Vita set to launch worldwide on February 22, 2012

We’ve gotten just about all of the details we can get about the the upcoming PS Vita, and now the handheld has one more detail set in stone — a date for when the system would see release in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. That date is February 22nd, 2012.

It’s an interesting date, as it gives a sizable window after the flurry of holiday 2011 game releases has settled down. It’s also just a few days after the planned Valentine’s Day release date for Twisted Metal on PS3.

This all begs the question: what will you be buying then? A shiny new Vita? Twisted Metal? Both? Neither?

Source: IGN

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Definitely buying the Vita over Twisted Metal.

  2. ive NEWER bought a game just for the multiplayer
    but the stuff ive seen so far from twisted metal is just sick
    so yea, getting 3Gvita and hopefuly TM from my gf

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