University of Louisville coach blames Modern Warfare 3 for football loss

There are any number of reasons that a team can lose a football game, although it usually boils down to a lack of preparation. University of Louisville football head coach Charlie Stong recognizes that, and can pinpoint the culprit for their most recent loss against the University of Pittsburgh — Modern Warfare 3.

“This video game is that important? We’ll see how important it is on Saturday [when we play]. I said, in about a week or so, you’re going to be throwing that video game away. But we let a video game take control of us.”

Strong continued, “Our guys talk about it. It’s the buzz when you hear it all the time. Call of Duty, the new video game out, so it was a call to duty and they got called to duty Saturday. It’s young people. We’re dealing with young guys who see something new, they want to try it and it just engulfs them. I heard them talking about it all week.”

Sounds like they weren’t [sunglasses] ready for some football. [YEAAAAA!!!!]

Source: IGN

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