayer

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