Uncharted 3? Naughty Dog wants to bring fans more Uncharted

So what’s Naughty Dog working on next, and on which platforms? The PlayStation 3, the PSP? The Dog’s explain that they still see plenty of mileage in the Uncharted universe and would love to bring fans more of the series and its characters.

In our exclusive interview with Naughty Dog, I asked them whether we’ll find out more about Nathan Drake’s family and back story. The studio’s community strategist (awesome job) Arne Meyer replied:

“The Uncharted universe is a very deep universe populated by characters with rich backgrounds – and present and futures stories. We’re definitely looking at ways to reveal more about our game universe and the characters that live within it – I think our fans are looking for more and we’d love to provide that to them.”

So they’d love to bring us more Uncharted – but that doesn’t necessarily mean Uncharted 3 is on the way. So I asked them whether they felt pressured into making a sequel to the well received Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Meyer responded:

“We’ve always felt that the Uncharted universe has strong potential to be a long-term franchise, even living outside of video game releases. The speculation and news over the past year regarding an Uncharted feature film is an example of that.”

So could Uncharted make its way to the PlayStation Network, or even the PSP?

“We would love to expand the Uncharted franchise to expose as many people as possible to the compelling stories we have to tell within that universe,” Meyer told PSUni. “However, we haven’t made any plans at the moment regarding other platforms.”

So another PS3 Uncharted game is a dead cert, right? Keep your eye out for our Naughty Dog interview, landing in the coming days.

Full Naughty Dog Interview

In part 1 of our interview with Naughty Dog we talk about Uncharted 2’s success, the studio’s development culture, their first foray into online, the future of the studio’s technical prowess as well as PlayStation Move and 3D.

In part 2 of our interview with Naughty Dog our chat travels from talk about what’s next for the Uncharted series, the Uncharted movie, the possibility of the Dogs’ making another Jak game, and what they’ve been playing. A barrellama also makes a visit…

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  1. I would still like to see a Jak game more, but I wouldn’t mind paying for cheap downloadable Uncharted games like what Insomniac did with R&C: Quest for Booty.

  2. So when are we going to see all of this interview?

  3. Like to see a Uncharted game that takes place in the past with a ancestor of Drake but ties into the present. Like playing a level once in the past then again as drake in the present.

  4. duh. so much for “news” …

  5. @ One-Shot:
    Chances are you’re not. This guy didn’t do this interview himself. I’ve read these interview statements before, months ago… it’s old news. What’s happened here is a copy, paste, paraphrase.

    I’m not fooled, nor am I impressed. Don’t claim work that isn’t yours.

  6. @One-Shot – the first part of the 3500 word interview will be posted tomorrow.

    @csreynolds – Pardon? If that is indeed what Naughty Dog has done and sent me recycled answers, I will take it up with them and Sony. It is however an interview that has been in the works for quite some time – it’s one of the longest Naughty Dog has ever given, and includes personal response to many of the questions submitted by our own readers. If you’re not convinced, I’ll get Arne on here to tell you =)

  7. @Csreynold

    Prof. Paddy conducted this interview himself. You have not read these quotes before as they are fresh from a recent interview. The only copy and pasting that has been done is from his own personal transcription to the article of the story.

    I’m not fooled or impressed by your ridiculousness. Don’t claim stupidity if you’re not stupid.

  8. its no suprise to me, but its stil ecsiting to know that there will be much more uncharted games, and interesting caracters

  9. Of course they’re gonna make another Uncharted, they started making it right from the beginning of 2010! Plus, they kind’a hinted us about it, on Uncharted 2’s best multiplayer. On the message of the day, if you look really close, you can see a map of Africa, right before Sully shows up. No big surprise there, I knew it by the first day I played on Uncharted 2’s multiplayer!

  10. Oh, I almost forgot! To all of you Uncharted fans out there, Naughty Dog will announce Uncharted 3 on E3 10 and will show us the very first trailer for it. But, you probably all ready know that, huh!

  11. so baiscaly you just got a load of meaningless crap

  12. @ the protector. E3 2010 has come and gone. I read they already had story concepts for uncharted 3 during production of the 2nd. My guess is a teaser trailer this xmas, extended trailer and conference from naughty dog at e3 2011. And then another trailer at gamescom to build to a late 2011 release. Thats how i think it will go, just like uncharted2

  13. they should make the third one as a prologue o the forst two. it would explain the history between drake and chloe and flynn before he was a jerk. and it would be about the adventure that flynn and drake were talking about in the very beginning of uncharted 2 when drake refused to go to the museum because of some past experience

  14. I dont think they should bring back Flynn and explain the history of him Chloe and Drake since Flynn ended up dead in the 2nd uncharted. they should start fresh the a brand new plot.

  15. so…soo anws they ARE making unsharted 3?right?

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