Twisted Metal Started as a PSN Title

In a recent interview with IGN, Eat Sleep Play founder and head honcho David Jaffe revealed that his new title Twisted Metal was originally meant to release on the Playstation Network.

“This Twisted Metal started as a PSN game. Sony is the one that came to us and said they wanted more; they liked what they were seeing and wanted to make it into a full retail product.

We actually went from PSN-only, and then we were going to be like Warhawk and SOCOM Confrontation in terms of it was going to be a $39 product that was multiplayer only, and then Sony’s like, ‘No no, they want the stories’ and marketing’s like, ‘Yeah, you guys don’t realise how many fans love the Twisted Metal universe, you gotta give us the stories.'”

Sony and Eat Sleep Play did some market research and realized that Twisted Metal had a large enough fanbase to justify the extra budget, and so Twisted Metal went from a Playstation Network release to a budget multiplayer release to it’s current form as a full retail release on Blu-Ray.

“We weren’t going back to Sony begging for more money to make this bigger. They wanted it bigger and of course we wanted to do that. Sony is a very smart company; they’ve done their market research to see if there are enough Twisted Metal fans to merit rolling the dice.

It has a great legacy for Sony and SCEA, and I think everybody was on board.”

Twisted Metal is a reboot to the classic vehicle combat franchise that began on the original Playstation. Find it on store shelves some time this spring.

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  1. jaffe is da man

  2. I never even really played the originals all that much but I know I loved it when I did play it. A PSN game honestly would have made me sad and I probably wouldn’t care for it as much as I do now.

    Good job Sony.

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