Vanquish devs explain why PS3 is lead platform

Ported from the Xbox 360 by Sega, Bayonetta on the PlayStation 3 left a lot to be desired, resulting in a patch made by none other than Sony in an attempt to clean things up. Platinum Games appears to have learnt its lesson, developing shooter Vanquish on Sony’s console from the outset.

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami explains in an interview with PSM3 why the PS3 is his team’s lead platform on Vanquish:

“The team know less about making games for PS3 than Xbox 360, so we thought the sensible thing to do was to make the game on PS3 first then move it over to Xbox. If we can get Vanquish to a certain standard on PS3, we can make Xbox the same.”

And those are some wise words, as many of the best performing multi-platform games were developed on the PS3’s tougher hardware first, such as Burnout Paradise. Vanquish has been claimed to be a shooter like no other and is in development for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Watch the first teaser trailer of Vanquish here.

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  1. Platinum Games will be getting my money now, as I refused to buy Bayonetta., because it is an insult to ps3 owners.

  2. Oh I see…They’re going to dumbdown the 360 version if they can’t manage to do well on the PS3.

  3. I have a good feeling about this game . Even if PS3 wasn’t the lead platform I’d still keep my eye on it .

  4. So I guess it’s easier to go PS3-360 than it is to go 360-PS3, huh?

  5. VofEscaflowne March 17, 2010 @ 19:50


    Well the way I look at it, Platinum Games’ main theme will work on the PS3 version and give it all they got without feeling rushed for doing a port job like they did with Bayonetta. They already have experience to develop with the 360 due to that game so porting it over should be a fairly easy task, assuming they’re the ones handling it. That and at least they won’t get the blame for doing a poor version of PS3 Bayonetta even though Sega handled the port :p

    Can’t wait to get more details on this one just to see what makes it stand out as a different shooter from the rest. The genre is already over saturated with so many games that anything that stands out is worth a look.

  6. You’d think that after 3+ years of the PS3 being out that all developers would’ve figured this out by now, lol. Hopefully this turns out well, Platinum Games are a quality team, despite the Bayonetta hiccup.

  7. @TRF: yeah since the the 360 is easier to tinker with because its hardware is much like what we’ve seen before

    besides that…ive never even hear of vanquish lol

  8. Moocows111111 March 17, 2010 @ 23:03

    Good, this way, Ps3 and 360 benefit equally XD

  9. @moocows: indeed, take a look at XIII!!!! well its not too great, but the in-game graphics and gameplay and the works still play out pretty well

  10. Third person shooter with only single player with ps3 as lead platform. All seems right so far. Hopefully the gameplay and story will be good.

  11. Moocows111111 March 18, 2010 @ 00:46

    “@moocows: indeed, take a look at XIII!!!! well its not too great, but the in-game graphics and gameplay and the works still play out pretty well”

    No only the gameplay was equal, other then that, FF13 on the 360 is kinda underpar compared to Ps3’s.
    They needed 3 discs for the game as well, the textures and draw distance was inferior to the Ps3 edition. IMO at atleast they didn’t start on the 360 first, then there would’ve been a problem

  12. @moocows: yeah i feel you, but im just saying…the 360’s version wasnt a total disaster as people made it out to be…also i hear they rushed the 360’s port

    bayonetta on the other hand…..

  13. Good to hear, devs seem to have a tough time with the PS3 and a much easier time with the 360 so this just makes it easier for them.

    @ Moocows & Dr Moogle, the PS3 version was already well under development when they decided to go 360 so they did not have equal time on both resulting in the 360 version being inferior. Also the DVD had a pretty big part in it.

  14. Patrick Steen March 18, 2010 @ 04:02

    Going from PS3 to 360 is much easier yes. And Bayonetta is still a brilliant game even on the PS3.

  15. i only played the demo…and i wasnt impressed lol

    ive only heard the game from 360 to ps3 is terrible…..either way i wont get the game 😀

  16. clever developers for realising its better to start on ps3 and port it. Most developers should take note

  17. At the end of it all there was Playstation. Sony’s behemoth of a gaming system will take you into the future for sure. Nintendo and Microsoft didn’t in invest enough for the long run IMO.

  18. I think this is good news, there’s not that many games out there, but there just seems to be more equal quality in the games if the PS3 is the lead platform. I didn’t know about Burnout but I heard that Mirror’s Edge was mainly developed for the PS3.

  19. Reply to Loki comment #2

    I don’t think there going to dumbdown the 360 version, they want to make it first on ps3 then port it to 360 making it equal. FF13 was made on ps3 then remade on 360 the 360 version is was clearly inferior in resolution and graphics. This will probably show why PS3 games cannot be made better on 360, just imagine uncharted 2 remade on 360, do you think it will look the same or better?

  20. Moocows111111 March 18, 2010 @ 15:01

    @Patrick Steen But Bayonetta is more fun a visually attracting on the 360 side, which one would you prefer?

  21. Well at least they’ve learned from their mistakes.

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