Treyarch hiring for next Call of Duty

Activision sure is predictable. No sooner has Infinity Ward released Modern Warfare 2, it’s already time to look forward to another Treyarch Call of Duty game.

Yes, Treyarch, the developers behind World at War, is hiring for their next entrance in the best selling series.

A listing for a Level Designer has been posted on the developer’s official website, not only with an explicit mention of Call of Duty, but also the fact that the applicant “must have a strong passion for First-Person Shooters.” No shit.

The question is whether Treyarch’s next Call of Duty will be based during World War II, or somewhere a little bit more modern…like Vietnam?

Source: Treyarch via GamerZines

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  1. great, when they milk modern warfare to death, activision is going to move on to future warfare
    i cant wait to continue to pay 70 euros every year for the same game with some polish

  2. ShurikenSpammer December 3, 2009 @ 16:38

    I think we have enough Call of Duty for now…

  3. I’ll stick to Infinity Ward COD games.
    COD: WAW (Huge let down compared to COD4.)
    Give COD a little break.
    Modern Warfare 2 is enough.
    At least until Modern Warfare 3 comes out in 2011.

  4. wow thats surprising lol

  5. The only thing I can say is:

    If your tired of the COD milking: Don’t buy it.

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